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Ballerina Boy

by Tightlatextights

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It has been some time since we had engaged in some fetish activity and I was keenly awaiting another opportunity to dress up and hopefully be publicly humiliated again. Then it arrived – an invitation to a party where the theme was “What I wanted to be when I grow up.” The person hosting the party was a friend of my wife, and she was well known for hosting rather extreme parties. Extreme in the sense that anything goes, from skinny dipping in the pool to topless waitresses to rather revealing outfits for the ladies mainly.

My wife told me not to worry about the costumes and that she would sort us both out. I knew that she had something in mind but I had no idea what. The day of the party rolled around and at about lunchtime she instructed me to shave my entire body, excluding my hair. I did as I was told after which my wife creamed my entire body so it was as soft and smooth as it could be for a hot blooded male!

She directed me into our dressing room where my outfit for the evening was waiting. When I saw it my breathing quickened and I got a knot deep in my stomach. This was going to be quite something. She saw my reaction and then told me to start dressing. First was the customary buttplug. This time it was a stainless steel one with a jewel encrusted detail on the end. I lubed it up and inserted it. This was fairly easy as I was used to having all sorts of objects inserted into my anus by my wife. However the heaviness of the steel was rather interesting as it put pressure on my prostate when I sat or walked in a particular way. I also liked the jewel detail, which gave the plug a rather feminine touch.

Next was a white spandex g-string with a pouch for my manhood. No problem so far. Next I found a pair of thickish white ballet tights. Those went on rather snugly and by now I was erect. Next came a white spandex long sleeved leotard. Over the tights I then rolled on a pair of white stockings with a black seam down the back and attached them via 10 white suspenders joined to the bottom of a white boned corset that my wife slowly laced me into. At first she didn’t lace me into it too tightly – she said she wanted my waist to get used to it and she would then tighten it fully a bit later. I then attached the stockings to the suspender belt clips and smoothed them out so that the seams were straight. Next came a pair of shoulder length gloves made from satin or a similar material.

Once those were on I noticed my shoes for the evening, a pair of 8 inch white stilettoes with about a 2 inch platform. I managed to get my feet into them and tried to walk. I by now had had a lot of practice walking in extreme heels so these were not too uncomfortable. Once I was comfy in those my wife pulled out something I had not yet seen as it was hidden in her cupboard – a stiff white ballet tutu. I slipped it on and it stood out almost horizontally. I felt very sexy yet shy at the same time. Next came a tight white latex hood with cutouts for eyes, mouth and nose, and some bright red lipstick. The hood had a blond ponytail coming out of the top and it fell gracefully down my back.

The final touch was for my wife to stand behind me and pull the corset as tight as she could before tying it. I was now straining against the corset but it was of good quality and the boning held me nicely in place. I could feel my body taking on an hourglass shape. My butt and chest were sticking out slightly due to the corset and heels and I could feel my penis throbbing with excitement.

My wife put me in front of the mirror and exclaimed that I looked wonderful and so feminine, except for the raging hard on that was protruding from my white leotard and could clearly be seen under the tutu, which didn’t give much coverage. She said she always knew that I had wanted to be a ballerina and that my dream had finally come true. However in order for me not to stain the leotard she pulled it to the side, pulled down my tights and rolled a condom onto my fully erect penis.

By this stage my wife was dressed and ready to go. She apparently had wanted to be a secretary when she was young and was dressed in a bright red fitted chiffon blouse with a red bra underneath and a fitted knee length black leather skirt. Her legs were clad in ultras sheer black stockings and black stilettos of a similar height to mine. She was very clear in pointing out to me that she was wearing suspenders and no underwear, and that she had shaved herself completely.

She had ordered a cab which arrived soon thereafter to collect us. I really struggled to get into the cab due to my tutu and mainly my corset, which only allowed me to half sit, half lean back in the cab. Once on our way my wife took my gloved hand and rubbed it along her inner thigh and all the way up to prove that she had no underwear on and was indeed shaved. This along with my extreme outfit was almost too much for me and I had to restrain myself from ejaculating there and then.

We got to the party and I suddenly became rather nervous. I didn’t know who I would know there and I am sure that somebody would recognise me. My wife gave me a kiss on the lips, grabbed my hand and dragged me inside. At first nobody really noticed us as they were all chatting away and socialising. However after a short while people started noticing that we were clearly a couple but were both dressed in feminine attire. A few people that we didn’t know came up to us and chat. One girl in particular loved my ballerina outfit and commented on the attention to detail. She particularly loved the stockings over the tights and my heels which were more realistic than ballet flats as I was forced “en pointe” all of the time. My wife told her that she was more than welcome to feel my stockings and legs as much as she wanted and she did just that. She rubbed her hands all the way from my ankles up my legs to me upper thigh where my stockings met the suspenders. Obviously she saw my huge erection but didn’t say anything, pretending to be good mannered

That didn’t stop my wife though, who promptly told her that in order for me to be a proper ballerina that erection would have to go. Right then and there in front of this girl my wife told me to go to the bathroom and masturbate my erection away. I could feel myself going red in the face but did as I was told. I went into the bathroom which luckily was quite big. I somehow managed to get my erect penis out from between the tights and leotard. When the satin from my gloves touched my erect manhood it was enough. I couple of seconds later I felt my legs wanting to buckle from pleasure but I couldn’t due to the heels and corset. I silently ejaculated into the condom as my body bucked backwards and forwards. I was able to clean myself up, get my penis properly back into the g-string pouch and straighten my stockings and tutu. I joined my wife who was by now chatting with some other people. She introduced me to them and commented that I had just been in the toilet getting rid of my erection, as per her instructions.

I felt incredibly embarrassed but clearly the other party goers were seriously kinky as they all commented on how lovely I looked now that my erection was gone and I was dressed as a proper women. I actually started relaxing with a drink and was chatting to some of the people, most of whom were dressed as French maids, prostitutes (!) and other “professions” allowing them to wear sexy outfits. Suddenly a television on the wall was switched on and a few seconds later I wanted to crawl under the table.

The clip being shown was of a tall male wearing a tutu, stockings, heels, corset and a latex hood masturbating before clearly climaxing. The clip was obviously of me and I realised that there was a camera strategically placed in the bathroom and I had been caught for everyone to see. The clip was on repeat so I kept on climaxing over and over again. It became obvious that the people at the party had put two and two together and one girl actually came over to me to congratulate me for my performance!

Next my wife told me that my fun was over and that it was time for me to be used for what I was there for. I was confused? I thought I was there to enjoy the party but clearly I was wrong?!

She led me tottering off in my high heels towards the bathroom, which I now knew had cameras in it. Once there she made me lie down on my back on the carpeted floor and spread my legs while bending my knees up towards my chest. She instructed me to breathe deeply and to relax. Next she cupped my testicles and slowly worked them one by one into the cavity above the scrotum, the place where transvestites “tuck them away” in order to achieve a more feminine look. I had never done this before and panicked a bit when I felt my testicles slip into the cavity. However it soon felt comfortable and I relaxed.

Next I was instructed to turn around and rest on my hands and knees. My wife managed to pull my tights and leotard aside and slowly pulled out my buttplug. However she clearly had other plans. Out of her handbag she pulled a large inflatable, vibrating plug – one of those ones with a pump as well as a cord and switch. She lubed this up and slowly inserted it into my arse. It was a lot wide than the petite little plug I had been wearing all night so it took a while to get it in and I felt myself stretching. It finally popped in and I felt relief.

She then made a small incision in the gusset of my tights and threaded the tube and cord through. She then instructed me to stand up and once again she straightened my stockings, suspenders and leotard. She also tucked my penis so it faced upwards and pulled the leotard up as high as it could go. I was therefore properly tucked and I must say it felt rather sexy, although there was clearly no way I was going to have any of my own satisfaction.

I was lead back out into the party. Everybody had been watching proceedings live from the party, due to the camera and so they knew my predicament. I looked pretty much the same as before except there was no way I was getting an erection, and I had a tube complete with hand pump and a cord with a switch hanging out of my tights. I was lead to a position in the centre of the room and told to stand on a small raised platform, probably about 400mm high.

I looked up and saw a big steel eye mounted in the ceiling. My wife pulled out a pair of handcuffs and told me to put my hands out she cuffed one hand and then threaded the cuffs through the eye before cuffing the other hand. I was now standing in my heels with my hands above my head, totally defenceless. Then, to make matters worse I noticed a spreader bar on the platform. My ankles were cuffed to that, so now I could neither open nor close my legs, they were forced to stay about 500mm apart by the spreader bar. Finally a latex ball gag was placed into my mouth, complete with a strap around my head.

My wife then loudly announced that I was open for business. To kick off proceedings she gave the hand pump a few pumps and I felt the buttplug expanding inside me. A lovely looking girl dressed in a latex catsuit (not sure what she was supposed to be but I didn’t care) came up to me and whispered in my ear that on the count of three she was going to flick the switch to turn on the vibrator in the plug. She loosly counted to three then bent over ever so slowly and felt where my cock and balls should have been but there was nothing there. I was desperately trying to grind myself into her but there was nothing I could do to garner any sensation.

She then turned the vibrator on, slowly at first and then on to its fastest speed. Those of you that have used such a device will know that the combination of the full plug and the vibrations is non describable and it makes you want to come then and there. However there was nothing I could do except squirm around slightly. Then another girl wearing a sheer chiffon top with nothing underneath came up to me and pumped the plug a few more times. I guess it was by now fully distended and had filled up as much of my cavity as possible. I had previously only used such a device for short periods of time but I was now stuck with the distinct possibility of long term use.

After a few minutes I managed to stand in a position whereby my body didn’t hurt too much and I tried to switch my mind off to the fact that I had a large vibrating dildo in my arse, was dressed in stockings, heels, corset etc and had a whole bunch of people watching me. I got into a kind of trance and was oblivious about what was going on around me, until I heard a familiar scream. My wife was sitting across the room on some sort of fucking machine. It was bench like and obviously had a large dildo mounted on it. She had hiked her skirt up but left her stockings and heels on and was riding this for all it was worth. It was remote controlled and I had no idea who had the remote but every once in a while she would buck and scream violently.

I was watching intently and was desperate to feel something but by now my testicles were somewhere up in my abdominal cavity and my cock was pulled up so tightly in my leotard that any feeling was impossible. To make matters worse one of the girls at the party had decided to sit on the platform underneath me and slowly rub her hands up and down my stockinged legs while trying to feel for my cock and balls with her teeth. I was going mad. The vibrator in my arse had me on edge and at times I found myself standing on tip toes in my 8 inch heels, writhing away for all I was worth.

All of a sudden the machine my wife was riding stopped it’s magic and she was left straddling it, almost willing it to life again. I could tell that she had not yet climaxed and was desperate to do so. However it was obvious that somebody had turned it off and was going to make her suffer while she stayed on the edge. Reluctantly, she finally climbed off the machine and pulled her skirt down. Her hair was ruffled and her face flushed. She came up to me and started feeling me all over, but once again I could feel nothing.

She asked me quite openly if it would be bad mannered if she masturbated right there and then, but of course I had a gag in my mouth and could only nod my head. She said she was just teasing me and that would wait for later. The rest of the party passed in a blur – I continued to be trussed up en pointe with the vibrator up my arse while my wife casually chatted with other guests and, I suspect, discussed my predicament in detail.

Finally it was time to go home and my wife released my legs from the spreader bar. However she only released one hand cuff, threaded it out of the eye in the ceiling and then cuffed my hands together. She did take the ball gag out of my mouth, and neatened me up so I looked as gorgeous as I had when I arrived. She then motioned me over to thank the hostess. This was no easy task as walking with a vibrating butt plug inserted is difficult, and the cords of both the air pump and switch were swaying with each step for all to see. I managed to make it though, and gave the hostess a kiss goodbye.

Our taxi was waiting and as we climbed in my wife told the driver that there may be some activity in the back and he is to concentrate on driving. Once again I struggled to sit but this time it was harder than the first journey due to the plug and the position of my testicles, but I somehow managed to find a position in which to sit where I was reasonably comfortable. My wife though wasted no time in hiking up her skirt and before I knew it was masturbating quietly next to me. I wanted to join in the fun but there was no way I could move and anyway, my hands were cuffed. After a couple of minutes she shuddered and groaned and I knew she was climaxing.

When we got home my wife smiled at the driver, tipped him generously and lead the way inside. I now really thought it was MY chance. But my wife had other ideas. She turned the vibrating plug off but left it in. I wondered what was next and was soon about to find out. She informed me that she thought I enjoyed being a ballerina boy and should stay like that for a while.

Out of the cupboard she brought a stainless steel and neoprene contraption that I would soon learn was a chastity belt. But this was not ordinary chastity belt. She made me stand with my knees bent slightly outwards and put the belt in position. It fitted around my waist like a thong but was obviously incredibly solid and heavy. She pulled it up tight against my crotch and so ensured that my testicles stayed in their cavity. It also had a type of groove along the front into which my penis fitted, facing upwards. The plug was pushed further in by the pressure of the belt around by anus area.

Once done, she locked the belt closed and hid the key after which she announced that she was tired and was going to bed. She slipped her skirt and top off and climbed into bed in her stockings only. Due to the chastity belt and cuffs, the only items of clothing that I could remove were my latex hood and shoes. I took the hood off as it was extremely hot, but decided to sleep in my high heels, partly to satisfy an inner desire that I could do it and was turning into a proper slut, and partly to please my wife.

This obviously did please her. I thought she was spent from the party but obviously not. She made me lie on my back and without further ado sat on my face and instructed me to lick her out. I so badly wanted to run my hands up her stockinged legs but my cuffs prevented that, so I did as I was told until she had yet another climax, after which she climbed off me and curled up in a ball next to me. In no time she was fast asleep, leaving me in trussed up in my slutty ballerina gear to try and fall asleep…

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