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The Back-Page Ad

by S Farr

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© Copyright 2011 - S Farr - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; D/s; latex; stockings; gloves; bagged; captive; gas; cons/nc; X

Brad Palmer came from a working class background and had to hustle for everything he got. As a 3rd year law student at Northwestern he had already accumulated an astronomical sum in student loans. He had been working weekends as a waiter and had spent his previous summers working two jobs. This past summer he had landed an unpaid internship with Cox, Langley and Schmidt, one of the most prestigious firms in Chicago. This was a boon to his career prospects, but had made his financial situation all the more precarious. So it was with some interest that he came across the small classified add in the underground city paper, one Thursday evening.

“Seeking Volunteers for Product Testing” was the headline. “Generous compensation for the right individuals” and a local phone number. He was rather skeptical and tossed the paper on the coffee table of his studio apartment. This also was more than he could afford. He cracked his “Advanced Tort Law” textbook and began to reread the case study that was to be discussed in class tomorrow. He was a dedicated student and determined to succeed. This had caused his social life to suffer considerably, but it was a small sacrifice in the pursuit of a career in law. He dated a couple of female students, but he hadn’t had a steady relationship since being an undergrad. This, despite the fact that Brad was rather attractive. At 25 he was fit and athletic with thick brown hair, a quick smile and boyish good looks. He just simply didn’t have the time or the resources to get serious about having a girlfriend.

His Tort class was at 10:30am, so he had studied late. He got up and took a run up the shoreline past campus. He showered and had a ½ hour before class. The paper was staring at him from the coffee table. He remembered the ad. “Oh what the hell”, he thought and grabbed his cellphone.

“RLT Enterprise”, answered the sweet but professional female voice on the phone. “Oh, hi… my name is Brad Palmer. I’m calling about the ad in the paper.”

“I see, great. My name is Tanya and we are looking for a very select number of volunteers to undergo product testing for our clients. We have a rather strict screening process, but if you are selected the assignment is rather easy and you would be well compensated.”

“Hmm, sounds interesting”, replied Brad, still somewhat skeptical. “How do I apply?”

Tanya proceeded to go through a serious of questions with Brad. They started out very general, but seemed to get progressively personal and somewhat intimate. She seemed to be particularly interested in his lifestyle, friends and family and relationships. As he was a bit of a loner with family back east, he seemed to pass the initial screening.

“Well Brad, you seem like a good potential candidate. We have an opening this afternoon at 4pm, would that be suitable?”

“Umm, yeah”, he thought. He was not on the wait staff schedule at the restaurant this evening and his last class ended at 2:15. “Yeah sure this afternoon would be fine.”

“Great” said Tanya, “we have you down for 4pm. Now I must inform you that our work on behalf of our clients is very discreet. You are forbidden from discussing this appointment or this potential assignment with anyone. Can you comply with this requirement?”

Brad was rather surprised by this, but not wanting to jeopardize his chances, he quickly acquiesced, “Yes, of course, I won’t disclose anything.”

“Wonderful,” said Tanya sweetly, and proceeded to give Brad the address and directions. He couldn’t help but look forward to this intriguing opportunity, and he hoped that Tanya was as attractive as she sounded on the phone.

After class Brad rushed back to his apartment, showered and ran out to catch the subway to go 30 blocks to the warehouse and industrial district to the northwest of the city. Getting off the subway he oriented himself and walked the two blocks to the cross street. He went half way down the block and found the rather non-descript brick building that had been described to him. He went to the side door as instructed and hit the buzzer. He glanced at his watch, 3:56. After a few moments the door buzzed and he entered. He started up the stairway as the door closed loudly behind him. At the top of the stairs was a door with RLT Enterprise written in small print. With a bit of apprehension, Brad grabbed the door handle and entered. He found himself in a rather stylish waiting room. There were a few chairs and sitting at a large desk before him was an absolutely stunning blonde woman.

“Hi, you must be Brad, I’m Tanya, we spoke on the phone” She said in that sweet but professional voice he had heard on the phone. “Yes, I’m Brad, nice to meet you.” He extended his had, unable to take his eyes off of Tanya. She looked to be in her early 20’s with long and full blond hair. She was in great shape and wore a tight dark gray skirt with a maroon sweater, which clung to her large firm breasts. She had a dazzling smile as she handed Brad a clipboard and a pen. “Brad we have a few things for you to fill out before we begin…”

Brad filled in the questionnaire as best he could, which took the better part of 15 minutes. The questions were again like the ones Tanya had asked on the phone, getting progressively more personal and detailed. There was quite a bit about his personal life. He handed it back to Tanya.

“Great, thank you Brad.” We will review this and be with you shortly. Please make yourself comfortable. Brad took a seat on the leather sofa and watched as Tanya went through one of the doors behind her desk.

Brad waited and took a look through the magazines on the table. They were your standard fair, Mens health, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Esquire… Except at the bottom of the pile was an issue of Marquis. Brad had never heard of this publication, but was rather shocked by the picture of the rubber clad model on the cover. He picked it up and began to thumb through the pages of latex and fetish. He could hardly believe what he was seeing. He was rather open minded, but had simply never been exposed to anything regarding latex fetishism. He figured this magazine must be here by mistake, but he couldn’t help but get slightly aroused by the pictures he was seeing. He slipped the magazine back under the pile, just before the door opened again and Tanya returned.

She had changed her attire. She was wearing a white lab coat, which Brad assumed she had put on over her skirt and sweater. “We think you are suitable and we are ready to begin the product testing, Brad, if that’s ok with you. You will be paid $850 for your time this afternoon, is that acceptable?”

Brad, was speechless for a moment. “uhh.. um… YES, yes, of course. That would be great.” He couldn’t believe his luck, to make $850 to be a test dummy for a couple of hours.

“Great, then follow me…” Tanya began to lead Brad to the door. “Oh, wait! I almost forgot. You need to sign a standard release.” Tanya grabbed a sheet of paper out of her desk and held it on a clipboard and handed Brad a pen. “Be so kind to give me an autograph at the bottom…” She smiled at Brad. Brad was too excited at the prospect as well as dazzled by Tanya’s beauty to bother reading the fine print and quickly signed his name and dated the document.

“Great, now follow me, Brad…” Tanya led him through the door…

They proceeded down a hallway to another door. Tanya took a key out of her lab coat pocket and opened the heavy oak door. “Right this way…” Brad followed her into the room. She turned and locked the door behind them. Brad thought this a bit strange and looked at Tanya with a puzzled expression… “Oh don’t worry Brad, as I explained we are very discreet here, for both our clients and volunteer’s sake.”

Brad had a look about the room. It was rather clinically furnished. There was a large chair in the center of the room, which was rather unusual. It appeared to be some kind of examination chair, something you might find in a hospital or dentist’s setting. There were several closed cabinets, shelves, and various other medical looking devices. “Now, Brad, you will need to get undressed and put on this gown…,” Tanya handed Brad a hospital gown. “I’ll give you a moment to change…” Tanya walked to one of the other two doors in the room.

“Change?.... ummm” Stammered Brad somewhat surprised.

“Yes Brad, you need to disrobe for the product testing,” Tanya said with a somewhat more forceful tone in her voice… “I’ll be back in three minutes, with Ms. Katya, our Director. Please put on the gown and have a seat in the chair…” And with that Tanya left the room by another door, before Brad could say anything else.

Wow, he thought, I had no idea I had to get naked. Well, for the money they are paying me. I guess I can put up with that. He wasn’t, though completely opposed to getting undressed with such a fox as Tanya is. But, was beginning to wonder a bit, what he was getting himself into. Despite that he resigned himself to this situation and quickly undressed. He held the gown up and put his arms through the sleeves. Held it behind his neck and climbed into the chair in the middle of the room.

No sooner had he settled onto the chair, than the door reopened and Tanya reentered. She was followed by another woman, who quickly crossed the room to where Brad was and introduced herself… “I’m so glad to meet you, Brad, I’m Ms. Katya.” She extended her hand, which Brad shook. Brad could feel his jaw drop and he first set eyes on Katya. She was of medium height but was wearing boots with a large heel on them. She was a stunning red-head with long flowing locks most of the way down her back. She had a classically beautiful face and understated make-up with bright red lips. What most surprised Brad, was the way she was dressed. She looked as if she had just stepped out of the pages of the Marquis Magazine he had clanked through in the lobby. Katya was dressed head to toe in shiny black skintight latex! She had on a high collared catsuit, complete with long black rubber gloves and thigh high latex boots. Brad was starting to feel even more unsettled.

Katya turned and walked over to a set of shelves in the back of the room and took several black garments and returned to the chair where Brad was relaxing. She set them down and took one of the garments, which appeared to be a stocking. “Brad, thank you so much for volunteering.”

“Um, sure… ahh, no problem” stammered Brad apprehensively.

Katya seemed to treat him in a very aloof manor. She turned to Tanya, “Tanya, please hold the subject’s leg while I get him properly dressed.

“Yes, Ma’am”, Tanya took hold of Brad’s right ankle and held up his leg.

“Hold still Brad, while I put these latex garments on you.” Katya quite quickly and forcefully pushed the latex stocking onto Brad’s foot and pulled it surprisingly easily up Brad’s leg….

Brad was getting very nervous now, and started to protest slightly…. “Umm, what exactly are these… um…. Garments for….??!!

“Oh, don’t be concerned it is fairly routine research. One of our best pharmaceutical clients has developed a new product, which they claim has certain properties. They have hired us to research this and get some impartial feedback”, Katya lied through her beautiful and reassuring smile. “That is part of the reason you had to disrobe. You fit the profile for testing, perfectly.” She glanced at Tanya who was now wheeling a large gas cylinder over towards Brad. It was connected to various tubes and valves and a small control panel. “These garments, we are putting on you are coated with a thin layer of this new product. It is applied topically and needs to coat your whole body. After you are dressed it will begin to work as it reaches your body temperature. We will be monitoring it’s effects on you.”

Brad’s head was spinning. This seemed to reassure him slightly. He tried to breathe calmly as he felt his other leg now being encased in a rubber stocking by these gorgeous women. Even though he was apprehensive about the direction this was going, he couldn’t avoid the fact that he was becoming very aroused. His mind was telling him something wasn’t quite right, but his raging cock was telling him that everything was going to be fine. For the moment his cock was clearly winning the debate…

Katya now grabbed two more long thin garments, which were like long thin opera gloves. “Now give me your right hand, Brad”. Brad raised his arm to her. She pushed his hand into the fingers and then quickly up his arm. Whatever was coating the inside of the latex certainly made it go on easily. As he was looking at his now gloved hand, Tanya grasped his left hand and pushed it into the other glove. The women were working quite quickly and efficiently now. Katya brought another larger black garment over to the chair, as Tanya smiled at Brad. “I need to remove your gown”, which she quickly pulled off of him. Brad lay there completely exposed in latex opera gloves and stockings up to his thighs, with his cock rock hard and throbbing. He began have some serious apprehension and was wondering if he should ask to leave…

The chair began to move mechanically as it reclined into more of a bed. He looked behind him to his left to see Tanya now with her hand on a control panel which obviously controlled the chair in the center of the room. When he was completely prone, Tanya joined Katya now at he foot of the chair/bed Brad was lying on. He couldn’t see very well what was happening as he felt his ankles being grasped. He strained his neck to see…

“There hold his ankles”, said Katya to Tanya. It was clear that she was in charge. Katya forced Brad’s legs together into the latex bag and began to pull it forcefully up over his calves… Brad could feel his legs tightly encased together in this latex contraption these women were methodically putting him in. They both pulled and stretched the bag up over his thighs. Again it went on very quickly and easily, due to whatever it was that was coating the inside. Brad hardly had any time to react as the women lifted up his ass and pulled the bag up under him.

“I… um… I….??!”

“What is it Brad?” asked Katya as she smiled at him and gently grasped his wrist.

“Well, I’m feeling a little nervous about this” said Brad, not really knowing what he should do. Everything was happening so fast. He could sense that he would shortly be encased in this bag they were putting him in and was starting to become a bit scared at the prospect of losing control.

Katya and Tanya on either side of him, looked at him and smiled as innocently as they could. “Oh, Brad, don’t be concerned. I can understand you could be nervous, you’ve probably never volunteered like this before.” Said Katya quite soothingly. “We will take good care of you, and this part will be over soon.” She smiled at him. As Tanya brushed her hand against his cock and leaned over him letting her soft hair brush across his face… “Oh, I’m sorry about that Brad, I didn’t mean to brush against you” lied Tanya. Brad’s cock again took over and he relaxed a bit enjoying the sensation.

Katya continued methodically, and Brad felt his hand being pushed down into the latex bag. Before he could protest, he realized the bag was equipped with inner sleeves and his arm was now locked into the inner sleeve in the bag. Tanya was doing the same thing to his left arm.

Together they pulled the bag up under him and over his shoulders. It had a zipper the ran from about half way down, to the top of the bag. Brad began to wriggle inside it. The zipper was still open, but with his arms inside the inner sleeves, he was realizing that now he couldn’t get them out. A slight sense of panic raced through him. He realized he was now completely under their control… Katya looked over at Tanya and smiled. They sensed what was going through Brad’s mind….

“There Brad, almost done with this first stage…” said Katya, coyly. Tanya now grasped Brad’s cock and forced it through a tight hole in the rubber bag, that was below the start of the zipper. She also pushed through his balls. He glanced down to see his privates now completely exposed through the bag.

“Hey, um… I ahh, I don’t think this is going to work out”, said Brad, now completely worried. “I think I better be going…” He was wriggling furiously with his hands now, to try to back them out of the inner sleeves. It was futile.

Katya grasped the zipper and turned to Brad, smiling. “Brad, my pet, you are certainly doing no such thing. We have only begun our research with you….” She smiled and turned to Tanya. “He did sign the release form, didn’t he?” Katya loved toying with her new subject. Tanya kept a straight face, playing along. “Yes Ma’am, he signed the release giving up total control, power of attorney, etc…” Brad was now very scared as he listened to the women banter with each other, and thought about the form he signed….

Katya laughed… “Wonderful, then let’s get you zipped up…” and she pulled the zipper up over Brad’s torso. Tanya pulled the tight latex together to make it easier. Katya reached the top of the body bag and zipped it up to the top, just under Brad’s chin.

“Brad, I think you are enjoying your new enclosure”. Tanya began to lightly stroke his cock as Katya reached down and positioned two holes in the bondage sack over Brad’s nipples. She began to gently rub them between her rubber fingers…

“I must confess, Brad, I haven’t disclosed everything. You see, here at RLT, which is short for Rubber Latex Transformations, we do more than just product testing.” Brad swallowed hard. “We have a division of our secret little firm, where we produce latex transsexuals for our most discreet clients.” Tanya smiled and continued to rub Brad’s throbbing cock. She bent down and began to suck on his left nipple as Katya rubbed the other one between her fingers. The sensation was bringing Brad close to extasy, just as the realization of what Katya was saying was bringing him close to panic.

“You see these rubber garments and enclosure are treated with a highly concentrated form of estrogen. It has been specially formulated to penetrate your skin. You will be undergoing several weeks of this treatment, but I assure you, you will begin to enjoy it” Katya laughed slyly. Brad was in a full panic at what he was hearing. “You will begin to grow a fully functional vagina, Brad. Right behind this lovely cock of yours. And your breasts will begin to grow as well, my little slut…. You will become a 38DD when we are through with you…” Tanya glanced up at Katya while sucking on Brad’s nipple and smiled.

“Ok, Tanya, let’s finish dressing our new plaything…”

“Yes, Mistress”, said Tanya and stopped abruptly from playing with Brad.

“Bring me the first hood.”

This startled Brad more than any of the other frightening things he had heard. Tanya walked over behind him to the shelves. Brad stopped struggling in the bondage bag. He gathered his thoughts at the predicament he suddenly found himself in. He looked at Katya. “Please Ma’am… I really can’t be doing this. Please…. Please let me go….”

Katya smiled at Brad. Little did he yet realize, she was a complete sadist and actually loved it when one of her victims pleaded like this. “Aww, my rubber slut, don’t you worry, Tanya and I will take good care of you. You’re going to grow to enjoy your new life…” She laughed again and took the latex hood from Tanya. Quite quickly, before Brad could react she pushed the latex up to his face and pushed and pulled it expertly over his head. Brad felt the tightness of the hood now completely encasing his head as Katya zipped it closed in the back. She held Brad’s head in her hands and looked down at him affectionately. The hood had eye openings and a mouth opening and two breathing holes under Brad’s nose. She laid his head back down on the bed and reached for the rubber gag that Tanya had selected.

Brad’s eyes widened when he saw this… “Noo, p-p-p-please….Ummmpfff” Katya forced the rubber gag into Brad’s mouth and secured the buckle tightly behind his head. Tanya began to pump the rubber bulb attached to it and Brad felt his mouth filling with the inflatable gag…

“Now, lets put the Gasmask on him…”, Katya laughed…

Tanya handed her the black rubber encasement hood which had an incorporated gas mask. Brad felt a tear drip from his eye as he futilely tried to resist. His two gorgeous captors pulled the hood easily over his head and into place. This one had two zippers in the back, which they each closed tightening the hood onto Brad’s head. Brad could barely see what was happening as this hood had goggles built into it, which were not completely clear. Katya pulled a 4” wide stiff leather collar around Brad’s neck and locked it in place with a small padlock.

Katya and Tanya smiled again at each other. “We’re almost done, my pet,” said Katya. Turning to Tanya, “I know you are dying to mount our new sextoy and ride that cock….”

“Oh yes, Mistress, thank you” replied Tanya. She could feel the juices flowing to her swollen pussy. She could hardly wait to furiously, fuck the hell out of their new helpless slave…

Katya took one of the long hoses from the gas cylinder contraption next to Brad and started screwing it onto the front of his gas mask securing the hose in place. “There, I think you are going to enjoy this, Brad…” Katya laughed. She opened the valve on the control panel allowing the narcotic to begin flowing freely to their new rubber slave. “Breathe deeply and enjoy, my pet…”

Brad immediately sensed the gas mixture that was flowing into his lungs. It had a very pleasant perfumed aroma… He felt himself feeling as if he was drifting, floating even…. The feeling was very pleasurable, as he breathed the highly addictive substance deeply, unable to do otherwise. He could vaguely feel pressure on him as Tanya now naked, mounted the rubber bondage bag and grasped his throbbing erect cock. She closed her eyes and thrust herself forcefully down on it. “Ohhhhhh….”

To be continued.


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