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A Twisted Mind

by M88

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© Copyright 2018 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; captive; drug; basement; latex; catsuit; rubber; gimp; bond; armbinder; spreader; vaccube; encased; femdom; torment; cbt; sendep; spank; cons/nc; XX

Rachel slowly walked round her newly built concrete playroom. The workmen she had used had no idea what she was planning to do with the just added basement. They thought it was going to be used as a utilities room as she wanted plugs and no decor. They couldn’t have been more wrong as the sound of her high heels echo through the decent size room. The cold and unfeeling concrete covering every part of the room in a soft grey colour. Two massive overhead lights kept the room well illuminated. Rachel had also added a large security door made from harden stainless steel. The heavy duty door needed two pin numbers in order to enter or exit the room. The person who installed the door once again thought the room was being use for something the right side of the law. They believed it was a panic room. Rachel was great at getting people to do whatever she wanted and then think nothing was wrong or odd about it.

The super bright lights were reflecting beautifully off Rachel’s skin tight latex catsuit. The flowing black latex was a perfect outline of her great body. She had a stunning hourglass figure with lovely curves. A tight leather corset pushed her stomach in and her large breasts up. She has to move her long black hair away from her face as she still walks round the playroom in circles. In the centre of the room is her new plaything, a helpless rubber gimp. She had enclosed him in a rubber vacuum cube with only a breathing tube escaping the rubber embrace. The vacuum cube was bolted to the floor to stop it moving. Inside the cube the gimp was wearing a full body rubber suit. Covering every itch of his body from his toes, penis and the top of his head. His cock had been placed in a rubber sheath. The inside of the suit was like a lake with the amount of sweat he was making.

The outfit was designed for him alone to wear with every part custom made. The thick rubber suit was also padlocked on and made up the first part of his bondage. Ballet boots had been placed over his feet and locked on. A rubber corset was used to squeeze his stomach and compress him. A rubber arm-binder kept his arms behind his back and pushed together from the fingers to the elbows. His rubber covered hands had also been taped up before they got shut away. A metal spreader bar was keeping his ankles far apart. His legs had been folded over into a sideways “v” and taped so it looked like a stump. A chain had been used to link the arm-binder and spreader bar so his body weight was fixed. A couple of leather straps also linked the arm-bender to his body. His head had been locked inside a very thick and heavy rubber hood. With only one opening for the breathing tube. Under that hood he was blindfolded and his nose had been plugged. Both pointless add ons, but it was going the extra mile that turned her on so much. Why not layer rubber over someones face. Inside his ears she had positioned bluetooth headphones with sound cancelation. The headphone needed no lines and only used power if in use. They made him almost deaf with the hood forcing them deeper inside his skull. 

A heavy duty rubber neck corset kept his head still as the rigid design stopped him from moving it. The breathing tubes was joined to a gag inside his mouth. The rubber gag forced his lips and teeth apart and allowed the tube to be fixed between them. There was no way to remove the tube or gag with the vacuum cube turned on. He was unable to see, hear, smell or move. Every inch of his skin was squeezed by the smooth latex walls on all sides. His breathing was short and panic filled. She wanted him completely immobilised as she lined the inside of his gimp suit with some added entertainment. The first layer of torture was a full body shock system. Every part of his body was affected by shock pads that would work together to keep him in agony. His cock had been put in a terrible device. Firstly three thick rubber rings had been placed at the base of his cock and balls. They compressed the rubber sheath made his dick rock hard and as erect as it could get. His balls squeezed and pushed away from his body, felt like they could pop at any moment. On the inside of the rubber sheath over his bell-end, the rubber had been lined with plastic spikes. He could feel them at all times. Going inside his cock was a large metal rod that almost ripped his cock apart from within. With only a small part poking out. 

His cock was not the only part of his body to feel the wrath of Rachel. She had filled his asshole with a massive rubber butt plug. She used so much lube it was running out his crack. She had put it there to humiliate him. She had been walking around his rubber cube for about 3 minutes as he started to cough and splutter. She had just given him, his daily meal and clearly he was not enjoying it. He had only been in the rubber cube for just over 24 hours and this was his first meal in that time. She had given him cold liquidised cat food mixed in with her own piss and pussy juice. A smelly and disgusting meal to have poured into your only way to breath. The meal was not staying down as the horrible taste remained in his mouth.   

All it did was piss Rachel off as she now needed to clean the rubber cube. She give him a hard slap to the balls as punishment for making a mess. She then got out her  bluetooth head set and put it on. She wanted to talk with the helpless torture pig. 

“I bet you didn’t think this was going to happen, when we were kissing last night. Sadly for you, I mixed some sleeping pills in with beer. They work wonders on drunk and stupid gimps. Which is why you find yourself covered in thick rubber from head to toe and then enclosed by it as well. I have worked in some extreme bondage for you as a treat. You should discover moving is almost impossible and that your senses do nothing. Apart from taste. Which you will spend your time wishing away. Now you failed to enjoy your first meal. So we are going to try again. If you fail to keep it down this time. I will slap your balls as hard as I can for the rest of the night. So I would put the effort in. Now open up!”

And with that she connected a rubber funnel to the end of the breathing tube and started to pour the dirty brown liquid into his mouth. She had the other hand ready to strike if anything went wrong. 

This was only the first night. How much worse could it get. He would soon find out.




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