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At Home on the Sofa

by Rubber Ballet

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© Copyright 2008 - Rubber Ballet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; solo-f; latex; corset; hood; toys; cons; X

NB. In the UK, "pumps" (or daps) usually means a simple canvas shoe. Think Keds more than Converse.


"Wakey wake", came the cheery voice.

"Hmpf" came the not so cheery voice from under the duvet.

"Time to get up. I've got you a cup of coffee"

A head emerged from under the duvet. The eyes blinked hard, adjusting to the light. The blond hair not quite looking it's best. A hand slowly followed, heading for the cup being help out.

"I want to pop out this morning. Do you want any help getting up before I go out ?"

Jackie took a sip of the coffee and handed the cup back. "I've got those pieces of work to do this morning." Her voice starting to sound a little more awake now. "Why did I agree to work on a Saturday morning ?"

"Don't blame me. You accepted"

She was right. Jackie had accepted the work. This last-minute Saturday morning work paid well.

Jackie slowly brought herself upright, pulled the duvet away and turned to sit on the edge of the bed. She looked round for something to put on her feet. She saw her favourite pair of pumps and slipped them onto her feet. Pushing herself off the bed, she tried standing up. "Ow" she muttered still half asleep, and sat back down again.

Suzzie walked round to Jackie's side of the bed to see what the problem was. "Calfs still tight ?"

"Yes" came the reply from the still half-asleep Jackie.

"OK, try these" Suzie picked up a pair of shoes with a three inch heel. Jackie tried again.

"Better, but still painful"

"I did warn you." Jackie looked up at Suzzie. Yes, Suzzie had warned her, but she didn't care.

Suzzie walked round the room and picked up a pair of four inch heels. Jackie put her feet in those and was finally able to stand up. She looked round for something to wear. She spied a red dress on the floor, left from last night. "If I put this on, can you zip me up please?" Jackie asked Suzzie.

Suzzie nodded, so Jackie headed to the bathroom.

A few minutes later Jackie returned, and turned her back to Suzzie. Suzzie swiftly pulled the zip up and closed. Jackie picked up the cup of coffee and started taking large sips of the warm liquid. As she drank, Suzzie brushed Jackie's dress, wiping off the worst of the talc excess.

"Rats!" Exclaimed Jackie. "I meant to change my corset"

"Too late. I've got to pop out now. We can change it when I get back. I'll be about an hour. Will you have finished work by then ?"

"Yeah, should have" Jackie noticed the shoes Suzzie was wearing - her pumps. "Hey, they're my faves ! Who said you could wear them ?"

"Well you can't wear them right now.." Jackie scowled at Suzzie. She loved those pumps. Suzzie lent over and gave Jackie a kiss on the forehead.

"See you later" With that Suzzie turned and left.

For a second, Jackie just stood there, holding her cup, savoring the last of it's warmth. She heaved a sigh, put the cup down and walked over to her computer. She pressed the on switch, and it started it's own slow wake up. Jackie knew that she was bad at starting the day, but she was sure her computer was worse.

She reached for a tube laying next to the keyboard and pulled the chair out. She squeezed the contents of the tube over the two black phalluses, covering them with the clear gel. She slowly bent her legs and started to sit down onto the chair. As her body touched the phalluses she felt the cold gel touch her intimate parts. Slowly she lowered her body down onto the invaders. She hadn't slept with her butt plug last night, so it would take a little time for her anus to accept the plug. The plug and dildo on the chair weren't big (well, not by the standards that Jackie could take) but they were not trivial small sizes.

As her bum took the weight of her body on the seat, she shuffled a small amount, just getting comfortable. She closed her eyes, sat motionless for a few minutes and let her body adjust to the plug and dildo. Bringing herself back to the world, she opened up her e-mail and started work.

After about ten minutes Jackie looked round for a book she needed. "Rats, Suzzie must have put it back on the shelf", Jackie cursed under her breath.

Gripping the sides of the chair, she slowly raised herself off the chair, letting the invaders slowly slip out of her body. She *really* regretted not sleeping with a butt plug last night. Her anus was tight. Free of the chair, she walked over to the bookcase and retrieved the book she was after. She picked up a couple of extra books and went back to the chair.

After applying more gel to the butt plug, she sat back down on the chair. Her anus was starting to loosen up again and the plugs slid in easier than the first time. Over the course of the next hour, she had to get up and fetch books and return others to the book case. Each time, the plugs slid in and out easier. Jackie heard a key turn in the lock to the front door. She swivled round on her chair to see Suzzie return.

"You still working ?" Suzzie asked.

"Yeah, they asked if I could do one more job. Almost finished. What have you been up to ?"

"Just pottering around. Picked up a parcel and a DVD. Fancy a coffee ?"

"Oh yes please" Jackie's mouth was feeling parched.

Suzzie pottered off to the kitchen and Jackie finished off the last piece of work. Suzzie returned with two cups of coffee just as Jackie was shutting down her computer. "What DVD did you get ?" Jackie asked.

Suzzie pulled a DVD case out of her bag. "Yuck" Jackie said, screwing up her face at it. "Why did you get *that* ?"

"Well, you don't have to watch it" Suzzie replied, raising an eyebrow to Jackie. A smile came across Jackie's face. "OK. Let's get you changed first. Turn around and I'll undo your zip and corset"

Jackie got up off the chair and turned round. Suzzie pulled the zip of the red rubber dress down, revealing the lacing of the corset underneath. The lacing took a little more time to undo, but finally Jackie was free of her restrictions.

"Go and put your underwear on and we'll then get you dressed"

Jackie took a deep breath. It always felt strange to her now, to breath without a corset. Jackie walked to the bedroom, swinging her hips as she walked in her high heels. She could feel Suzzie's eyes staring at her bottom. She pulled a fresh set of underwear from the drawer and headed to the bathroom.

In the language of Jackie and Suzzie, "underwear" took on a whole new meaning. The garmet Jackie had picked up (of which she had several - "Always wear a clean pair of underwear" she often joked) was more like a catsuit than bra or knickers. It was a transparent rubber catsuit, with no feet, open crotch, a wide neck, three-quarter length arms and nipple holes. She called it her underwear as it allowed her to wear rubber under normal clothes without worrying about the risk of other people seeing it.

In the bathroom, she dusted her body with talc, and gave the inside of her "underwear" an extra dusting. Sitting on the toilet, she kicked off her heels and pulled the garmet up her legs. She put her feet back in the heels, stood up, and pulled the catsuit up her torso. Sliding her arms into the catsuit, she completed putting it on. Jackie walked back to Suzzie, who was standing in the lounge holding a corset. Jackie recognised the corset that Suzzie was holding, and knew it would be tight. (But then again, none of her corsets were loose...)

Jackie helped Suzzie wrap the corset round her body. She turned, and Suzzie started the arduous task of lacing Jackie into the corset. As Suzzie pulled and tightened the laces, Jackie's breathing got shallower and shallower. Suzzie's breathing wasn't exactly calm, as she fought the laces.

"Done!" she exclaimed, and stepped back to admire her work. "It may be a bit later than you anticipated, but we've changed your corset"

"Thank you" whispered Jackie. Yes, she wanted to change her corset, but she wasn't expecting to be laced this tightly.

"By the way, this is the first time I've fulled closed this corset. We'll have to get you a smaller one now" Suzzie said with a beaming smile. Suzzie knew, though, that it would take months for Jackie to get used to this amount of waist reduction, but she liked to wind Jackie up over her corset fetish.

"Before we get you dressed properly, we need to address your bottom."

"Just remember to be careful", pleaded Jackie.

She could still remember the time Suzzie had been way too rough with her anus. It took Jackie several days to recover from that before she could take anything up her bum. For the week afterwards, Jackie was only able to take small butt plugs as her annus was so sore.

"That was a long time ago, I promise I'll be gentle." Suzzie picked up a glass butt plug. It was much larger than the butt plug Jackie had taken that morning from the chair, but Jackie had taken it before so Suzzie wasn't worried. Suzzie covered the plug with gel and Jackie bent over, spreading her cheeks to give easy access to her anus. Suzzie put the tip of the plug against Jackie's anus and gently pushed.

After a while Suzzie couldn't push the plug in any further. She pulled the plug back a bit and gently pushed again. Suzzie repeated this cycle several times until Jackie's anus sucked the remainder of the plug in. Jackie reached to the base of the plug and wiggled it a bit, getting it comfortable (as comfortable as a large butt plug can be !) Suzzie wiped her fingers clean on a towel, placed her hands on Jackie's head, and pulled her in for a kiss.

"Bottom OK?"

"Just about"

"Let's get you dressed then"

Suzzie went back to the bedroom and returned with a black rubber catsuit. Jackie sat on the arm of the sofa. Suzzie bent down, removed Jackie's shoes, and started pulling the catsuit up Jackie's legs. Once the suit was up past Jackie's knees, Suzzie put the shoes back on. Jackie stood up and Suzzie worked the suit up Jackie's legs (paying particular attention to Jackie's inner thigh) Suzzie could smell Jackie's juices as she teased Jackie's inner thigh. Once the suit was half way up Jackie's corset, Jackie slid her arms into the arms of the suit.

This catsuit was much thicker than her underwear and so didn't "give" as much. She could feel it pulling tightly all over her body. She could also feel the nodules in the breast cups rubbing her nipples, making her even more aroused. Suzzie walked behind Jackie and pulled the zip up, stopping short of the top of the catsuit. Jackie turned to ask Suzzie why she hadn't closed the zip, but before she could say anything Suzzie gave her a quick kiss on the lips and said, "Patience, my sweet"

Suzzie walked over to the table where she'd left her bag and started unwrapping something. Jackie didn't pay too much attention and smoothed out the minor creases in her suit. She could feel her heart starting to pound. The corset, nipple stimulation, butt plug and two layers of rubber were making her horney. Suzzie came back from the table with a collection of black rubber items. Jackie couldn't work out what they were.

Suzzie walked over to the TV, switched it on, and inserted the DVD into the player. Coming back to Jackie, she removed the pumps she'd been wearing all morning. "You going to spank me ?" They'd experimented with spanking before. Neither of them was sure if they liked it or not (either giving or receiving)

"No", Suzzie replied.

She picked up the pumps and put them into what looked like a small rubber bag with two tubes attached. Jackie was confused. She'd never seen anything like this before. The next item Suzzie picked up Jackie was familiar with. It was a rubber hood. Jackie now understood why Suzzie hadn't done up the zip. Suzzie put it over Jackie's head. Jackie quickly noticed the mouth gag and opened up to allow it in. Jackie could feel something wrong by her nose, but couldn't work out what. She started to feel the mask by her nose, but Suzzie intervened and Jackie soon felt two small rubber tubes enter her nostrils. Suddenly Jackie realised that she couldn't breath. She left out a muffled scream. Suzzie quickly spotted the problem, untangled the tubes and Jackie was able to breath cool fresh air again. "Sorry. You able to breath OK now ?"

Jackie nodded.

"Right, I'll just zip up the hood. This should bring the eyes into the correct place" Suzzie pulled the hood round Jackie's head and pulled the zip closed. Jackie could now see again as the eye pieces moved into the correct position. However, she couldn't see much as the eyes were just perferated with small holes.

"Everything OK ?"

Jackie nodded.

"OK, let's get comfy on the sofa" Suzzie picked up the rubber bag and put it on the floor by the sofa, plus other items that Jackie didn't notice. Suzzie sat down first with one leg on the sofa, the other hanging over the side. Jackie then sat between her legs. Suzzie wrapped her arms around Jackie and started to carress Jackie's body. Jackie started moaning as she felt Suzzies hands over her body. Suzzie reached down and started rubbing Jackie's inner thigh, getting Jackie even more aroused.

"Nice ?" Suzzie asked.

"Hmmm" Came the reply from Jackie.

Suzzie reached down to the floor and picked up an inflator. She attached it to the outside of Jackie's gag and started squeezing. Jackie wasn't expecting this, but accepted it. Secretly, she liked it. She always enjoyed having a large gag in her mouth and thought that the gag was too small. After half a dozen squeezes, she grunted. Suzzie stopped squeezing. Before removing the pump, Suzzie gave one more squeeze. Jackie made a much louder grunt this time. "Full are we ?" Suzzie slyly asked.

Next, Suzzie reached down and picked up the black rubber bag. She held it up in front of Jackies peppered eyes. "Remember what's in here ?" Suzzie asked.

Jackie nodded.

Suzzie took one of the tubes coming from the bag and attached it to the tubes from Jackie's nose tubes. For the first few breaths, Jackie didn't notice anything different. Then the smell hit her. "I've seen you sniff your pumps, so I thought you could get the full enjoyment of the aroma"

Jackie realised why Suzzie had worn her pumps to go out that morning, to refresh the smell. Suzzie returned to rubbing her hands over Jackie's body. Slowly, she got closer to Jackie's vagina. Each time, Jackie wanted Suzzie to go further. Jackie's breathing became harder as her body ached for that magic hit. Ever so lightly, Suzzie touched Jackies's clitoris. The feeling was electric to Jackie. It wasn't an orgasm, but it felt darn good.

Jackie was close to orgasm and Suzzie knew it. Suzzie reached down to the floor for the final item. Suzzie held up the dildo for Jackie to see it. It was quite large, and covered with nodules and bumps. "Ready ?" Suzzie asked. Jackie nodded.

Suzzie pressed play on the DVD remote, and brought the dildo down to Jackie's crotch. Jackie's heart was pounding. She wanted this first hit badly. She spread her legs wide to give Suzzie no excuse for not thrusting the dildo deep inside of her. Suzzie obliged and drove the dildo deep into Jackie's vagina. The orgasm was immediate and large. The dildo thrusting into her body was an overload for her senses. Suzzie let Jackie sit there for a moment, dildo burried deep inside, letting her savor the moment.

After a few minutes (and Jackie's breathing had calmed slightly - not that in the tight corset Jackie could change her breathing that much) Suzzie started working on the dildo. As Suzzie slid the dildo in and out of Jackie's vagina, Jackie could feel every bump of the dildo. It felt larger than the normal ones Suzzie used on her, but all the better for it. Inside, she could feel the glass butt plug and the dildo rubbing against each other.

It didn't take long for Jackie to be ready to orgasm. Suzzie knew this. Suzzie was skilled at bringing Jackie to the edge but not letting her over. She kept Jackie at the edge (for what Jackie thought was hours, but in reality was barely a minute) Then she let Jackie have another orgasm. Jackie convulsed as the orgasm hit her body. The aroma of her pumps filling her lungs and nose. Her body strained against the corset. Her legs and arms wrapped tight in rubber. Suzzie's hands massaging her nipples. Jackie was in ectasy. She reached down and grabbed hold of the dildo from Suzzie. She rammed it in and out furiously. Another orgasm quickly hit her. Her hand let go of the dildo as she recovered.

"There's still an hour and a half of this film to go. I hope you can pace yourself"

Jackie knew what she'd be like in fifteen minutes, let alone 90 minutes. Suzzie knew it too. Suzzie started work on the dildo. For the next few orgasms Jackie had the capacity to work her muscles to reach or delay orgasm. But this ability soon disappeared, and instead of being a co-pilot, Jackie became a passenger. She was unable to control her body. Her mind soon went as well. She just lay there, Suzzie's body wrapped around her, experiencing wave after wave of orgasm. Even if she had the will, she had no way of stopping Suzzie and the relentless waves of orgasms pounding her mind and body.

Sometime later, Jackie's mind started to return to her. The orgasms had stopped. She just lay there. Almost a zombie. She heard Suzzie say something, but she didn't have the capacity to understand. She felt her body move. Suzzie pulled herself out from underneath Jackie, and lay Jackie down on the sofa. She gave Jackie a kiss on the head, and disappeared into the kitchen to get herself a drink and a large glass of water. She knew that Jackie would need a drink after that session.

Suzzie returned, and sat and looked at Jackie. The black rubber covered body of her girlfriend, lay motionless on the sofa, apart from the shallow movement of her chest as she breathed against the corset. Eventually, Jackie started to move her hands and arms. Suzzie went over and sat Jackie upright. Jackie let out a "Hmph" as the dildo buried itself deep inside Jackie as she came upright. Suzzie reached over and unzipped the hood. Gently, she pulled the hood away from Jackie's face, exposing it to cool fresh air.

With the removal of the hood, Jackie was also able to breath fresh air, instead of the air thick with the smell of rubber and her pumps. It took Jackie a few seconds, but she managed to close her mouth. Her jaw stiff after being held wide open for the past two hours. Jackie looked up into Suzzie's eyes. Suzzie bent down and gave Jackie a passionate kiss. "I love you" whispered Jackie.

"I love you too" replied Suzzie. "Did you like my little toys ?".

"Yes. Making me sniff my pumps for the duration was a particularly devious idea" Jackie replied.

"I'm glad you liked it"

"I never said I *liked* it", replied Jackie, "Just that it was devious"

"Do you never want me to do it again ?" Asked Suzzie, slightly concerned.

"Well, I *never* said that either..." Jackie gave Suzzie a knowing look. Suzzie smiled. "So what's for the rest of the day ?" Jackie asked.

"We need to do some food shopping" Suzzie passed Jackie the glass of water and Jackie gulped it down. "Do you think you can cope with the butt plug, dildo and corset whilst we go shopping ?"

"I don't know. I think I might collapse into a gibbering wreck before we get to the bus stop"

"We'd better do something about that. Where are your ballet boots ?"



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