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April’s Vacbed Experience

by ChgoBinder

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April has been in a lot of bondage since she met Doug. They became life partners after an ambulance ride where he was her paramedic. That day sparked a relationship that has spanned 4 years, and one hell of a lot of bondage. She was even able to experience her ultimate bondage fantasy, being totally immobilized, unable to move, and completely isolated from the world. That adventure is chronicled in the story “Her Ultimate Bondage”.

April had many experiences with vacbeds. One particular fond memory was during college, over a long holiday weekend, where she was first introduced to the vacbed experience by a girlfriend who also loved being in a vacbed. April’s girlfriend Marie was very kinky, and they had many fun kinky conversations, many of which ended up with one of them bound. It was during one of these conversations that April’s vacbed virginity was lost.

Marie had recently purchased a vacbed from Kink Engineering. She explained how this bed was made by professional engineers with years of industrial experience. It was the best made bed Marie had ever seen, and she had seen many.

Marie laid out the parts of the vacbed across her king size bed and explained as she went how each piece fit, what the holes were for, and how the piping went together. April watched a bag of parts and the large latex sheets go from nothing to a frame surrounded with latex and a vacuum hooked up to the bottom through a sealable hole. The zipper to seal the opened side was unzipped, leaving the vacbed open and inviting to her.

There was a breathing tube gag on the bed, with a 7 inch tube and a medium sized ball attached. Marie explained that the ball actually made the breathing tube more comfortable and prevented biting down on the tube possibly the cutting off April’s air supply.

Marie also showed April the special heavy duty electronic timer she used for solo sessions in the vacbed. Marie explained how she would set up the bed, set the timer for one hour with a 5 minute start delay, attach the breathing tube gag firmly around her head, slip into the vacbed and seal herself inside. With a zipper pull on the inside, this made sealing herself possible since the outside pull would not be reachable for completely closing the opening. She then positioned herself in the middle of the bed, pushing the breathing tube through the hole, and waited. Sometimes, she would set the timer for a variable start time never less than 5 minutes, but sometimes more than ten. It was during those waiting times that she would get very excited.

It was the anticipation of the vacuum starting and immobilizing her without notice that really turned her on. She knew that once the timer started, and the two layers of latex became one, she would be unable to escape until the timer turned off the vacuum.

April questioned Marie about the vacuum, wondering if it would overheat if left to run that long. Marie explained that her vacuum was an industrial type with separate venting and cooling for the motor. It could run for hours without ever getting too warm. In fact the longest time Marie spent in the vacbed was 6 hours, and the vacuum never even showed signs of overheating.

That was all that April needed to hear. She was eager to try the vacbed herself. April stripped down to her panties, neatly placing all her other clothing on the chair beside the bed.

Before placing April into the bed, Marie secured the breathing tube gag on April, making sure it was comfortable and secure. Marie then held open the unzipped the side of the bed, and explained that this bed was special because the zipper was air tight meaning better suction for the person inside. The bed also has the added benefit of being fitted with a valve that allowed the vacuum to be shut off and still maintain that seal. Marie did like the feature, but found it hampered solo play. Once the vacuum was shut off, it could be hours before she would be able to get out. With the hose attached at the bottom, once the vacuum was turned off, the suction on the bed would be released in about 20 seconds.

April carefully climbed between the latex sheets, positioning her body in the center of the vacbed. Marie bent over, and pushed the breathing tube through the hole carefully smoothing the latex down towards Aprils face. Pulling slowly, Marie closed the zippered opening, sealing the entry completely.

Marie asked April If she was ready to continue, and April gave Marie the good-to-go grunt they agreed upon. Not a safe word, but just as good due to her being gagged. Marie switched on the vacuum, and immediately the powerful motor began puling down the latex all around April’s body. When the latex sheets touched, Marie switched off the vacuum, and asked April if she was ready for more.

Again April gave the good-to-go grunt and Marie switched the vacuum on again, waiting for the powerful machine to change pitch denoting a strong seal on April’s body. As soon as she heard the change in pitch, Marie switched off the vacuum and asked for the good-to-go grunt from April. April responded with her gagged affirmative, and the relentless machine was turned on again, completely sealing April inside the bed.

Marie watched hungrily as the latex took the shape of April’s perfect body. Her pert breasts were only slightly squeezed down by the vacbed’s embrace. Each areola and nipple was perfectly detailed through the clear latex. As Marie’s eyes followed the curves of April’s body, she paused at each new area, amazed at how beautiful her friend looked in the grip of her vacbed. Her hips were accentuated by the vacbed, squeezed down and held without effort by the powerful vacuum. April’s hands were detailed down to each finger and fingernail, even showing the slight wrinkles of each knuckle. Marie could see April trying to flex her hands and fingers, watching as the latex held them relentlessly.

Marie’s eyes came to rest on April’s crotch, and upon further inspection, Marie could see in perfect relief the beautiful and awe inspiring camel toe April had. Marie could not resist, and gently stroked the lips of her pussy with the lightest of touches. April’s back instantly arched and she let out a loud moan.

Not wanting to ruin the fun, Marie left it at that, and continued her eye’s journey across the latex, following the curves of April’s legs and ending up at her toes. Marie remembered that April loved toe sucking, and clamped her full lips around her left big toe. Sucking hard, Marie could hear the sounds of April’s breathing increase, and she knew April was heading towards her first vacbed orgasm. Marie stopped, knowing it would be far more pleasurable for April to experience one big orgasm rather then several smaller ones.

April let out a long loud moan, her only method of complaining about her being teased. Distraught that she was not allowed to orgasm, April struggled with all her might to escape. All she succeeded in doing was stretching the latex out a little, which immediately returned to its former flat shape. April was trapped in this diabolical contraption, and her only means of escape was a sadistic girlfriend with her finger on the power button!

Marie shut off the vacuum again so that April could hear her clearly. Marie asked April if she was ready to orgasm in her latex prison, and April moaned her good-to-go grunt as loud as she could repeatedly until Marie told her on one condition, April had to spread her legs wide, and raise her knees towards the sides of the vacbed. April did so immediately, and Marie switched the vacuum back on.

The powerful vacuum did its trick again, molding the latex into the perfect shape of April’s body. But this time, with her knees in the air, and her legs spread wide, April’s pussy was fully available for touching and playing with.

Unknown to April, Marie had just bought a brand new vibrator, the Hitachi Magic Wand. The power and sheer excitement this diabolical tool can transmit to an already primed pussy is beyond measure. Marie plugged it in and climbed on top of the vacbed, kneeling right between April’s spread legs, pressing the head of this vibratory monster right on top of April’s swollen pussy. April nearly screamed when she felt he pressure on her pussy, hoping for that elusive release having been denied for so long. She moaned very loudly, and began grinding her hips on the head of the vibrator.

April had no idea what she was grinding on, but she knew it felt awesome. Within seconds, April’s breathing changed, and Marie again denied April’s release, pulling the head away seconds before she came. April struggled and kicked and tossed her body around as much as she could, which was completely useless in the relentless grip of the vacuum controlled prison, and screamed into her gag with frustration. Marie said, “Not yet my pet! The best is yet to come”. Pleading through her gag, April tried to convince Marie to let her finish, but Marie would have none of that!

Leaning forward, Marie switched on the vibrator to the low setting, and gently caressed each nipple, left and right, slowly and deliberately, moving back and forth to each nipple until April was about to come again, and Marie pulled back denying April’s release.

This time, knowing that Marie was playing this sadistic game of teasing her, she still struggled and moaned trying to convince her girlfriend that she should be allowed to orgasm! Marie smiled, knowing that this next part was going to be awesome for both of them.

Marie switched the vibrator on low again, and placed it right over April’s love button, pressing firmly and with perfect precision. April’s back arched, and she screamed into her gag, rolling right into her orgasm. Just as April began her orgasm, Marie switched the vibrator on high, and held on for dear life. The latex came to life, moving, stretching, bending, and holding April in its firm grasp. April’s orgasm was a full five minutes of thrashing around, never seeming to slow down or subside. Then just like a light switch, April just stopped moving. Her body went limp, and Marie knew she was unconscious. Marie moved off the bed, switched off the vacuum, and unzipped the vacbed, reaching up to April’s neck to check for pulse. She had a very strong and rapid pulse, and her breathing was fine. Marie left April there to come back from wherever she went.

April came to about 10 minutes later, drained and weak, with a smile on her face that would have been evident in a dark room. Turning her head, she saw Marie reaching down to lift the latex away from her body. Not an easy task, as the latex sheets were stuck to her from her sweat. April scooted towards the opening moving slowly and deliberately to avoid any quick movements. Marie has a thick and warm bathrobe and a bottle of water waiting for April when she emerged.

Once April was seated on the couch next to her, Marie asked her, “How was your first ride?”

April responded, gushing like a schoolgirl about her whole experience. One thing in particular April remembered in her flashback from that experience was the noise of the vacuum like a roar in her ears. She thought it would have been an even more intense experience if there was no noise.

Her Master’s latest project promised that and much more.

The latest bondage project he was working on was for a solo bondage experience inside a vacbed that promised silence and total immobility. They discussed over many conversations how this machine should work, what the safety mechanisms would be for solo play, and how the air tight seal was to be established without noise afterwards.

What she was looking at, in the large playroom they had built as an addition to the house, was the culmination of their efforts.

From the outside, it looked like two halves of a box, suspended by rods on either side, with no discernable holes for where the vacuum would draw the air out. There was a breathing mask built into the top of the machine positioned for comfort that would cover the nose and mouth of the captive allowing for unrestricted breathing, even if sleeping with their mouth closed.

April slowly walked around this machine marveling at the precision and craftsmanship Doug had put into their latest toy. She remembered what he suggested to be used for the complete soundproof containment experience, using two of those memory foam mattresses, one on the bottom under the latex, and one on top over the latex. This way, once the vacuum seal was made, the mattresses would mold to the occupant’s body, and create the soundproof experience she would come to love.

Along each long side of the machine were 6 cylinders, similar in design to a screen door closer, but heavier in construction and reverse acting. When the vacuum was applied, these would pull down, and when the vacuum was turned off, they would push up, freeing the occupant in about 60 seconds. Each layer of the latex bed was sealed to its own tubing frame and a thin foam gasket could be seen running along the whole of the top half of the tubing facing the bottom half. Once closed, the two halves would create an air tight seal, and the vacuum tubing would take over pulling all the air out from between the two halves.

To ensure that there would be complete silence, Doug had installed a spring loaded check valve on the vacuum connection to prevent any air from entering back into the machine until the box sides were released. This meant that when sealed, the vacuum would turn off, and there would be no noise at all.

A second small reversible vacuum/blowing pump was installed in the bottom half, hidden from view, to complete the seal where the vacuum could not, and insure a positive release when the occupant desired to be freed.

The vacuum and the secondary pump were controlled by a two button remote. Press the left side, and the vacuum would start and seal whoever was inside the machine. There were special pressure switches hooked to the system to tell it when to shut off the vacuum and start the secondary pump.

Press the right button and the small secondary pump would reverse, inflate the latex, and restore the cylinders to their original upright position.

Doug tested this system thoroughly, even installing a battery back-up for the small pump and the control system so that even if the power was lost, the machine would release the occupant without fail. Every precaution imaginable was taken, even what to do if the remote failed. If the seal button on the remote was not pressed at least once each hour, the machine would release the occupant.

April desired to test the machine. She was told to wait until Doug returned from his conference on Friday. It was Thursday, and she had been waiting all week to try this out. Her desire for complete bondage overcame her Master’s orders, and she slipped out of her clothes, went over to the storage locker, and withdrew her favorite extended run vibrator, her butterfly. Doug had long since modified this vibrator with a smaller and more intense motor, and replaced the regular batteries with long run rechargeable lithium power cells. So far, each time the vibrator was used it lasted longer than April did, with the longest run time being 7 hours. April had no idea how long the batteries would last, since they have never been run dry.

April grabbed the remote as soon as her butterfly was positioned, and climbed onto the vacbed machine her Master had made for her. She positioned her body to be in the center, legs spread slightly, and her head right where it needed to be for correct placement of the breathing mask. She pressed the suction button on the remote, and waited for the top of the machine to be pulled down.

April had to press the release button and the suction button several times to get the proper placement of her head for the mask, but once she was confident that everything was aligned properly, she hit the suction button for the last time, and the top descended to trap her inside.

April forgot the most important part, her butterfly! She set the control down, and reached for the on/off switch. Just as soon as the butterfly came on, the top had descended closing off all light. She reached back to get the remote, and the suction trapped her arm just 2 inches from the button that would release her. She struggled with all her might, but only managed to get her hand to touch the remote before the secondary pump kicked in and removed all hope of her release before the timer would turn off the system in one hour.

April continued to struggle, and the vibrator was doing its magic. April’s first orgasm hit her like a freight train. The intensity of that orgasm was increased by her thoughts of not being released until the machine was damn good and ready to set her free. There was nothing she could do. Nothing she could say. Even if she screamed at the top of her lungs, she could not be heard because of the soundproof container she was in. That coupled with the realization that her Master was not due back until tomorrow fueled her orgasmic intensity even more, and a second bolt of lightening tore through her tiny frame.

She screamed into the mask, all the while trying desperately to move even an inch. She was truly trapped with no hope of escape.

It was 8 PM when she placed herself into the machine, and her call to her Master was due at 9 PM. This left her little time to get to a phone, but she was confident that the machine would release her, and she could simply make up a little lie about having to use the bathroom or something to explain the lateness of her call. She remembered the last time she was late, and her promise to not be late again. Punishment was not something she enjoyed, and she avoided it all cost.

Unknown to her, Doug had placed a special circuit into the machine that would notify him via text message if the machine was activated. He smiled, saying to himself, “Well at least she lasted this long!”

He went to his laptop, logged into the home server, and queued up the play room cameras. His suspicions were correct. The machine was activated, and not seeing April on any of the cameras told him that she was inside.

He logged into the machine’s control system and checked how long it had been running, and the status of all mechanical parts. His display showed that the machine worked flawlessly, and that it had been started and stopped two times before the last start, with the machine still running. There was 45 minutes left on the release timer. He smiled, thinking that he should make it a little longer for punishment. With a few mouse clicks, the timer was reset to three hours. “That should teach her!” he thought, not knowing she had placed the never ending butterfly on her very sensitive pussy. He also overrode the security feature that would release her after one hour.

Inside the machine, April lost all track of time. Her butterfly never lost intensity, and she had orgasmed so many times she lost count. During a brief moment of clarity, she felt as if the machine had been running too long and should have released her by now. Thinking that the machine somehow failed, and she was trapped in here until her Master released her on Friday night was all it took to throw her into another series of orgasms.

Right on schedule, just as Doug had programmed the machine to do, the secondary pump reversed, and inflated the latex and filled the cylinders to lift the upper half of the machine away from April. April had long since passed out from her ordeal, and laid there motionless for several minutes until she awoke with a start. She was cold, and hungry, and very sore.

The remote was right where she left it, and Doug could see it on the camera, lying next to her hand. He wondered if she had deliberately left it next to her hand to prevent her escape. One of the first questions he would ask her when she called.

He watched as she reached down and turned off and then removed her butterfly. He sat in awe realizing that she was wearing that the whole time she was trapped inside his machine. She flopped back down on the bed, totally spend, and it was another ten minutes later before she crawled out the top of the bed and headed towards the door.

Doug switched over to the house cameras, and tracked her path through the house. First stop, the bathroom for much needed relieving and a warm thick robe for her frigid little body. Then it was off to the kitchen for a bottle of water from the kitchen. As she was drinking, she looked over at the clock, dropping the bottle as she did. It was 11:30 PM, and not 9:15 like she thought it would be. She ran to the phone on the wall, and quickly dialing her Master’s cell, she was connected immediately.

His strong and confident voice filled the earpiece, and she apologized all over herself for three minutes straight before he could get a word in edgewise. He finally yelled over the phone for her to be silent and he told her what had transpired, and how he had remotely set the timer for three hours as a punishment for using the machine without permission. He called that punishment?

April was a little bit angry at Doug for changing the timer, but could not bring herself to say it because of how good she felt while trapped in that machine. Doug and April talked for about an hour discussing her experiences and what he might do to her when he arrived home tomorrow night. Bidding each other good night, April headed to bed exhausted, but Doug had other plans.

First, he logged back into the machine and reprogrammed the run time to five hours, knowing full well that April would be back in the machine tomorrow afternoon, right after her chores and shopping were finished. Making one final adjustment, he programmed the system to disable the remote ten minutes after the machine had sealed itself completely, preventing an accident, but trapping the occupant in the machine until the timer ran out. He then reset the text message alert system so that he would be called again if the machine was activated and the ten minute timer expired.

Finally, after that was all finished, he went to bed, dreaming of the experience that April just had and smiling all night long.

The next morning, April called her friend Susan. She and April talked a long time about her experiences in the machine, and how much time and effort went into making the perfect reusable bondage device. Susan was thrilled with all that April had told her, and Susan encouraged her to finish her chores early, she was coming for a visit!

Susan did everything that she was required to do in about an hour. There were three hours set aside for chores on Friday, with two more hours set aside for shopping. This was her shopping time, so that she could get things for herself. She wanted to play with Susan and not shop!

Susan arrived just three hours after they finished their phone call. Big hugs and kisses at the door followed by lots of catch up conversation in the kitchen over coffee.

Susan was very happy she was the maid of honor at April wedding. She knew this was a relationship that would last, and was proud to have been the catalyst that brought them together during one of the hardest times of Doug and April’s lives.

Doug had accepted a job here in this “sparrow fart” town, as April called it. It was a really nice town, and Doug’s job grew from a town job to a county job, and he was compensated well for his promotion. Doug and April never worried about money. They were not millionaires, but their modest lifestyle, outside of the playroom anyway, left them plenty of money for anything they desired.

Finally the conversation led to the playroom, and the new machine Doug had built. April led the way, but Susan knew the path very well. She was a regular visitor for weekend getaways in bondage. Whether it was Doug or April that was doing the tying, and many times April and Susan were tied together, there were good times all around.

As Susan entered the playroom, she let out a low whistle, and said that Doug had out-done himself! The machine was beautiful. From the sides of the machine laminated in deep cherry wood finish, to the stainless steel tubing used for the vacuum seal, to the enclosed pump and control system that April described but they were unable to see, this was a marvel of engineering that would last for years to come.

April gave Susan the two button remote and explained its operation. Susan pressed the seal button, and the vacuum turned on, pulling the top half down and making the seal. When the vacuum started to change pitch, it shut of, and the built in pump took over, completing the seal, and shutting off. The only indication that the pump was even running was a little indicator light on the door to the control panel. When it shut off, the pump stopped, and the occupant would be sealed until the pump reversed itself and set the occupant free. Susan pressed the release button, and like magic, the two halves separated and returned to their original position.

Susan’s only question was what happened if the power went out? April explained about the battery back-up system. She also told her about the one hour timer, and how Doug had remotely programmed the timer for three hours for punishment. Susan was impressed again with Doug for his mischievous behavior!

Susan told April she was ready for the machine, and wanted April to call Doug to get permission to use this device. Susan texted Doug and Doug gave his permission quickly and quietly because he was in a very important meeting. He then placed his phone on silent, no vibration, so that he would not disturb his meeting again. He forgot to tell her that the timer was changed again, this time to five hours!

April was confident in the machine’s abilities, and especially in its ability to release the occupant on command. So she suggested that Susan tie up April before placing herself into the machine. This way they both could enjoy some bondage time, and Doug would not be the wiser.

April loved mummification, and so did Susan. They agreed that if Susan was going into the machine, April should be restrained at least as much, and mummification was the closest thing to a vacbed experience.

Susan wanted latex, and lots of it. So she opted for the inflatable mummy sack, the one Doug had placed April in the night he brought April here for the first time. The inflatable hood was different in only one way; it had an inflatable gag with a small breathing tube so that April would be totally enclosed and comfortable without restricting her breathing. Setting up the sack and getting April in it was very easy compared to the first time Doug first put her in. She was unconscious then. This time she was fully awake, and happily entered the sack without much effort. Fully zipped into the sack, April positioned herself for the most comfortable position. She tested the inflatable device’s restraining abilities while deflated, and found it to be very effective. Although she could squirm abound and wiggle all she wanted, she could not get her arms out of the internal sleeves, and was trapped inside.

To ensure that April would not fall off the bed, Susan attached several belts about the sack loosely, connecting them to strategically placed clips on the bed rails. Once this was done, Susan attached April’s inflatable hood, positioning the gag and breathing tube for maximum comfort. Susan asked April if she was ready. She told Susan yes, and Susan inflated the hood. When the hood was fully inflated, she told April that she was going to inflate the gag. April said ok, and in seconds, the gag was inflated, and all Susan could hear was April’s breathing. Susan asked April if she was alright to continue, and April gave her good-to-go grunt as always.

Susan attached the small vacuum to the emergency release tube, put the hose on the blow side of the box, and turned it on. Susan watched as the inflatable sack grew in size. When it was about half way full, Susan adjusted the straps so that they were more even, and made sure April would not be leaning to one side. She knew how uncomfortable that was to be laying on one’s side without the ability to get righted.

Susan watched in pure delight as the little vacuum did its job, and fully inflated the sack, distending the rubber a little around each strap. Susan turned off the vacuum and removed the hose, quickly sealing the opening. Moving to April’s head, Susan asked if she was comfortable. April gave her the affirmative grunt again. Susan asked if she was ready to be left alone for an hour, and April gave her another affirmative grunt. Susan kissed her inflated head, and said “Be back in about an hour!” leaving April restrained and without stimulation.

It was agreed upon that giving April another round of intense orgasms was more than her little body was ready for after last night’s ordeal. So April would just have to endure her bondage until Susan came back to release her.

Down in the play room, Susan prepared herself for the ride of her life. Susan was not fond of butterfly vibrators, so she opted for a modified sleeve that Doug had made to fit over the Hitachi Magic Wand. The sleeves that were made for it were all designed for self stimulation, and had the dildo part of the sleeve at a ninety degree angle. This was great for two handed masturbation but sucked in a vacbed because the Hitachi was long and needed to be at ninety degrees to her pussy.

Doug’s dildo was inline with the sleeve, and was perfect for mummification or vacbed scenes. His sleeve also had a raised portion that pressed right on the love button ensuring maximum stimulation. Previously, the most Susan could handle was 30 minutes of this vibratory monster. She knew once inside the machine, it would be at most an hour. This scared her a little, but she had the button to release her, so she was confident that nothing would go wrong.

Placing a condom over the sleeve, she laid the vibrator on the bed, and made sure the cord was straight and that the plug end was outside of the frame and attached to the extension cord. Climbing into the machine from the top, Susan made her way to the middle with the remote in her hand. Positioning herself right in the center, Susan pressed the button, and the top began to lower. She also had to release and reposition herself a couple of time just as April did to make sure her breathing would not be obstructed.

When Susan was confident that she was in the perfect position, she reached down, inserted the dildo into her already wet pussy, turned the vibrator on high and pressed the seal button again. The top of the machine lowered as the vacuum came on, and the vibrations were already beginning to take her over the edge. She held her thumb over the release button, careful not to repeat the same mistake that April had done. The two halves met, and the vacuum did its work. In no time, Susan was encapsulated and the external vacuum shut off. The internal pump started, completing the sealing of the machine and shut off.

Susan was in heaven. The machine performed better than she had hoped for. No sounds could be heard, and she was completely immobile, unable to move in any way. She could just barely hear the vibrator running, but knew it was doing its job as the first orgasm hit her without warning. Her eyes were seeing stars, and she was panting furiously as the orgasm went through her without stopping, lasting more than ten minutes.

Finally, Susan gained some semblance of awareness and pressed the release button. This was way more intense than she was prepared for, and cursed herself for putting the vibrator on high. But nothing happened!

Susan pressed the button several times, without success, and the machine held her in its embrace. She began to struggle with all her might, but could not move anything or go any where. Her situation of knowing that she would be in here for an hour now, without hope of release fueled another series of orgasms that sent her into oblivion. Without sense of time or knowledge of where she was, she floated in her orgasmic delight for a lot longer than one hour. She never knew how long, and it was Doug that released her after four hours.

Doug arrived home expecting things to be quiet. He was sure that April and Susan were in the playroom having the time of their lives. Just then he remembered that he reset the timer for 5 hours. He was sure that April would have called him after one hour when the machine did not release Susan.

Entering the playroom, Doug saw the machine closed. Opening the laptop, and logging into the wireless network of the house, he logged into the machine’s system, and it told him it had been running for almost four hours. He wondered why he wasn’t called, but at that moment he didn’t care. With a few mouse clicks, he shut down the program, and set it to release mode. When the top was up, he saw Susan in the machine. He reached over and removed the vibrator, shutting off the monster at the same time. Gently shaking Susan, he called out her name. She mumbled something incoherent, and Doug knew she was alright.

Doug pulled a blanket out of the closet, and covered Susan so she would not be too cold, and used the house’s camera system to find his wife. Switching to the second floor cameras, he found her in the Master bedroom, in the inflatable sleep sack that was a favorite for her. Ascending the stairs two at a time, he arrived in the bedroom quickly, but silently, walking to the side of the bed she was on, and with his Master voice said, “I’m home, and you are in deep trouble!”

April jumped at the sound of her Master’s voice. She struggled and squirmed all that she could, but Susan was no slouch in bondage, and she was going no where. Doug deflated the gag and hood, and removed it from April’s head. He waited for the explanation of why he came home to her like this, and was very amused by the story April told of the machine, and the plans of Susan to come and release her before he got home. Doug explained that the timer was reset again, this time to five hours, and he turned it off and released Susan in just after four.

After further conversation, Doug left April upstairs, pleading for him to release her. He called out, “You had a bargain for Susan to release you, and I am not changing that!”

Frustrated, tired, and restrained, April grew silent. She knew when her Master made his mind up there was no convincing him otherwise.

When Doug returned to the playroom, he saw Susan beginning to stir. He announced himself by saying “Hello, Susan!” and she jumped straight up. If the upper part of the machine was hard, she would have knocked herself out. Instead, her head bounced harmlessly off the top, and she was unceremoniously thrown back to the bed.

“Hello, Doug,” she said, rolling on her tummy and moving towards the top of the machine. Slowly she stood up with Doug’s help, and wobbled to the couch and flopped down.

Doug told her how he reprogrammed the machine with the anticipation of April being in it again, not remembering that he did after being called about Susan wanting a ride. Susan said, “No apologies necessary!” even before the words “I’m Sorry” left Doug’s lips.

Susan asked about April, and Doug explained the situation so far. Susan replied, “You are a devil!” when she found out Doug left her upstairs. They walked slowly to the Master bedroom, and a frustrated and tired April saw Doug and Susan, and she smiled. “How was your trip, my dear?” she asked gingerly.

Susan explained her feelings and responses to the machine, and told April about which vibrator she chose to use. April gasped when Susan told her, knowing full well what a monster that one was.

Releasing April, they all went downstairs to the kitchen for some much needed refreshment.

What happened next is for another story!

***To Be Continued***

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