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The Angel of Death

by M88

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© Copyright 2017 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/m; drug; strip; prepare; latex; catsuits; hoods; gimp; cell; basement; bond; harness; cuffs; gag; chast; trapped; revenge; torment; voy; cameras; cons/nc; X

Mary was a hard working nurse at the JR hospital in Oxford. She was on her break and going through a huge number emails and text she had just received from an unknown sender. The sender was giving her shocking information about what her boyfriend had been up to over the last 3 weeks. He had been sleeping with another women and lying to her about almost everything. Mary was secretly a sadistic and cruel girl and had come up with a horrible plan of revenge. She had a basement she never used and had money to spare, thanks to her parents. She would wait for the best moment and ruin his life. She finished her shift that night and sent him a text saying she was going to be busy and unable to meet up for a couple of weeks. This would give her some time to get things going.

She cleared and emptied her basement and then started ordering all the stuff she wanted. She called work to say she needed to be off for a couple of weeks, as it happens she had a problem with her right knee and used it as a reason if she ever needed to be off. She said she had slipped over on the way home and could just about walk. She almost never used her knee has a reason to miss work and they knew she had a problem with it. So after a quick talk they told her to return when she was ready. 

Two weeks later and Mary had just finished her first shift back at work without any problems from her knee, which she was not surprised by. She had finished her master plan and was planning to meet her boyfriend later that night. She had been getting more and more emails and texts from the unknown sender with images and videos of his actions. She was sickened by them and wanted to get her revenge with a burning passion. The clock was counting down to his arrive as she checked and double check her plan and all the equipment she now had in her house. She had made a meal filled with drugs and he would be round any minute. She had done her hair and make up so she looked like a slut and was wearing some sexy clothes. All this to get his mind and eyes off the danger right in front of him. He turned up a couple of minutes late and had been drinking. Oddly he already stank of women’s perfume and may have been drinking. She would have been pissed in the past, but as it happened it almost prove her actions rights.

He looked at her with wide open eyes as she put the warm food in front of him. The food was gone in a heart beat as she smiled at him. He went to stand up and found he couldn’t. He tried to speak to her and found no words come out. He tried to see clearly and found his vision fading to black. He was completely out cold in no time. She did have to drag his lifeless body to the basement. She then stripped him, shaved him and washed him. After that she placed him in his new outfit and locked him into it and rolled him to to his new home. The drugs would pass from his system in about 5 hours. So she added all the extra toys she had got for him. He was almost ready. Just needed to be shinned up and have everything tightened so he looked as good as possible. 

With all her hard work done, Mary shut and locked the door to her boyfriends new home. She went to bed for a few hours as she had missed out on a lot of sleep over the past two weeks. It was the next day by the time she woke up and like a kid at Christmas, she ran to her boyfriends new room. She had split the basement in two. Part one was a small heavily padded cell with only a toilet and CCTV as luxuries. The room next to the cell was for everything else. The images from the cameras went to screens and a laptop in one corner. Extra bondage equipment was on the wall next to it and in the far corner was a bondage chair. This chair was for feeding and punishment. A shower and cleaning products had been put next to the chair. 

Her plan was simple. He would spend all his time in the small padded cell, until his mind become mush and his will power was gone. He would be taken out his cell for feeding once a day. He would be cleaned once a week. If he played up he would be restrained in even more bondage then he was already in and instead of being fed. He would be punished. He will soon learn how to behave around his new goddess. She entered the basement and could hear him screaming and shouting. Which was odd as he was heavily gagged and was locked in a serious rubber hood. Plus the cell door was padded and shut. 

That was followed by a loud banging sound and as she saw on the camera he was slamming into the walls of the padded cell. It was the first time she had seen him awake in all his fetish equipment. Good god it made her wet as she stared at the screens. He was wearing two full body latex suits with hands and feet built into it. Both suits had been made to fit him perfectly so they looked like a second and third skin. The black latex was squeezing his body from all sides. Also the locations of the zip was different on each suit. With the inner suit having a back zip and the outer suit having a front zip. She did this in order to enclose the prisoner more and stop air and liquid getting through the zips.

And the bondage made his escape attempts look so pointless and humiliating. Thick leather cuffs had been locked around his ankles and above his knees. A small length of chain linked the cuffs together and had been padlocked in place. His hands had been trapped in large tight fitting rubber mittens. Another set of leather cuffs had been put around his wrists. To keep his arms locked to his side, cuffs had been around his groin. The wrist cuffs had been padlocked to them. Over his body was a very tight leather bondage harness. The cuffs on his wrists had also been restrained to that as well. Plus added cuffs on his upper arm had been joined to the harness. 

For added humiliation he was wearing a small stainless steel chastity cage that covered his cock and balls. It had been locked on over his latex suits so she could see it. A hollow metal pole had been pushed down inside his cock and was bound in place by the cage. A small re-enforced hole in the latex let the pole through his suits. The pole was there to let him piss without removing lots of equipment. At the back of the suits was a small re-enforced hole which liked up with his ass. This was there for a number of reasons. One was so he could go to toilet and she loved the idea of watching him try to clean up with everything bound together. Two was if she wanted to fuck him with a strap-on or put a butt plug up his ass. Three was for punishment. But mainly it added to his humiliation and made his new look more degrading. 

She was very happy with the bondage around his head. To start with he was wearing a rubber swim cap to keep his hair out the way. She had then forced two pairs of her dirty panties into his mouth. To stop him from splitting them out, she had wrapped his face in duct tape. Layer after layer of tape was tightly wrapped over his mouth. She then wrapped his head from top to bottom to keep his jaw in place. A latex hood was added next with holes only for his nose holes. The hood was very tight fitting and the zip had been padlocked shut. Over the top of the latex hood was a master hood. 

The master hood was made from very thick rubber and covered the whole head and neck. The master hood had three layers of rubber a soft inner layer, a reenforced middle layer and a smooth and shinny outer layer. The middle layer was made to stop  him from moving his head or neck. The reenforced and inner layer had been joined together and had a zip at the back. The outer layer needed to be laced together. The master hood was closed tightly and the zip had been padlocked. The front of the hood was built into a rubber gas mask. The lens had been blacked out and two small rubber rebreather bags had been added to the master hood. The bags made breathing far more difficult. She had also lined the inside of the bags with liquid poppers and viagra. She had rubbed the liquids into the rubber inside each bag and with each intake of air and chemicals would hit him. 

Under of the rubber bondage was an added toy. A wireless earpiece with bluetooth connection. She wanted to talk to him every day. She would recharge the earpiece every day as she fed or torture him. He was breathing heavily as his escape attempt was running low on energy and results. God he must be sweating inside his gimp suits. She had been working on a script all week as to what she should say to him. It needed to be scary and fill him with fear. She also wanted it to be sexy and hot and have a part of him wanting it. 

“Hello you cheating sissy pig….. How are you finding your new life as a helpless little bitch. I am going to keep you like this for as long as I can. You have no idea what you now look like. But I can tell you it’s fucking kinky as hell and turns me on every time I look at you. The very idea of you being a latex covered sissy bitch in tight bondage is making me wet. I bet you would love to smell my pussy and ass all the time as you’re such a gimp. I control you and if you want to enjoy your long stay more, you will do as I say at all times. Do you understand me bitch? Good. I am going to setup the live stream so people can see you on the internet. And then I am going out for the rest of the day. Should see you tomorrow for your first meal and I don’t think you will need cleaning for the first week so we will skip that. Have a good night"

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