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Andy and the Priceless Object

by RubberH

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© Copyright 2021 - RubberH - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; M/m; cd; latex; sissy; fem; maid; costume; oral; anal; buttplug; reluct; X

This is a work of fiction based on characters created by Andy Latex at his website Smooth, Slick and Shiny and used with his permission.

Andy woke as he felt the plane making its descent. As he looked out the window the clouds turned into a clear late afternoon sky. There was a little turbulence as the small jet lowered its landing gear. He didn’t mind plane travel but it was the landings that made him uneasy. It always felt like the plane was going too steep and was going to crash. The wheels hit the runway and there was a slight bounce. Andy’s carefully manicured and polished nails dug into the armrests.

There was one other person in the cabin: a woman who acted as a flight attendant. She smiled at Andy and said “Well, not the smoothest landing, but as long as we made it in one piece I’ll give it an eight out of ten.”. 

Andy looked again out the window. “This doesn’t look like Chicago. I’ve been here with my Aunt Jane once before and this airport looks much smaller.”

“That’s because we’re not at O’Hare.” Said the woman “We’re at Gary/Chicago International in Indiana. We’re here because if we landed at a bigger airport like O’Hare or Midway we might attract attention.”

Andy was anxious to get off the plane. Twelve hours stuck in the small business jet was not something he anticipated. He wouldn’t have minded if he had travelled on a commercial flight with room to stretch out. He didn’t have a choice though.

All he knew was that Aunt Jane had returned from a meeting with senior members of the Sisterhood and was quite anxious.

“Andrew.” She said, “Change from your maid’s uniform to your new traveling clothes and touch up your makeup. You are to leave for America within two hours.”

“But why Aunt Jane?”, he asked. “I was just about to serve tea.”

“I was instructed by representatives of the Domina to send you to Chicago, where you will be given further instructions.”

“By myself? Oh No, Aunt Jane! I’ve never had to travel by myself while ..” 

“I’m afraid my dear sweet thing that it is you and only you who are to travel. I asked to go with you, but the Domina’s word was final,” replied Aunt Jane.

Andy knew that the Domina was the supreme leader of the Sisterhood and whose word was to be obeyed without question or explanation. Aunt Jane feared her more than any other person and with good reason. Those who brought down the Domina’s wraith were subjected to punishments too horrible to mention.

“If you succeed in your task, I’ve been promised that our little incident in Osaka will be forgotten.” Said Aunt Jane.

“But what am I supposed to do there?” asked Andy, tears starting to form. “I’ll be all alone in a strange city, halfway around the world from you.”

“Shhhh, shhhhh my sweet little sissy,” cooed Aunt Jane. “It is out of my hands, but I know you will do what is necessary and make me proud.” She wiped the tears from his eyes and gave him a reassuring gentle embrace. “Now hurry along. Time cannot be wasted. I’ll retrieve your passport from my safe.”

Andy hurried upstairs, which was difficult due to the extreme high heels that Aunt Jane required whenever he wore his maid’s uniform. Walking was bad enough, but trying to run in these shoes was nearly impossible. Of course, running was not what Aunt Jane had in mind when she bought these and his other shoes. Graceful and ladylike steps should be taken by a sissy, not trampling the grass after a football.

Jane kept looking out the window every few minutes. “What did they want with Andrew?” she wondered. She feared that he would end up in a latex pony suit, like they did last summer, or have to work a stripper pole in a Las Vegas ‘Gentlemen’s Club’ to settle her poker gambling debts. She had made mistakes and maybe the Domina had finally said enough. Would they take him away from her? If they did, she wouldn’t know what to do.

Andy descended the staircase in his travelling clothes. They looked simple but they were definitely eye-catching. He wore skin-tight latex leggings and a form-fitting latex top. It gave him a more feminine look while allowing him to bend and stretch out while travelling. His small developing bosom pushed out against the top and his braless nipples poked against the latex. His makeup was flawless. Not too much to make him look like a tramp and enough to bring out his eyes, cheekbones and his beautiful lips. Jane was proud of how he had embraced his feminine side and had become a willing pupil. An Eliza Dolittle to her Professor Higgins.

Jane heard a car stopping outside her window. She looked and saw the woman in a black rubber chauffeurs uniform get out and approach her front door.

“Andrew, here is your passport and a card which you are to present once you have arrived at your destination. That is all I am to allow you. No money, no phone or anything else except your handbag with your makeup kit. Now don’t start crying again. You’ll ruin all that work you put into being perfect; and you are my perfect little sissy.” She said, trying to hold back her tears. She gave him another hug and held him for several moments.

 Before the chauffeur could knock, Jane opened the door and watched Andy walk down the stairs and stepped into the car. She continued to watch as the car drove off and eventually disappeared from her sight.

 Andy got through Customs surprisingly easily. A phony bag was given as his and there was nothing remotely suspicious in it. He did get stared at by a couple of Customs Agents and even received a wink from a rather handsome security guard., but other than that he was able to leave the airport and meet the car that was to take him into the city.

The drive was not quick as it was the late afternoon, and the daily traffic ‘Rush Hour’ was at its height. He just sat in the rear seat and looked out the tinted windows. The ‘Skyway’ as it was called did not provide the most scenic view, but things changed once he got into the heart of the downtown and he recognized familiar buildings. It was still a long tedious drive as they went up Michigan Avenue and towards the neighborhood named the ‘Gold Coast’. Homes belonging to the very well-off and influential residents of the city. The car made a couple of turns and stopped in front of a high-rise building. He got out of the car and felt a strong cold wind. He shivered slightly. He didn’t have a coat to wear and while latex can make him hot and sweaty at times, it wasn’t giving him any protection from the elements.

He stepped inside and gave the card to the security guard stationed at a large desk. The guard in turn called someone on a phone, nodded then said “4560”, and pointed to a lift just to the right of the lobby. Andy walked over to the lift, entered and pressed the button to the 45th floor. It rose so quickly that Andy was a bit disoriented when it came to a sudden stop. He went down the corridor until he found a door with ‘4560’ on it. He pressed the doorbell and waited.

Andy checked his appearance and looked in the small mirror in his handbag. Everything was in place although he felt he should have applied a little more lip gloss. Too late now.

The door opened and Andy was met by a maid. What a maid! A French maid-style uniform in latex with multiple petticoats and a very short skirt. Petite with a fantastic figure. Large breasts but not overly so. A pair of lips that Andy would kill for and waist-length platinum blonde hair. A chain with the name ‘Yvette’ was around her neck. It looked like the one he always wore for Aunt Jane. He looked carefully at the maid and realized that this was a sissy. “I believe I am expected.” Andy said, then almost kicked himself for saying that as they already knew he was there. The maid silently directed Andy to a large room with gigantic windows. From the windows he could see the heart of the city. The sun was beginning to go down and the street and building lights were just starting to switch on.

“Oh dear!” Andy thought. “I have to go to...I should have done it at the airport.” He looked around for the restroom. He saw the maid walking across the room with a tray in his hand. “Hello. Can you tell me where the ...the...”. He said sheepishly. The maid set down the tray and took Andy’s hand and accompanied him to the nearest restroom. Andy thanked the maid and once again looked admiringly at him. He saw the chain with the name ‘Yvonne’.

“Yvonne?” he thought. “I was certain that it said ‘Yvette’.” He finished up in the restroom and walked back to the Great Room. He once again passed the maid. The chain with ‘Yvette’ reflected the light into Andy’s eyes. “Wait a second!” Andy said to himself, “Am I suffering from jet lag? 

As he entered the room he saw an elegant woman seated on a chair near the windows. She turned and looked at him. “Ah, Andrew. I trust you had a pleasant flight?“, she asked.

“Yes, uh... Ms... Ma’am... Mistress...?” said Andy hesitating. He wasn’t sure how to address her and they never even told him who he was to meet.

“Yes, I forgot that you have been kept very much in the dark. Come here and let me get a closer look at you. Oh, and to make things simple, you will address me as Ms. Nightshade.” She replied. “Yes, it sounds a little cartoonish. My husband’s idea, but all the really good code names I wanted were already taken.”

Andy couldn’t quite place her accent. There was a mix of Yorkshire and East London, but heavily Americanized. He approached her and she carefully inspected him.

“Yes, Jane has done a marvelous job on you. No hormones and no surgery. That is true isn’t it Andrew?” she asked.

“Yes, Ms. Nightshade,” Andy replied, ”Aunt Jane doesn’t believe in that. She says the best sissy can be brought out...”

“...Naturally and with a firm guiding hand.” Ms. Nightshade continued with a smile, “Oh yes Andrew, I know Jane’s mind quite well. We went to boarding school together. At least for the first two years. Then my parents and I moved to Toronto. Jane and I became very , very close those years.”

“I don’t think she ever mentioned you when we were last in Chicago,” Andy replied, and then thought maybe he shouldn’t have said anything.

“Ahhh, well it has been a long time. But I think that is enough personal talk. We need to get down to business.” She said. She rang a small bell on a table. From the left side of the room the maid appeared.

Then from the right, Andy saw the maid. “Oh my,” he gasped, “Twins!”

“Andrew, this is Yvonne, and the other is Yvette. Identical twin sissys. Quite rare and needing only a few ‘tweaks’ to ‘enhance’ their forms. Since they are French maids I gave them French-sounding names. They will be preparing you for this evening.”

“I’m sorry Ms. Nightshade, I don’t understand what I am supposed to be doing here.” Said Andy.

“Everything you will need to know will be revealed as the evening progresses. The less you know, the better. Yvette...Yvonne. Take Andrew to the guest room and prepare him.”

The two maids took Andy by each arm and guided him to one of the large guest bedrooms. They undressed him and directed him to take a warm bubble bath. He sat in the heart-shaped tub and cleaned off the day’s accumulation of perspiration. The water was warm and his skin tingled from the exotic bath oils. He began to guide his hands along his body, caressing it as he imagined he was back in London taking a bath with Aunt Jane. He felt a stirring in his most intimate places...

...and then Yvette spoiled it by entering the bathroom and motioning for Andy to get out of the tub. 

On the bed was a dress made of the thinnest bright red latex he had ever seen. He felt the material. Latex all right, but it was very strong. Very little chance that any stress would cut or break it.

The maids dried him off, powdered him and added touches of perfume on the back of his neck, his elbows, knees and at the base of his spine. Then they helped him into a red latex thong. It had a special front panel that smoothed everything out so no unsightly and telltale bulge could be detected.

The dress was next. One solid piece of latex lifted up above him and carefully lowered upon his body. It fit so that any curve he had was more pronounced. His small bosom appeared to become more prominent and because he did not wear a bra, his nipples were like two small cherries. The hem ended halfway between his knees and thighs. The thin straps clung to his shoulders.

The maids sat Andy down at a table and began to style his hair and apply makeup. “I think I should do this myself,” said Andy to the maids and proceeded to apply the makeup as Aunt Jane had taught him. Not too much to look cheap and not too little to prevent him showing his feminine appearance.

Once he and the maids were finished, he was escorted back to the Great Room.

“You look fantastic!” exclaimed Ms. Nightshade. Andy slightly smiled at the complement, and then saw another woman entering the room. “Andrew, this is Ms. Breaker. She will be assisting you in your mission.” 

“Wow!” said Ms. Breaker. “He is going to be perfect.”

Ms. Nightshade walked up to Andy with an envelope. “Tonight, you will be delivered to a building near the West Loop. You will take the elevator, lift to you, to the floor marked on the envelope. You will give the contents of the envelope to the person at the door where you will attend a party. From there you will follow all of Ms. Breaker’s instructions.”

Ms. Breaker took a small box and a pair of tweezers from her pocket. She opened the box and removed a small plastic capsule with the tweezers. She came up to Andy and tilted his head to one side. With the tweezers she pushed the capsule deep into his left ear. She then took her phone and tapped an icon on it. “Testing, testing...Do you hear me Andrew? She asked. Andy heard the sound from the capsule in his ear and nodded his head.

She then handed him a small handbag. “Whatever you do, do not open the bag until you absolutely need it. It’s small enough that people won’t notice it, and don’t let anyone look inside.” Ms. Breaker said.

“I still don’t understand what I am supposed to do.” Andy replied. “Am I supposed to be some kind of spy?”

“It’s just about time, so Ms. Breaker will brief you.” Said Ms. Nightshade.

“Two years ago, there was a burglary at the Domina’s home. An invaluable art object had been stolen from her collection. Several of the Sisterhood’s operatives were wounded attempting to catch the culprits. We suspected they were members of the Dark Institute or a splinter group, but it turned out to be only a group of professional art thieves. Most of them were eventually arrested by Interpol, but the object of the Domina’s search was not found. “

Andy listened to Ms. Breaker, but did not understand what this had to do with either himself or Aunt Jane.

“Then last month we heard that an underground art auction had been held and the buyer was located here in Chicago. He is an avid collector with a hidden gallery in his home. The Domina contacted him and asked for her property back. He then told her, in so many words, to perform an unnatural act on her mother. As he was not willing to listen to reason, and the Domina was not going to pay him to return her own property, Ms. Nightshade was asked to develop a plan to recover the object. I will warn you that he is a dangerous individual, and his home is well-guarded. We simply couldn’t break in and take the object without risking the lives of our people and especially, drawing attention to the Sisterhood.”

“Then why am I here?”, asked Andy. “I’m not a professional thief or anything close to that. I stumble when I wear my eight-inch heels, so I would make a terrible burglar.”

Ms. Nightshade and Ms. Breaker both smiled.

“Dear little Andrew, our plans will require little knowledge of burglary. We need a pretty young thing as a distraction of sorts. Ms. Breaker will guide you through the earpiece,” said Ms. Nightshade. “You see I cannot use my own local people. We need someone who will be practically untraceable.”

“It’s time Andrew. Follow me,” said Ms. Breaker. Yvette opened the door and gave Andy a smile and a wink. Ms. Breaker and Andy then took the lift down and exited the building to a waiting car.

It was several minutes later that the car stopped at a tall steel and glass building. 

“Now Andrew,” said Ms. Breaker “Remove the lip gloss you are wearing and use this type.” Andy did what he was told and replaced his ‘Crimson Sky’ gloss with a much darker shade.

‘Ms. Nightshade opened a small pill bottle. “Now swallow this,” she ordered Andy. He would have asked but he knew he had little choice, having come this far. He swallowed the pill. It had the taste of cinnamon and lemon. He shook his head and tried to get the taste out of his mouth. “What is THAT?”, he asked. “An ounce of prevention,” Ms. Nightshade replied. “Now hold on to the invitation and go inside.”

“Wait! Aren’t you coming with me?” Andy asked.

“I’m fairly well known in town. I’ll be riding around in the car and giving you instructions through your earpiece,” she said.

Andy opened the car and walked into the lobby of the building. He entered the lift and rode it to the top of the building, A security guard met him at a door. Andy gave the invitation. After studying it for a few moments, the guard allowed Andy to enter.

As the door closed behind him, he could see a party was in progress. A waiter offered him a glass of wine, but Andy was too nervous to take it. From his ear he heard a soft buzzing then Ms. Breaker’s voice whispering to him.

 “Andrew, there should be a grand piano near a bar. Do you see it?”, she asked.

Andy replied, “Yes I do.”

“Go over to the piano and ask to hear ‘As Time Goes By.’”, she said.

“That’s rather old-fashioned,” Andy replied.

“Just do it.”

Any did as he was told. A few people stopped and stared at him in amusement. Well, who ever asks for that song anymore?

When the song was over Ms. Breaker gave him a new instruction. “Walk around and look at the statues and paintings. Stay at each one for several moments as if you are examining them.”

Andy proceeded to follow her orders. He looked at the Picasso, the Calder, whatever that thing was. He made his way around the room until he ended up back at the piano.

“Art lover?” came a voice behind him. Andy turned and came face to face with a middle-aged man; not very good-looking and a little overweight.

“Tell him you’re curious about the piece in the corner near the balcony.” Said Ms. Breaker.

“I like art, although I can’t place that piece over there. “ Andy said.

“You shouldn’t. It’s by a promising sculptor. I bought it for practically nothing and it’ll likely be worth three times the price in a couple of years. By the way, I haven’t seen you before. I’m Richard, your host.”

Andy wasn’t sure what to say and all he heard was static from the earpiece. “I just received the invitation and was told that there were some interesting people and art pieces here.” He then had to think of something else to say. “I’m Amanda,” he improvised. Where was Ms. Breaker, he wondered.

“Well Amanda, I see you don’t have a drink.” Richard said and motioned for the bartender to pour a glass of Champagne for Andy.

“OK, Andrew. You are doing quite well. Take the glass and start walking over to the window,” came Ms. Breaker’s voice.

Andy said, ”Excuse me, I just have to look at the view.” He went over to the window. The darkness broken by the lights of all the skyscrapers and streets. From the corner of his eye he saw Richard approaching.

“Now, start back around the room and check all the pieces again, but this time look at them as if you really know your stuff about art,” said Ms. Breaker. “Don’t let him catch up with you.”

Andy did as instructed. He went back to the Calder and looked at it as if he actually had some inkling what he was viewing. As soon as Richard got near, he would go to the next piece. This continued for over a half an hour.

“I see your glass is empty. Let me get you a refill,” he offered. Then he hesitated and looked at Andy. “You seem to appreciate the classics. The art, and even the music. Would you like to see something very unique? Something that few people even know about?”

“Say yes...” started Ms. Breaker, but Andy had figured out that this was part of the plan. “Of course. Where is it?” and pretended to look around the room.

“Not here. It’s in a very special place,” Richard replied. He stopped at the bar and poured a drink for Andy. 

Richard took Andy’s arm and they walked down a hallway on the other side of the party room. A door similar to a bank vault was at the end of the hallway. A small table was next to the door. “Now finish that here, I don’t like to bring drinks into my gallery. Accidents may happen.”

Andy quickly downed the Champagne and set the empty glass on the table. Richard placed his eye next to a glass panel and the door opened.

“Andrew, now this is the tricky part, but once you are inside the receiver won’t work. At the first opportunity you’ll see the Domina’s property and remove it from the vault,” said Ms. Breaker.

“What! How am I supposed to do that?” Andy thought. “He’s certainly not going to let me walk out of here and his guards will stop me before I get to the lift.” 

Andy walked in front of Richard and could not believe his eyes. There were many different pieces of art throughout the room. Andy was not an expert but these were fairly famous and all extremely valuable. He saw what looked like a Van Gogh hanging next to an Egyptian headpiece. A display case containing a Faberge egg and a Japanese woodcut next to it.

“All very rare and all originals. No reproductions here,” Richard said.

“Oh my... they are all yours? “ Andy asked, trying to act as if he was a treasure hunter who found the lost Ark.

“All mine.” Richard replied. “But I just acquired something that I know you will like.”

“It’s so... so...”

“Just stand and admire it while I get my latest prize.”

Richard took a key fob from his pocket and pointed it at a metal cabinet. In seconds the sides of the cabinet opened and a light shone on the contents.

“Oh, it’s... really... something,” Andy said.

“More than that.” Richard replied. “Have you ever heard of an artist named Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni?”

Andy looked at Richard. “THAT Michelangelo? He did...THAT?” , he said in surprise.

“Yes. This was his final piece before he died. He was commissioned by a very wealthy Milanese banker to sculpt this for him. Now, Michelangelo had promised the Pope that he would take on no new private commissions in order to complete his work for the Church. However, he had debts that he wanted to repay and leave something to his favorite apprentices. He couldn’t go back on his promise, but he couldn’t die a pauper. The work couldn’t be shown and although the banker had agreed, Michelangelo knew that the man wouldn’t hesitate to display it. He had to steal a small block of marble from one of his other projects as he couldn’t be seen to purchase it and let it be known to the Pope that he had gone back on his word.”

Andy stared at the sculpture. 

“Would you like to touch it?” Richard asked. He pointed the fob at the cabinet and pressed a button. There was a small tone and the lights turned off on the object within.

Andy’s hand moved towards the sculpture. He hesitated. It was not huge, but it wouldn’t be easy to handle. Besides, Richard was right there. Andy’s finger touched the marble.

It was then that Andy felt Richard right behind him. Richard’s fingers touched Andy’s neck and moved down his spine. Down towards his rear. Two hands now held his buttocks. 

“How are you feeling?” asked Richard. He spun Andy around and kissed him hard on the lips. Andy couldn’t speak and was frozen in place. Richard then spun Andy back towards the cabinet and the sculpture. Richard’s hands then moved up Andy’s arms and fingers started to pull on the dress straps. They came off Andy’s shoulders.

“Look at it. You want that don’t you? Well, you’re going to get it.”

What do I do now?! Andy asked himself.

Richard took hold of Andy’s dress and began to pull it down. Andy felt the tight latex being peeled off of him. It went down to his waist and Richard pulled the dress until it was no longer clinging to Andy’s hips. The dress hit the floor, leaving Andy naked except for his shoes and thong.

Andy was shaking as Richards' hands began to caress his body. Richard tore off the thong. Before Andy knew it, he was totally at Richard’s mercy. Then he heard something. Richard grunted. His hands left Andy’s body. Andy looked over his shoulder and saw Richard kneeling on the floor. He was disoriented and trying his best to steady himself.

Andy turned around to see what was happening. His boyish manhood directly in Richard’s view.

“Oh, shit!” croaked Richard, “you’re a... Oh, screw ME!” He then collapsed. He was out cold.

Andy was starting to panic. What was he going to do? He looked in the handbag for whatever Ms. Breaker had put in there. He was told not to open it until necessary. Well, it was necessary.

Inside was a note and two other items. He read the note. “No way in hell!” he said to himself. He looked around the room. One exit and he had to remove the sculpture without anyone stopping him. He had gone this far and if he just abandoned things as they were, who knows what the Domina would have in store for him and Aunt Jane. Very reluctantly, he removed the object from the cabinet and went to work.

An hour later he was back at Ms. Nightshade’s home. The maids undressed him and he handed over the object to Ms. Nightshade. He was taken to the guest bedroom where he could rest before returning home to London and Aunt Jane. As he laid on the bed ready to close his eyes, Yvette and Yvonne entered the room. They were smiling at him. They removed the bedcovers and laid down on either side of him. Yvette moved down the bed until he reached Andy’s manhood. Yvette caressed it and once it began to stir, it went into a very talented mouth. Andy gasped as Yvette began a series of ‘exercises’ that proved that practice always made perfect. If that wasn’t enough, Andy felt Yvonne’s tongue making its way up a very tender backside. For two hours Andy was the recipient of a gift from a very grateful Ms. Nightshade.

The following morning Andy was bathed, dressed and driven back to the airport, where he boarded the plane and returned home.

It was at nine in the morning two days later when Detective Moira Lynch entered the squad room and met her partner.

“We have him, Moz,” she told her partner, Moses Johnson. 

“Who?” he asked.

“The Big Dick!” she exclaimed.

“Ohhh, don’t be joking this early in the morning girl.”

“No joke, no BS. He pushed it too hard... OK, bad choice of words... but we got him. Witnesses, video and plenty of physical evidence thanks to the Robbery detail.”

“Wait a minute, Robbery?” Moz asked, “That’s not our territory.”

“All the evidence was collected by the book and Conrad in the Lab let me know what he found. Very interesting and the dominoes, my friend, are falling.”

Moses knew that Moira wouldn’t be so excited unless there was iron-clad proof. “Did you call the State’s Attorney’s office?” he asked.

“They weren’t enthusiastic when I told them who it was, but I went down there myself and got them to agree to call him in.” Moira said.

“Show me what you got. I want to make sure we’re both ready to spring it on Big Dick,” replied Moses.

It was later that morning when Richard found himself in a room with his attorney, a senior prosecutor and the two detectives.

“What the hell am I doing here? I’m the one who got robbed!” Richard shouted. His attorney told him to settle down and say nothing.

Moira picked up a couple of folders and set them down on the desk in front of Richard. She opened the file and showed him a picture. “Does she look familiar? We got it from the security camera in your building lobby.”

“That’s, the... one.” Richard replied.

“No doubt about it?”

“I’d recognize that face anywhere.” Richard replied.

“You seem a bit nervous.” Said Moses.

“My client has been subjected to a great deal of stress related to this robbery. You are treating him like a criminal rather than the victim,” said Richard’s attorney. “There is no reason for him to be treated like this.”

Moira looked at Richard and his attorney. “This is not about the robbery. I apologize if you misunderstood. I can say that a number of your guests also confirmed that the mystery woman, or should I say girl? She looks rather young. Anyway, they positively ID’ed her.”

“So what?” Richard retorted.

Moses turned the photo over to show another picture. “The same guests also ID’ed another young woman from another one of your parties three weeks ago. One Elizabeth Anne Wilson.”

Now Richard looked at the photo a bit anxiously.

“And a month prior to that, Inez Martinez...Lily Madison....Shondra Whitehead.” Moses continued as he flipped photo after photo in front of Richard.

“I don’t see how this relates to a robbery,” said Richard’s attorney. “I think we will leave.”

“I think you better stay and hear us out,” said the prosecutor.

Moira continued. “Each woman reported being sexually assaulted, but had difficulties remembering where or when. Each one young, pretty and according to these photos and witnesses, in your home at one of your parties.”

“As part of the robbery investigation, we found evidence in a wine glass that a ‘date rape’ drug had been given to the mystery woman. The lab confirmed it was the same drug found in all our victims,” said Moses.

 “As you may know, counselor,” said the prosecutor, “there is precedent for using evidence from one crime crossing over to another.”

“Every bit of evidence we have connects to our victims,” said Moira, “Oh, we traced the invitation that the mystery girl, uh woman, presented to gain access. It actually belonged to a Charlotte Eddington. When we contacted her, she said it had been stolen. She was going to call the person who gave her the invitation, but she left his business card at home.. The name of that person should be familiar to you. John Kranz, one of your employees.”

Moses added. “And he is in the next room just singing his guts out how he found the girls, and you know I believe you can figure out the rest.”

“And I will go to the judge and have this evidence thrown out. You DO know who you are accusing?” said the attorney. “You won’t be able to bring this to any court of law or investigation.”

“An interesting point you raise,” said Moses, “if somehow you manage to win against our good friends in the States Attorney’s office, and that’s a big if, as they are very, very good, and we can’t use this in any investigation, then no one can use it. To be more precise, the burglary investigation.”

“What the hell does that mean?” asked Richard with a little more frustration.

“It means that we can’t use it in our report. Which means that your insurers can’t use it or access the evidence. No report, no evidence, no payout,” said Moira. She leaned against the wall and looked at Richard. “Whatever that stolen item was...”

“’Untitled Work’ was the name on the policy, I believe,” Moses added.

“Well, that means you are out quite a sum. If the insurance company was accurate, you paid fifteen...twenty...million?” 

Richard went pale. He whispered to his attorney.

“At this point my client and I will need to confer in private to discuss what needs to be done,” said Richard’s attorney.

“At this point, I believe the detectives will take your client into custody, and he’ll face the judge as quickly as the system will let us,” said the prosecutor. A uniformed officer entered the room and took Richard away with Moira and Moses close behind. Richard was shaking uncontrollably as the four of them walked over to Processing and afterwards, to Lockup.

It was late afternoon that Moira and Moses visited the crime lab. They had a couple of questions about what was found at the scene.

“So Conrad, you figure out those two little items?” asked Moira.

Conrad the lab tech walked over to a drawer and brought out an evidence box. He opened the box and took out an envelope containing a piece of a foil wrapper.

“This wasn’t too difficult. A wrapper to a condom. The brand was the hardest part.” Conrad said, “ It was a company called ‘Tiberius’. To be precise it was their largest size ‘Penis Maximus’.”

Moira and Moses tried to stop from laughing but it was just too good to keep in. Conrad smiled and took out a container from the box.

“Now this took some time to figure out what it was and where to find it.” 

Moira looked at the container in Conrad’s hand. She noticed a dollop of a thick whitish liquid. 

“It was on the floor next to the cabinet where the statue was. Conrad said. “Quite a bit actually as if it was quickly forced out of the tube. The thief was in a hurry, so neatness didn’t necessarily count. “

Moses though for a moment. “There’s the condom and is that..?”

“Yep. It’s a kind of lubricant.”

“You mean THAT kind?”

“After a little analysis it’s a brand called ‘Dr. Schneider’s Butt Butter’”. , answered Conrad.

Moira shook her head trying to stop from laughing. It wasn’t that funny, but combined with ‘Penis Maximus’ she couldn’t help herself.

“Okay, so what about this..stuff? “ Anything we can use?...oh shit!. I’m just ...”

Conrad was almost laughing as hard as Moira and Moses. After a moment he composed himself along with the detectives. “It’s not a common product. It’s British and not sold in U.S. pharmacies. The product is sold in only three places in Chicago and the surrounding ‘burbs: ‘Lawrence Medical Supply’ just northwest of here, ‘Modern Male’ in Boystown...”

“’Boystown’?” said Moira. “I don’t think Big Dick visits that neighborhood.”

“You never know, girl,” Moses said, “he might be out for a little variety.”

“...and a place near Michigan and Ohio Streets called ‘Boy?!’” Conrad added. “I already called ‘Lawrence’ and they don’t sell this particular type. They deal in large sales to clinics and hospitals, and also in unscented. This stuff is scented and called ‘Moonlight Madness’.”

“That leaves ‘Modern Male’, and ‘Boy?!’”, said Moira. “Which one do you want to visit Moz?”

Aunt Jane was thrilled when Andy was dropped off and he entered her door. Kisses and hugs were in huge supply and Andy was so happy that his ordeal was over.

“Andrew, did they hurt you at all?” asked Aunt jane. “If one hair was harmed I swear...”

“I’m alright Aunt Jane. I’m just very tired and happy to be home.”

“Well just sit down and tell me everything that happened to you.” Jane said.

Andy took a cushion and set it down on the chair. He then told her about Ms. Nightshade and Ms. Breaker. The twins. Richard and the vault. He told her about the drugged lip gloss and the pill which was an antidote to a drug Richard had placed in his drink.

Moira and Moses sat at the bar toasting each other on their good luck.

“Think his lawyer will get him an easy sentence?” asked Moses.

“In an election year? Powerful man, several young helpless women and both the Mayor and the States’ Attorney needing a big win. No fucking way!” Moira said gleefully. 

She picked up one of the folders and took a picture and a piece of paper out of it. She stared at both items.

“You know, if this wasn’t something by Michelangelo, I would’ve thought it was just some art student’s idea of a joke. According to this, it was first owned by some banker. He had it brought into his house to show off, but when he saw it, he had it hidden away.”

“Old Mike got the last laugh,” said Moses.

“The family held onto it for three generations and finally sold it when their fortune disappeared. It passed from owner to owner and was thought to have been lost when the Nazis started stealing art treasures. It reappeared in 1985 and was purchased by an unknown buyer,” Moira concluded.

Moses finished his drink. “’Boys Town’ was a bust. They don’t sell that ‘Moonlight’ stuff. How did that ‘Boy?!’ store turn out?”

Moira thought about her visit to ‘Boy?!’. It was on an upper floor, out of the way of usual shopping traffic. It was a nice-looking place with displays of various pieces of clothing. All of it was expensive and a lot of it appeared to be either leather or latex. She was greeted by the manager who willingly answered questions about the lubricant and the usual buyers. The manager then mentioned that it was their best- selling lubricant for sissies. That caught Moira’s attention. She looked at the pictures of the models and after one or two takes, she realized that the models were not women at all! She walked out of the store and as she passed the counter displaying make-up she saw a picture of a young redheaded model. She knew that face, but instead of asking more questions, decided to meet up with Moz.

“Moira? Did you get anywhere with that place?” Moses asked.

“No...not really. I thought there might be something, but it was probably just a dead end. I don’t think we’re going to need her to testify against the ‘Big Dick’.”

“Yea, but we owe Robbery a little favor for their tip.”

“We’ll find something else for them.” Moira took another look at the picture of the sculpture. “Some people call it art, I just call this a big marble dildo.”

“Maybe instead of ‘Untitled Work’, it should’ve been titled ‘Michelangelo’s Cock’,” said Moses.

They both laughed and drank another toast to themselves.

“But how did you get the piece out of the vault, Andrew?” asked Jane.

Andy blushed, “I put it in a place where they couldn’t find it.”

Jane thought for a moment, and then her eyes opened wide.

“Ohhh... my poor child. Let me get you another cushion to sit on.”


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