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Amy's Old Latex Dolly

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; latex; catsuit; gag; bdsm; bagged; toys; oral; climax; cons; X

Walking through the streets in town looking for a particular place was getting Amy down, Dispirited she turned another corner of another street, glancing at her watch. She didn’t have long to find the club, if it even existed. As she walk to the end of the street there was yet another corner, Amy saw a small sign over a door next to a shut up shop. The sign just said,


Amy lit up, she had heard a lot about the Club from friends, They had raved about the club but couldn’t remember how they got there or the street it was in. But she had found the club, and they were right! It was in the back of beyond. Amy carefully wrote down the road name down and made her way back to the office, which was hard enough just to make her way back. She would be back although Amy wanted to go to the club on a Friday night, which was apparently the best night to go, as her friends had asked the same question.

Amy was an active twenty three year old, bright and on the ball tall, slim, and pretty. Her dark shoulder length hair wasn’t curly as such, but it did have a natural wave in it which made it look different, as Amy got back to her office, her boss was having a full on rant at another employee, Amy gave herself a little smile, as it was Henry the office bore.Amy thought that he wouldn’t last, considering he spent more time telling the girls what a big cock he’s got than working. Surprisingly none of the girls had shown the slightest interest in him.

The following day Amy brought in to work a gym bag so she could change before she went to the club. Sure enough the bore got his marching orders from the boss, Amy fought the temptation to blow him a kiss or wave goodbye to him, a few of the others did. She did not want to be singled out for not taking up his generous offers to suck his manhood. He cleared out his locker and went giving the boss a pair of fingers!

As everyone left the building Amy felt she could change she walked to the loos and set about changing her persona, her smart suit was put into the bag. As the weekend was looming she had no need for another change of clothes and changed into her tight leathers. Her jeans were pulled on, they weren’t really jeans they were more like leggings which had slit pockets front and back, she put her hands into the pockets at the back to ensure her bum was smooth. A fitted white blouse was done up and tucked in, her leather tie was done up and her short leather jacket was put on. Lastly her lace up ankle boots finished the look and she was ready. The best mirror in the place was over the sink so as best as she could she checked her reflection. Not bad, not bad at all she pulled her mobile out of her bag and booked a cab to the club and hid her bag under her desk.

It was getting dark when she got out of the cab, a bit early but it was her first time She walked in, and as her friends had said it was small but cosy place, she guessed it would hold eighty people at a squeeze. Amy sat down at the bar and ordered a dry white wine as the woman brought her the wine Amy read her t shirt which said,


Amy laughed, “Like the T shirt!” Said Amy,

“Thanks, I got it in San Francisco while I was on holiday, Is this your first time.”

“Oh no, the first time I’ve been in here, but my first time? Why do I look like it?”

“Oh no sorry, just my turn of phrase, I meant first time in here, and no you don’t look like it.”

“I suppose you get lots in here that are then?”

“Oh yeah, from schoolgirls pretending to be old enough to drink to middle aged housewives that haven’t come out to anyone and craves the company of someone lesbian.”

“So it’s that good, is it?”

“Yeah you see all sorts here!”

The bar started to get busy, so the woman couldn’t talk to Amy, Others started to make conversation with Amy but they weren’t really what Amy was looking for. Then Amy glanced over to a woman, dressed in Latex, riding crop in hand, making her way to the bar. She sat next to Amy and ordered a drink.

“Your first time!” Said the woman who was obviously a dominant.

“Hardly,” said Amy sipping her drink without glancing at the woman.

“I’ve not seen you round here before?”

“ I’m Amy.”

“Karen.” said the woman, who realized that Amy was watching her via the mirrors behind the bar, she looked like she was in her mid to late forties and at a glance looked like a size fourteen, maybe sixteen, her short bleached hair was combed back and given a wet look. Her corset made it difficult to judge, but she was completely dressed in black latex. Karen had a catsuit covered by her corset, a hobble skirt and a short latex jacket. To finish she had latex gloves and a small chocker with “BITCH” written on it.

“No, but I decided to try this club because I was told I might find what I was looking for.” said Amy.

“And what are you looking for my dear?” asked Karen.

“What’s anyone looking for? What are you looking for?”

“Oh a bit of fun with someone.”

“You're looking for someone to control?”

“Why you offering?”

“No, but given the chance I could change your life forever.”

“How do you work that out?”

“Because I’m looking at someone that must control, must take over, must dominate! Must be on top! You're looking for more than someone to suck your pussy, you're looking for someone who will readily submit to you, who you can abuse, perhaps give them a good fisting and make them bleed so you can then kick out and feel good about yourself of a while.”

“I don’t think you’re the one I’m looking for.”

The woman started to get off her barstool but Amy put her hand on her shoulder, and looked her right in the eye.

“Have you ever considered WHY you are looking for someone submissive, that you use, abuse and then then, a few hours later, after you’ve had your way with them and kicked them out! You feel empty again don’t you?”

The woman stopped and thought for a moment and got on her barstool again.

“I hadn’t thought of it quite like that!”

“Don’t you think that you should spend a few minutes thinking about it! You could spend the rest of your life looking for someone you don’t really need in the first place.”

“How do you know I’m looking for anyone anyway?”

“I’ve spent enough time in bars to recognise a cruiser when I see one!”

Karen looked at the floor, there was no hiding from Amy. For the first time for a long time Karen viewed anyone she had met at a bar as an equal. With each passing second the thought of taking Amy home and using her was getting more and more remote.

“You could spend all night telling me what you want, or I could tell you what I think you really need.”

“Well what do I really need?”

“You might not like it, but I can tell you now It’s what you crave.”

“What do you mean I might not like it?”

“Well think of it like this, the best pill is often the bitterest pill to swallow.”

“Well I think I can see where your coming from.”

“When was the last time you submitted to someone else?”

“Oh I never have darling, I’ve always been a Dominant.”

“So you have no perception of subspace?”

“Err no, not really, I’ve never been there, I’m a Dominant not a slave!”

“No not at all, let me explain it like this, Unless you can experience the lowest of lows how can you appreciate the highest of highs.”

“To give yourself totally without question to another person, knowing that your willing to do whatever that person would like you to do without question, to prove you love is total, for that person alone. What you’re doing is meandering through life without ever knowing what it is to really love another person, because you’ve latched on to a persona which appears to be strong but in fact you are lonely and desperate for what ever you can troll for, picking on those that look young enough for you to control.”

“Well you think you’ve got me all sussed out don’t you?”

“Well if what I was saying was wrong, you wouldn’t be sitting there, you wouldn’t be wasting your time with me, but I’m not wrong, am I?”

“No, I suppose not”

“No, I know I’m not, What your doing is taking out your frustration on women that were never to blame, they were never the problem, but then they were never the solution either. You agree that I’m right but your afraid of the implications of your next move, rather than see it as a precipice, a cliff face, look at it as a crossroads, a fork in your personal road. Unwittingly we all come to forks in the road every day of our lives, and we make them with little thought of the consequences. The thing is are you brave enough to take the first step?”

“I,.......I,……Hope so!”

“Have you ever wondered why it is that slaves go through the pain of having piercings to sensitise their genitals and dominants do not? The piercings affectively make them very sensitive to touch and they could cum merely because of a touch in the right place at the right time, I would have thought that would appeal to someone who has a wish, a desire to be touched, deeply, without fear by someone who would be there for them and them alone.”

“Yes, I would love that.”

“Yes, I’m guessing that! Look, I would be firm but gentle with you, stepping on the path that others have taken, but there will be no forcing, no coercing, not yet, but you would have to give yourself completely to me. Heart and soul. These things YOU would have to do for me, but I would give you far more than you could know and who knows…”

Amy saw Karen’s large hunter bag on the floor at her feet.

“I’ll tell you what I’ll do, I notice that you carry round some stuff like this riding crop, did I see a gag and handcuffs in your bag?”

Karen, a bit embarrassed nodded.

“Look, I’ll go and have a piss and when I come back I want to see you wearing them. If you're wearing them, then I’ll take you to your new life, We’ll go to your home so that you know that if I’m wrong it’s just a question of me going, there’s a lot to be said about your own place, it’s your turf, you feel comfortable there so write down your home address, I’ve a feeling that you won’t be able to tell anyone your address! If not I’ll walk past and leave you to your life never knowing the peace and resolution that you crave, OK.”

Karen looked at Amy for a moment and nodded, with that Amy slid off the barstool and walked to the loos. When she came back , their was Karen, arms handcuffed behind her back, with a latex helmet on, a gag in her mouth, a collar with a leash attached at the front.

Amy thanked the woman behind the bar, picked up the whip, leash and Karen’s bag with one hand and with the other called a cab. The journey was quiet and uncomfortable for the driver who kept trying to strike up a conversation with Amy, the fact that Karen had a large ball gag in her mouth would have kept him in totally useless conversation for months!

“Your keys Karen?” Spoke a confident Amy.

Karen nodded towards her hunter bag and Amy took the bag searching for the keys.

Once they were in the house Karen’s gag and cuffs were removed and she was sat on her knees looking at Amy’s crutch.

“Tell me, what would you do to a slave you brought home after trolling the clubs?”

“I would tie them to the post I have in the next room and whip them until they would do anything I wanted.”

“Well I think it would be a good starting point to put you into the same position as those you have put through, did you not talk of trust, of safety and of consent.”

“Err, No not really.” said a now very subdued Karen.

“Take off your jacket and skirt and follow me!”

Amy took her weight and helped her up, they went next door to what was a whipping post. Amy took Karen’s keys and undid the cuffs, Karen knelt down arms raised and tied her to the post.

“What did you whip them with?” Asked Amy.

“Anything that looked like it could hurt, Mistress.”

“How about starting with your crop, or do you want something more painful?”

“That’ll be fine, but I have plenty of others more painful though Mistress.”

Amy started tapping Karen with the crop. It wasn’t hard, but Karen obviously felt it, jerking as Amy found different places to tap.

“Harder than this, softer than this, how did you do this?”

“ Harder than this, Mistress, much, much harder!”

Amy took a deep breath and really took a swing at Karen, Karen yelped and nodded as she realised the swing was about right.

“How about a paddle?”

“Yes Please Mistress.”

Amy took a swing at Karen with the Paddle, it slapped Karen’s bottom, she again yelped and twisted as if avoiding another blow.

“Now we’re getting somewhere, how long would you keep this up for?”

“As long as I could hold up whatever I was doing it with Mistress!”

“That could be a very long time, while your still coherent. What sort of name would you like me to call you?”

“I, I, don’t know, I hadn’t thought of that.”

“Well until I think of something better I’ll call you Dolly, my latex dolly!”

“Thank you Mistress.”


Dolly yelped, and looked at Mistress.

“I think I would like you gagged!”

Dolly nodded and opened her mouth waiting for the rubber ball, Mistress put her Gag back in.


Suddenly Karen exploded into tears, rolling down Dollies helmet.

“You don’t want me to stop do you?”

Amy looked hard at dolly, her tear stained eyes told their own story. Dolly obviously thought about it, but shook her head.


“There I think that’s had the desired affect, don’t you?”

Dolly, openly crying her eyes out, Mistress undid her cuffs, and held her, still on her knees to Mistress.

An important point had been reached, Karen had realized the implications of what she had been doing to those women that had been in the exact position that Karen found herself in now, she wanted the pain, she felt she needed the pain to wash the memories away from her and in part to render herself as low as those that she was following. Only she knew the things that had gone on inside her home and she knew she was the one that needed to make things right.

“Now what would happen now I wonder?”

Pulling the Gag out of dollies mouth.

Still crying to herself, she tried to control it to answer Mistress.

“I……I……..I.. would….I would tie t, t, them to a spreader bar by the feet and tie their hands to the spreader bar, and make them suck me.”

“Suck you? Suck you where?”

“My Clit, M, M, My arse, My tits, a, a, anywhere, Mistress, anywhere that pleased me mistress I just needed the feeling of power over them.” She hung her head, finished.

“And where’s the spreader bar?”

“Behind you Mistress.”

Mistress looked behind her, sure enough there it was. Mistress clipped the spreader bar across dollies ankles and pulled her wrists down to clip them to the centre of the spreader bar.

“More than that, Mistress.” Said dolly.

Mistress looked around for something, and she saw what she was looking for and grabbed it. It was a small chain with clips at each end, she clipped one end to the spreader bar and looped the other end through dollies collar and pulled so her head was almost horizontal.

“Now Is that enough for you?”

Trying not to choke dolly nodded. Mistress started undoing her leathers, as she pulled them off. Dollies head pulled back as it was, Dolly could not take her eyes off her. As she took her knickers off dolly saw for the first time that she was pierced, Mistress picked up the crop, got into position and grasped dollies head.

“You want this don’t you Dolly?”

“Yessss Mistress!”

Mistress slid her clit over dollies mouth and dolly sucked and licked, trying to breath and please her new Mistress at the same time. After thirty seconds Mistress slid off of dolly and unzipped dollies crotch zip. Mistress felt in between her folds.

“Oh your a wet dolly!”

Mistress unzipped Dollies front as far as she could right up to dollies corset, Mistress grabbed the other zipper at Dollies neck and pulled it down to the top of Dollies corset and pulled out each breast and tapped them with the crop.

“Do you like this dolly?”

“Very much Mistress.”

“Do you have any nipple clamps dolly?”

“Yes Mistress in the draw over there.”

Dollies eyes giving away the direction Mistress should go. In the draw Mistress found nipple clamps, dildos, pegs, and some more Gags. Mistress took two pairs of nipple clamps and a dildo. Mistress Put the first pair of clamps on Dollies nipples, Dolly shook and grimaced at the new pain, Mistress got nose to nose with dolly and whispered.

“If you can get through the pain you will be rewarded many times over Dolly .”

Mistress put the other clamps on dollies outer lips and as dolly was struggling to come to terms with the pain Mistress started pumping her with the dildo.

“Oh Mistress!”

“Don’t thank me yet dolly, your not coming yet!”

Mistress pulled out the dildo and put it firmly in dollies mouth!

“There! That’ll keep you quiet for a while!”

Mistress rubbed her left thumb over dollies right nipple, and rubbed her right thumb over dollies clit gently fingering her with the rest of her fingers, she started pumping the dildo in and out of Dolly. Dolly shuddered and as Mistress pulled the dildo out Dolly made gurgling noises and came squirting over her carpet! Mistress took off the restraints and helped dolly stand up.

“I don’t understand Mistress! You’ve allowed me to cum, but you still haven’t have you?”

“Well……. The night is young, So tell me dolly, you live here on your own?”

“Yes Mistress, my parents and my Brothers were killed in a accident, six years ago and they left me the house, and a lot of memories.”

“Good ones I hope!”

“So, so.“

“So why don’t you show me around Dolly!”

”I would like that Mistress.”

Amy lost the rest of her clothes, grabbed Dolly by the hand and caressed dollies bum cheeks still encased in Latex, Mistress cleaned up Dolly as she had cum all over her legs.

Dolly showed Mistress around the house a large Victorian home Dolly got to the stairs and grasping Mistresses hand walked up the stairs to her bedroom. It was the master bedroom and was grand by any standards, Dolly climbed onto the bed and lay the wrong way round . She lay with her arms close by her sides like she was in a coffin, Dolly opened her mouth wide and was obviously an invitation, Mistress got the drift and with care positioned herself so her clit was hovering over Dollies mouth.

“Your making me wet Dolly!”

“Mmmm! I know Mistress, you taste sweet!”

“You want this Dolly?”

“Yes Mistress Amy, sit on me till I fall unconscious It’s all I deserve!”

“I won’t be going quite that far Dolly, I thought you would have recognised the fact that dommes should have a healthy respect for the welfare of their slaves, at the very least if you were ever expecting anyone to come back! It’s my responsibility to keep you healthy! it’s my job to keep you safe and free from harm, and no! I think the past is past and we should think of the future rather than dwell on what has been and what might have been.”

Mistress gently lowered her clit to Dollies mouth where Dolly did everything to make Mistress cum, Mistress did not put her whole weight on Dolly, in fact Mistress made sure there was little or no weight on dollies mouth despite what dolly wanted. Mistress could feel herself falling under the spell of Dollies tongue and the building of an orgasm only a tongue can bring, Mistress lifted herself off of Dolly, her orgasm would wait.

“Why do you want me to smother you Dolly?”

“Because you are my Mistress and I would consider it an honour to be smothered by your arse Mistress.”

Dolly was still coffin like, arms close to her sides, Mistress Amy climbed onto Dollies chest, holding both Dollies wrists.

“Ready Dolly?”

“Please Mistress smother me!”

Mistress slid forward and covered Dollies mouth and nose watching Dolly Mistress moved forward so that Dollies mouth was lined up with her arsehole. Dolly tried desperately to get her tongue in Mistresses hole, after a few seconds Mistress relented and relaxed as if she was on the loo, suddenly dollies tongue was in Dolly was happily rimming the inside of her Mistress, Amy had only one other time had someone willing to stick their tongue into her sphincter she could feel the herself rising and building to a thunderous climax! Amy screamed and involuntarily allowed her legs to buckle, putting all her weight on Dollies head. Mistress came all over Dolly quickly taking her weight off of Dolly and climbing off Amy looked at dolly to check she was all right. Dolly lay there on the bed a huge smile on her face

“Thank you Dolly!”

“Oh thank you Mistress for allowing me to tongue you climax!”

“What do you want to do now Dolly?”

“Would you like to put me in my sleep sack Mistress?”

“You have a sleep sack Dolly?”

“Yeah, I’ve never used it Mistress, it was for the others.”

“Those who you brought back with you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Where is it?”

“I’ll get it for you Mistress.”

Dolly got off the bed and pulled the sleep sack out from it’s hiding place, under her wardrobe.

“Why do you want to get into your sleep sack Dolly?”

“Because It’s all I deserve Mistress!”

“I would have thought that I would be a better judge of what you deserve than you Dolly! And yes I could put you into your sleep sack but you don’t think for a second you’ll sleep, because I’ll keep you on the edge of coming all night but do you think I’ll let you cum again?

“No Mistress!”

“And why do you think that Dolly?”

“Because I’m a selfish, self centred bitch who is still thinking me, me, me, and I should be thinking about you as well Mistress.”

“Well I can’t blame you for that Dolly, If you’ve led the sort of live I think you’ve led, it’s very likely you the only one which you’ve only ever needed to please!”

“You mean Lonely Mistress.”

Amy continued, “Tell me Dolly why do you walk over to me earlier tonight and start talking to me?”

“Because I thought you might be Prey, You're so young and pretty, I thought that you would be a push over, Mistress”

“And would you have rather you had been right?”

“No Mistress I would not!”

“And how would you wish this to end Dolly?”

Dolly looked up at Mistress, suddenly realizing her hopes might still come crashing down around her.

“I don’t Mistress!”

“What, you don’t want it to end Dolly?”

“No Mistress,

“Do you love Latex as much as I do Dolly?”

“Well Mistress apart from what you’ve seen I have a complete wardrobe full of Latex!

“As big as mine Dolly?”

“As big as that one Mistress!”

“Oh that’s big Dolly, but do you have your own dungeon Dolly?”

“No Mistress, only what you’ve seen here.”

“Oh I have my own Dungeon Dolly, full of the things you like! Would you like to see it Dolly?”

“Oh Yes Please Mistress!”

“Well I’ll have to tidy it up for you, Dolly.”

“Thank you Mistress, Where do you live Mistress?”

“Oh not far, a couple of miles away, Dolly.”

“How is it that so many people live so close to each other but never meet Mistress?”

“I really don’t know.”

“Do you want to get out of your Latex Dolly?”

“Only if it pleases you Mistress!”

“Look Dolly this is how it is, while your helmet is on, you’re my rubber dolly when you take it off your Karen, the woman I would love to get to know. While you helmet is on, while your in your Latex I am your Mistress and I’ll treat you accordingly!”

Mistress stopped as if she was having new thoughts.

“Get me the sleep sack Dolly!”

Dolly Handed Mistress the folded sleep sack, Mistress laid it on the bed and unfolded it, Mistress saw something which caught her eye and reached over to pick it up. It was a blow up dildo which Mistress waved at Dolly.

“Here you had better put this in I won’t be able to once your in.”

Dolly pumped the dildo a few times to get it more rigid and pushed the dildo into it’s hiding place, bulb hanging between her knees. Mistress motioned Dolly to get in. Keeping the bulb accessible, Dolly lay in the open sleep sack as Mistress rubbed her thumb over her nipples try to harden them Dolly was openly smiling at her. Mistress got on with the job in hand, slowly lacing Dolly into her tomb for the night. Mistress finished lacing up and secured the job by strapping the belts across Dollies body.

“There! Finished!”

Mistress unzipped the small flap over Dollies crutch and slid a small remote bullet vibe tight on Dollies clit by pushing it under Dollies catsuit zip which she could still see the zipper, she pulled gently on the zipper until the vibe couldn’t be seen and closed up.

“There Dolly! I think a gag and another helmet and your good for the night.”

“There’s a draw full of gags over there Mistress.”

“Over there” wasn’t easy to work out now that dolly couldn’t move Mistress looked into her eyes and they looked at the wardrobe.

“Over here Dolly?”

“Yes Mistress!”

Mistress opened the wardrobe and looked in surprise as it was filled with Latex from top to bottom, there were several draws but Mistress found the one Dolly meant. She found a blow up Gag with a breather tube and walked menacingly towards Dolly!

“Open wide Slave!”

Dolly opened her mouth and the gag slipped in, Mistress fiddled with the strap trying to keep it in place, she ended up sitting across Dollies chest until she was satisfied the gag was unlikely to move.

“There you are Dolly, snug as a bug in a rug!”


Mistress spent the next few hours tormenting Dolly in her cocoon, almost bringing her to climax but just when Dolly thought that she was coming Mistress would stop. It wasn’t hard for mistress to judge, because Dolly would start to hyperventilate as she got close. Mistress smiled at dolly and removed her gag, she kissed her on the mouth climbing on the cocooned Slave.

“So, you're left with a dilemma! IF! I release you, your going to want to cum aren’t you?”

“Yes Mistress,”

“Good! That’s what I wanted to hear!”

Mistress started undoing the straps holding Dolly, she released the tie strings to the sleep sack and slowly Dolly regained some movement. As the laces were undone.

“Just how much do you want to come Dolly?”

“Lots Mistress.”

“Well think back to what I said earlier Dolly, I love Latex as much as you but I think it’s important to know the face I’m loving as well!”

Dolly thought for a moment and undid her collar round her neck and unzipped the helmet on her head. She pulled the helmet off and Dolly reverted back to Karen. Amy and Karen moved closer and closer and kissed on the bed.

“It would be an honour if you would share my bed Amy!”

That night they both gained their soul mate.


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