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Among The Missing 13

by Rubberwolf

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© Copyright 2007 - Rubberwolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; bond; latex; bdsm; elect; machine; fairy; doggy; toys; cons/reluct; X

Chapter 13 - Final

Ann had lost track of time and the number of orgasms that she had experienced.  She only knew that she was tired and that her body could not stand much more of this.  Her nipples, pussy and ass were sore from the pounding, stretching and shocks that they had received.  Then, she heard a noise.  Perhaps she was imagining things, perhaps she was so exhausted that she wanted to hear someone else.  Perhaps and then it stopped.  The pistons and shocks and everything else just stopped.  It took her a moment to realise this, as she was expecting something else and that this was only a pause while the frame switched onto another program of events.  But that was not the case and, moments later, relief flooded through her as she felt her bonds being undone and the intruders removed from her abused sex and ass.

“You didn’t really think that I would leave you like this all night did you?” a familiar voice whispered into her ear as Ann felt her gag being loosened.

As the gag came loose and was pulled from her mouth she tried to form words, a response of some kind.  But no words came out.  All that she could do was pant as she knelt, hot and very sweaty, on all fours.

Nicky pulled her out of the cube and carried her upstairs.

Ann woke early the next morning.  It was still dark outside.  She was still naked and very sore.  She was in bed, but not, she felt, the bed that was in her room.  To begin with, rather than the quaint, old fashioned linen of her room, these sheets were made from rubber.  Also, although it was dark, she could still here the rhythmic breathing of somebody in the bed next to her.  Ann rolled over, flinging her arm over the top of the other body, spooning in tightly to the other woman and sliding her arm into the gap between Nicky’s breasts as she again settled back into sleep.

The next time that Lisa awoke, it was daylight and she was alone in bed.  The unmistakable noises of morning filtered up from downstairs as dishes clanked and the sound of food being fried were accompanied by the smell of food that was undoubtedly so full of cholesterol that you could probably feel your arteries hardening as you ate.

Sure enough, after a glorious soak in the tub, when Ann eventually made her way down stairs, wrapped in a thick towelling robe, she found Dave sitting at the breakfast table looking slightly the worst for wear, but with the satisfied grin of somebody who had just eaten his fill, the remains of a full English clearly visible on his plate. (Toast, sausages, fried eggs, tomatoes, hash browns, bacon and beans, while black pudding and mushrooms are usually optional) 

After a more conservative breakfast, Ann went upstairs to get changed.  Nicky had told them that, as part of the Christmas celebrations, a festive market was on today, part of the day long celebrations that would not conclude until well into the night. Ann rummaged through her clothes and eventually settled on a high neck, red rubber catsuit, with knee length, patent leather boots and a thick, red rubber waist cincher, which reduced her waist to the tiny proportions that she was rapidly beginning to accept as normal, while throwing her bust into sharp relief.  After putting her hair into a pony tail, putting on make up and pulling on a short pair of red rubber gloves, Ann finally dons a concession to the cold weather outside, a white, fake fur, jacket that had just the right amount of snuggle factor.  Picking up her handbag, she made her way downstairs.

After another ten minutes the trio was finally ready and set off for the village centre.  In many respects, it was a typical Christmas fair.  Stalls sold mulled wine, mince pies and home made Christmas puddings.  Others sold decorations, home made cards and the usual nick-nacks.  However, interspersed with the usual gifts were other, more interesting items, like a pony girl harness with novelty antlers and red nose or festive furry hand cuffs with holly detail.  Once stall sold a cute red mummy sack that was made to look like a Christmas stocking.  After an hour and with several items already in bags, the three stopped for coffee at a local café. 

“I am in two minds about the Scolds Bridal,” Nicky confided as she sipped her tea.

“Why not buy it then?  I am sure that you will get hours of fun from it,”  Ann pointed out.

“It’s not that I couldn’t use the bridal.  Did you see the metal loops at the bottom of the cage?”

Ann shook her head.

“They are so that you can attach straps, that allow you to secure the bridal to a collar.  I think I have something at home that will fit, but I am not sure.  I just don’t want to buy the bridal and a new collar as well, not at the price he is asking,” Nicky confided.

“Why not just pop back to the house and get the collar.  See if it fits and that way you will know,” Dave suggested.

“OK”, Nicky decided, “but you stay here and finish your tea.  I should only be about ten minutes and then we can finish the shopping.”

After a quick gulp of tea, Nicky stood up with her purchases and, with a quick wave, was out of the door striding confidently towards the house.  This was definitely a woman in the grip of a shopping decision.  Ann and Dave finished their tea and headed back out to the market.  While she was away, they decided to take the opportunity to buy her a little something for Christmas morning.

After forty minutes, however, Nicky had not returned and so Ann told Dave to sit with the shopping while she returned to the house to find out what was keeping Nicky.  Fortunately, Ann had been given a spare key and after letting herself in, started to search for the other woman.

After checking the ground floor and upstairs, Ann decided that Nicky must be downstairs, in the dungeon.  This, Ann decided, was the obvious place to look for a collar and so she set off down the cellar stairs.

Upon opening the cellar door, Ann noticed that the lights were on as she was assailed by an unmistakable noise.  The sound of a pneumatic piston.  The same piston that she had heard last night.  She also noticed that she was not alone.  Mrs Birgitt stood next to the cube, wearing a tight, black leather catsuit, wearing gloves and high heeled boots.  Ann’s eyes flicked to the cubes occupant, Nicky.  She was naked and in a similar position to that Ann had been in the previous night.  However, she did not look happy and, after a few moments listening to the piston ram its twin invaders into the bound girl, Ann knew why.  Last night, the machine seemed to have been on a slower, less brutal setting.  Ann was willing to bet that, judging by the way Nicky’s body jearked, that this was probably set much higher.

“How good of you to join us my dear.  Your presence complicates matters somewhat, but I think I can work something out,” the older woman stated with obvious relish and not a small amount of venom.

“What are you doing here and why is Nicky in the cube?  I have not known her long, but I think I know enough to know that she does not like playing the submissive.”

“You may be right but it doesn’t really matter.”

“How did you find us so quickly?  Have you been following me,” Ann enquired as she moved further into the room.

“Of course I have and what a spectacle you have made of yourself.  I must admit that, when I hired you I never expected you to be quite so enthusiastic or that you would prove to be such a wanton slut.  I imagine that you have many questions, so I will try to answer them as well as I can, to put your mind at ease,” Mrs Birgitt purred as she edged towards the other woman.

“Your research may have shown that Nickys father, my husband died recently.  You probably know that we are quite a wealthy family.  What you probably don’t know is that he has left everything to his daughter.  After all that I have put up with from that man, after all of these years, I would not get a penny.  Unless Nicky dies before the will is read.  Then, as the only surviving member of the family, well I am sure that I don’t need to tell you who gets their hands on over one hundred and twenty million?”

Mrs Birgitt had circled around and was now within ten foot of Ann who stood, seemingly transfixed by the other woman’s monologue which would not have been out of place in a movie where the super villain was explaining all to the hapless hero.

“When Nicky disappeared, I knew that she wanted to stay out of my way until the legal formalities could be settled.  So I hired you and followed you.  What an interesting time that proved to be.  I had originally planned to ensure that my daughter died in a tragic accident in one of her perverse machines.  One reads about such things occasionally.  Your presence complicates things, of course.  But I am sure that, when they discover your body strapped to the strange chair on this machine, with a rope around your neck and a set of keys on the floor, just out of reach, nobody will dig too deeply into the death of two perverted sluts.   One who strangled herself in some weird sex game and the other who, finding herself trapped in a machine with all of the safety features turned off, died of internal haemorrhaging due to the excessive brutality of being raped to death by a particularly powerful double dildo.  What do you think?  After all, I was never here.  All I have to do is put on the leather mask that I arrived in, step outside and nobody would be able to tell me from any other pervert who visits this island.  What do you think, is it a good plan?”

Before waiting for a response, Mrs Birgitt produced a large knife from where she had been hiding it behind her back.  Although Ann had been exploring her submissive side recently, it did not mean that she was just going to stand by and be led to the slaughter by this woman.  Especially with all of the martial arts training that she had acquired as a necessity of her profession.

Mrs Birgitt obviously had not expected quite such a violent reaction as Ann’s left foot, describing a wide right to left arc, connected with her right hand.  She seemed quite shocked as the knife spun from her grasp and landed with a clatter at the back of the room.  She was even more shocked when, as Ann’s left foot landed, her right foot came up and connected with her chest, propelling her across the room to hit a steel upright belonging to a metal frame of some sort.  Mrs Birgitt bounced off of the frame as she made to clutch at the pain in her chest caused from the stiletto heel crashing into her rib cage.  Her momentum propelled her towards Ann who grabbed her right wrist and twisted her body into the other woman’s, slipping her right arm under the Mrs Birgitts arm.  Momentarily, the two women were spooned together as Ann bent at the knees.  Straightening up sharply, she flicked her right leg backwards as she pulled forward, sending the older woman crashing towards the ground at 120 mph.

Mrs Birgitt lay on the ground groaning, the air knocked from her lungs and could do nothing as Ann quickly found some cuffs and soon had her lying on her front in a brutal hog tie.

Although the local police were called, they seemed quite reluctant to process the matter in the normal way.  It would, apparently, stir up too much publicity for the island, which made a great deal of money from being very discrete and valued it’s anonymity.

“Don’t worry madam, we have our own methods of dealing with such things,” the burley policeman informed Ann as Mrs Birgitt  was led away and Nicky was being seen by the local doctor.

Hours later, having giving a statement to the police, Ann, Nicky and Dave stood outside to watch Mrs Birgitt receive the start of her punishment.  All were wrapped up warmly against the cold winter night, sipping from mugs of hot chocolate as they, along with a sizeable crowd , watched Mrs Birgitt, who was dressed as a particularly fetishist, pink rubber fairy, being winched high into the air to adorn the top of the village Christmas tree.

The captive woman had stopped struggling by now and seemed resigned to her fate as she was hauled up into the air, standing astride a strange plastic cone, that her ankles were tied to, which would allow her to sit securely on top of the tree.

Everybody cheered as the fairy was finally secured and the lights were turned on.  She would, according to the policeman, be quite co-operative when she came down in three days time, when she would begin her sentence as one of the islands slaves.


Ann finished dusting the large manor house, dressed in a black and white, saucy rubber maids outfit.  Nicky had bought this place on the island after she had inherited her fathers money.  Her step mother did not show up for the reading of the will.  Nicky and Dave had left for a few weeks to sort out some business on the mainland.  Ann had moved in with them more or less straight away.  Nicky had helped her to set up her own offices on the island.  Because it was known that she was very discrete and could work easily within the fetish community, she was never out of work.  However, at the moment, she was house sitting.  Scooping the contents of a tin of dog food into a metal bowl, she strode outside on five inch, stiletto court shoes.

She was greeted warmly by the family pet Fluffy.  They had bought Fluffy, formerly known as Mrs Birgitt, at the slave auctions and used her in a variety of roles from pony girl to pain slut to her current role as dog.  She was one of several people who had been sold by the local police.  Due to the serious nature of her crimes, Mrs Birgitt was sold as a slave for life, rather than a fixed term.  People occasionally went missing on the island and Mrs Birgitt was one of a very few lifers who would never appear in society again.  She had her own yard and kennel outside.  She wore a set of leather paws on her hands that bunched her hands into balls.  Her ankles were tied to her thighs and secured in a lace up leather boot, with a dog paw at the knee joint for her to walk on.  She had a long, whippy tail stuck in her ass and sported a set of dog ears.  Her body had also been painted brown and she wore a dog collar that was chained to the dog house.  Talking was not allowed and so Fluffy barked and wagged her tail as Ann set the bowl down in front of her and patted her on the head.  Ann smiled as she returned to the house to the sound of contented munching noises.

After making a cup of coffee, she sat down to watch a DVD.  She had found one with her name on it.  It would be several hours until Nicky and Dave returned and so she inserted it into the machine, leaned back and prepared to see what the DVD contained. 

She was surprised to see herself on a security camera knocking on the door to Nicky’s old flat.  She remembered this, she had let herself in and started searching for clues.  She was shocked, therefore, when someone opened the door.  The view changed to an internal camera.  Dave was leading her inside to the living room.  The audio was not the best quality but she could clearly hear herself discussing the old case.

“So I was hoping that I might look through her papers and see if I could find out where she had gone,” she herd herself tell Dave.

“Well she did leave this behind,” Dave said as he held up a pendant. 

Ann watched as he twirled the pendant in front of her otherselves eyes.

“It is quite an unusual pendant.  See how it glints in the light, how beautiful it is.  Look deeply into the colours that it makes Ann, look deeply.”

Ann could not believe what she was seeing, but after several moments she saw her head loll forward.

“You are in a deep sleep Ann.  You will not remember this conversation.  Instead you will remember letting yourself in and searching the room.  When you hear the words rubber whore you will fall into a deep sleep.  You will find a room in this flat full of bondage equipment and rubber outfits.  You will find become very turned on by the outfits and will dress in the sexiest outfit that you can find.  You will also tie yourself onto the thing that looks like a saw horse.  You will get very horny as you do this.  When I join you, do whatever I say.  You will always do whatever I say.  When I leave you will wake up.  You will not remember anything, but will do as I have said.”

Ann would have been angry, but her code word had been mentioned and, just as her other self woke up as Dave left the apartment, so did she.  Getting up, she headed for the dungeon.  She felt very horny as she thought of the dungeon full of rubber clothes that she was going to have fun in for the next few hours.  She had forgotten about the video.  She had forgotten about everything but the need to change into a rubber outfit and tie herself up for her master.






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