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Among The Missing 11

by Rubberwolf

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© Copyright 2007 - Rubberwolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; FF/m; corsets; bond; latex; pony; cons/reluct; X

Chapter 11

Ann knelt on the freezing ground shivering, her head covered in water that she had just gulped down greedily from the horse trough just moments before.  While she had been moving she had been able to keep herself warm, but now that she had stopped, her sweat drenched body could feel the full effect of the bitter December chill.  She was also exhausted.  Although not unfit, pulling a cart and passenger for ten miles over a rough track, complete with a passenger for several hours was not her bodies idea of gentle exercise.  Although Dave had given her sports drink and regular stops, it was not enough to replace the salts and fluids that she had lost.  She had hit what athletes call “The Wall” about an hour ago.  She was not sure how she had made it this far, but she had her legs had been ravaged by cramps and spasms for the last mile. 

Ann had imagined what she would say when she eventually found her quarry, Nicky Birgett, but all that she could do now was pant as the rubber clad Amazon towered above her, inspecting her with a critical eye.  She tried to form a greeting, but what came out was unintelligible.  She was still wearing the bit.  Nicky started to move, swaying, spinning and fading.  Suddenly, Ann was lying on the ground pressed against her face and then all was dark.

Ann woke up feeling drained.  She was still wearing the pony gear, but the head harness felt different.  It was softer and, although there was something in her mouth, pressing her tongue down, it was not a part of the headgear.  It felt like a dental thing, all wire and plastic.  She did not care, it was more comfortable than what she had been wearing.  Her hands were still tied behind her back, she was still wearing the boots and harness and she seemed to be wearing some sort of quilt.  It was also pitch black.  She was not lying in a bed. That she was sure of.  Her mattress felt wrong, prickly, almost like, but she could not finish the thought.  She didn’t know or care.  Shifting her position until she was comfortable, she allowed her exhaustion to wash over her as sleep claimed her.

Bright light woke her.  Sunlight flooded into her room and Ann groaned.  She was lying on her front  and a thousand needles pricked body, legs and especially her face which were not covered by the quilt.  Shifting her weight and tilting her head slightly, Ann opened her eyes.  Not needles, but straw.  She was laying on a bed of straw.  After a moment, her eyes were acclimatised enough to turn and look at the light source.  It was bright and for a moment, Ann could not make out what she was seeing.  However, within moments she was able to state that she was looking at a stable door, with the top half open.  Framed in the upper section, Nicky Birgett leaned nonchalantly.  Ann was in a horse stall.  It was plain, made from white washed breezeblocks.  She was however, warmer than she expected.  Sitting up, she took in her surroundings.  She was wearing some form of padded poncho, like a horse blanket.  She also noted that, in addition to some sort of wall mounted feeding trough, a large radiator was bolted to one wall.

“Good morning little one.  How are you feeling?” Nicky enquired from the doorway.

“Ii ood ee et er” Ann replied, but the mouthpiece made speech impossible.

“Don’t try to talk just yet.  I bought you some clothes. I thought you could join me for breakfast.”

Ann did not need to be asked twice.  As kinky as her outfit was, the novelty factor had well and truly worn off and she found herself nodding vigorously as Nicky opened the lower half of the stable door and stepped in carrying a bundle.

Once changed, Nicky had led her across the street to a large stone house.  Although a period building, this was no simple fishing cottage.  Perhaps an official building, like harbour master.  She was not sure, but definitely Georgian.  Ann did not care.  For the first time in ages, she was not wearing rubber, but normal clothes.  It felt weird, different, almost alien.  Ann was not sure about her strange reaction, but at least these clothes, although plain, almost conservative, were warm.

Once inside, her host informed her that she had taken the liberty of running her a bath.  Ann did not need asking twice.  Within minutes she was naked and climbing into the largest, warmest, bubbliest bath she had ever known.  She was not sure how long she lay, luxuriating, in this liquid heaven, but eventually she noticed that she was starting to turn into a wrinkled prune and, admitting defeat, climbed out of the bath.  On the same pile that towel had been stowed she found a white, fluffy, flannel dressing gown.  Once dried, she wrapped herself in the robe, wrapped a towel around her head, put on a pair of fluffy slippers and made her way downstairs, where her host had prepared fresh coffee and a big bowl of porridge.  Not the most exotic breakfast, but given the conditions outside, definitely the most sensible.

Over breakfast Ann explained why she was looking for Nicky.

“I would rather not be found by my stepmother at this time,” Nicky informed Ann.

“But why?  She seems genuinely concerned.”

“Family business.  I won’t bore you with the details.  Lets just say that I don’t want to be found at the moment.”

“That’s fair enough,” Ann conceded.  “Normally in this sort of event, I would simply say that I had found the person and would pass on any messages or encourage the missing party to make contact, but would not divulge the location if the person did not want me to.”

Nicky seemed to relax at this and the conversation moved onto other matters.  Ann related the efforts that she had gone to while her hostess plied her with steaming hot coffee.  Ann described most of her adventures, leaving out  most of the embarrassing bits, as well as her growing relationship with Dave.

“Speaking of Dave, where is he?”  Ann enquired.

“Oh he’s around. I have asked him if you and he wouldn’t be more comfortable on this side of the island.  Dave seemed to agree and he is going to get your belongings moved here.  Now, we have a busy day ahead of us.  Why don’t you get changed and meet me back here in 20 minutes.”

Nicky led Ann upstairs to one of the guestrooms.  It was well laid out in a traditional, hotel room, format.  Two large wardrobes dominated one wall.  Ann noticed that some clothes were laid out on the bed for her already.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I chose some clothes for you to wear for our days outing,” Nicky purred.

Ann walked over to the bed.  The first item that caught her eye was a corset.  No, she corrected herself, more like a girdle.  However, the first item that Nicky pulled from the pile was a set of rubber panties.  By the way they moved when Nicky picked them up, Ann could tell that there was something or more probably two something’s inside.  Sure enough, when Nicky opened the panties, she reached for a tub of KY jelly, which she applied to the two mammoth, jell filled dildos within, before pulling them open in front of Ann at floor level.  Ann dutifully stepped into the pants which Nicky pulled up and guided into Ann’s pussy and ass.  A few weeks ago, Ann would have run away screaming at such behaviour from a virtual stranger, but she had since lost most, if not all of her inhibitions in that respect and did not think to question her casual acceptance of the twin intruders until later.

The next item that Nicky held up for inspection was a  silk gown, which was long enough to fall about two or, at a rough guess, three inches above the knee .  This surprised Ann, as she would have expected something in rubber, or at least leather.  Understanding her puzzled expression, Nicky smiled.

“During the summer, I would normally wear a similar garment in latex.  But it is becoming bitterly cold outside.  The last thing you need is a layer of sweat trapped between your skin and your underclothes.  It would quickly turn to ice.  Don't worry, I have plenty of other things to keep you interested,” she smiled as she bunched it up and, as Ann raised her arms, lowered it over her head.

The next item was very familiar to Ann.  The corset.  This item was quite long so that, while it left her breasts uncovered, was longer than some skirts that she had worn.  Ann stood with her arms apart while Nicky wrapped the corset girdle around her, fastening the front from just under her bust, all the way down to just above her knees.  Nicky asked Ann to go to the foot of the bed, bend over and hold on to the bar at the foot of the bed.  Once in position, Nicky grabbed the laces at the back of the garment and started pulling and pulling and pulling.  By the time that Nicky had finished, Ann had gone beyond merely grunting at each savage tug.  She could scarcely draw breath.  However her posture and figure were stunning.  Ann felt as though she had been squeezed into a steel pipe. 

Ann studied her reflection in a long, antique looking mirror in the corner of the room.  She looked like some sort of extreme egg timer.  The corsets that she had worn so far had curved in, describing a gradual arc.  This pinched into an extreme fourteen or fifteen inches. 

“Wow,” she mused.

Looking down, Ann lifted her leg as Nicky pulled a silk stocking onto her foot, smoothing it gradually up her leg until she could attach it to three suspenders that hung down from the girdle.  Nicky repeated the process on the other foot.  Next she pulled out a set of ankle boots.  At first glance, other than the six inch heel, they appeared to be a normal set of black, leather boots.  However, as Ann quickly discovered, they were a size too small for her and, by the time that Nicky had laced them up, they acted more like foot corsets, squeezing her feet into a tight, unyielding, leather prison.

The next item was a long, white cotton, petty coat.  A white silk blouse followed next.  This had an unusual silk tie around the neck.  An ankle length, black, straight skirt followed.  Ann was not sure where this outfit was going, but it looked Victorian or pre WW1.  The last item was a formal black jacket. 

“There you are, nearly ready for our day out.  We just need to do something with your hair.”

The something in question turned out to be a tight bun.  As they walked towards the door, or hobbled in Ann’s case, Nicky turned to her own room.  Ann noticed that, under her own garments, Nicky had the tell tail signs of a similar corset under her clothes.

“I will meet you downstairs in a minute,” Nicky stated as she headed for her own room.

Sure enough, Nicky descended the stairs wearing a similar outfit to Ann.  Walking over to a closet by the front door, Nicky emerged with a top hat and a pair of leather gloves.  The hat had a guars veil around the rim.  Handing them to Ann, she reached into the cupboard for an exact same pair.

“Let’s go and find Dave shall we?” Nicky asked before stepping outside.

Ann followed behind as Nicky led the way to the stables.  Now Ann knew what the outfit was about.  It was an old fashioned riding outfit.  Pulling on the gloves and placing the hat on her head,  Ann trotted to fall in beside Nicky as they marched over to the stables.

Just as she suspected as they stepped inside, the carriage was already in position.  This one was slightly larger than the one Ann had pulled.  Ann thought that this was only fair, although by the look on his face, Dave did not agree.  Ann considered hiding her smile, but thought better of it and grinned openly.

“Hello Dave, you look good,” Ann taunted as Dave glared at her.

Dave was dressed in a similar fashion to the outfit that Ann had worn yesterday, including boots and tail.  Nicky had already climbed into the carriage and Ann walked to around the back and stepped up onto the cart. 

The cart that Ann had pulled yesterday had been light, with pram sized wheels and a forward facing seat.  This version had larger, five foot wheels and seats on either side so that, when Ann sat down she was facing Nicky.  The other woman had twisted her body, so that her torso faced the front, gripping the reigns with her left hand.  A large whip had been attached to the front board of the carriage so that it rose from its slot vertically.  The whip looked about four-foot tall, with a long length of platted leather snaking from the top, back down to the handle.  Nicky pulled this out of the slot, giving it an experimental shake as she held it aloft.  An evil grin spread across her face as she looked at Ann.

“I think that, after the way Dave treated you yesterday, he needs a lesson in how to look after animals.  Lets go and get your belongings shall we?” Nicky purred as she flicked the whip, catching Dave on his naked right buttock, leaving a painful red line on his pale skin.

Ann did not have long to study the effects of Nicky’s expert marksmanship as Dave, spurred on by pain and shock, set off with a sudden jolt as he sprung out of the stable building and raced down the street, while Ann clung tightly to the rail, grinning broadly at the sudden turn of events.



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