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Among The Missing 10

by Rubberwolf

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© Copyright 2006 - Rubberwolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; latex; pony; cons/reluct; X

Chapter 10

Ann knew that she was awake because the sun was shining through her closed eye lids, she could hear the sound of Dave busying himself in the kitchen, making fresh coffee by the smell tickling her senses with a strong insistence that would not be denied and, oh yes, she ached all over.  Not just the usual post sex ache that signifies a really good rogering from a reasonably well-endowed man, but the sort of ache that says that she might have difficulty walking for the next year.  Not only did her pussy and anus ache from the excesses of her automated bedroom buddy, but her nipples also ached from where the nipple clamps, wired to the frame, had tugged at her sore breasts as the long strokes had violently shoved her forward and backward with the care and tenderness of a steam train.  Her throat was sore from the assault inflicted on it by the dildo forced repeatedly into her mouth, not to mention all of the screaming that she did between the strokes.  She knew that the first words she uttered this morning would be croaked, unless she had a sweet drink first.  However, for all of her aches, sore places and abuses, she would mount the same bench again now, if she thought that she would not need to be air lifted to the mainland hospital within five minutes.  That image, along with all of the embarrassing questions she knew that she would have to answer brought a smile to her face.

“Morning sleepy.  How are you feeling?”

“Arghnn,” Ann groaned as she opened her eyes and immediately regretted doing so.

“He he he,” Dave chuckled.  “Overdid it a bit did we?  You need get up and move those sore limbs before you seize up.”

Ann greeted this overly cheerfully delivered observation with as much contempt that she could convey with a suitably scornfully delivered groan.  Never the less, half an  hour  later, full of coffee and toast, she was massaging the aches out of the muscles she had so recently abused, under the massaging stream of hot water from a good quality power shower.

Dave, true to form, was already rummaging through bags and cupboards.

“How are we going to get to the other village?  We had to leave the car on the mainland,”  Ann asked as Dave continued to search through their bags.

“Oh, I have hired us, well I was hoping to surprise you.”

“O.K.  I love surprises,” Ann said as she fumbled on the bedside table for the nipple rings that she had had to remove the night before. 

For some reason, her favourite toy didn’t come equipped for pierced nipples.  Shame.  Ann replaced her jewellery where it belonged.  Giving it a playful flick.  Turning around she found Dave holding a blindfold.

“Ready for that surprise,” he grinned at her.

“Hmm, we’ll see,” Ann purred as Dave placed the blindfold over her eyes and checked to make sure that she was truly blind. 

The mask was a simple, basic, sleep mask that you could buy from respectable magazines designed for the older generation.  It even had frills around the edges.  No leather, rubber or PVC in sight.  Even so, it was very effective and Ann was effectively blinded.  Shame, she would have preferred more straps and buckles.  Oh well.

Next she felt Dave fitting a posture collar around her neck.  Actually, by the way that it was fastened at the front and by the laces that Dave was now tugging on, Ann guessed that it was more of a posture corset.  Once he had finished, Ann could not lower her head and had no trouble looking from left to right.

Next Dave fitted a strappy, not quite corset, more like a body harness, to her.  She could feel cold metal bits from the leather touching her arms as they hung at her sides.  Not surprisingly, once he had finished, she found that her body was tightly bound in leather straps and, although her breasts were encircled by leather, they were still lewdly exposed, hanging freely, although tightly encircled around their base.

“How far do you recon it is to the other side of the island?”  Ann enquired as Dave tightened the single strap that cut through her sex.

Strangely, as  Dave tightened the strap, she noted the cold chill of metal around her anus.  Dave adjusted this and, she guessed, this was some sort of metal ring.  Ann puzzled over this for a few moments, before Dave answered her question.

“Probably about ten miles or so.  It will still take us a few hours to get there though,” Dave said as he attached a leather strap to the top of each elbow.

Next, Dave attached a strange, balled glove to each hand, which forced her to close her hands into a fist as Dave laced them tightly around her hands.  A leather strap on the side of the glove was pulled tightly around the wrist, covering the laces.  Dave bent her arms at the elbows, so that the back of her hands were nearly touching her shoulders, enabling him to take the rest of the glove strap, wrap it under her arm pit, buckling the free end to the other side of the glove, effectively binding her arm like a chicken wing.

While Dave repeated the process on her other arm, Ann flexed her arm experimentally and, although she could move the shoulder freely, she could not unbend her arm.  There was also something strange about the glove, although she could not discern what. 

Any movement that Ann thought she had in her arms was soon removed as Dave used padlocks to attach the elbow straps on each arm to leather D rings on the harness, toward the back of the garment.  This forced her to pull her shoulders back, making her breasts jut out, proudly displaying her assets to the onlookers who, Ann now felt, would soon be treated to a rather public display of Ann’s assets.

“Ow, not so tight,” Ann complained as Dave pulled her left elbow uncomfortably backwards, before locking it in place.

“Sorry, but I this stuff is has to lock where the buckles are,” Dave said apologetically.

Next, Dave guided her gently down, so that she was sitting on the edge of the bed, before helping her into a pair of ankle length boots.  These, naturally, had an impossibly high heal and laced very tightly around her feet.  As Dave again helped her to stand, Ann found that she needed his support as she nearly fell back onto the bed.  Unlike a normal heal, this boot did not offer as much support at the heel and Ann had to place her weight slightly more forward than she was used to.  The sound was also louder, as she walked, than she would have expected. 

She started as she felt Dave’s finger exploring her anus, smearing something over and into it.  It was no surprise then that, a few moments later; Ann felt the now familiar intrusion of a butt plug.

“Nearly time for your surprise.  Come on,” Dave encouraged, as he grabbed her arm and lead her to the door.

Ann leant heavily on Dave as they descended the stairs.  It’s not easy trying to tackle a stair case, wearing heels, a blindfold, while struggling with a large butt plug between your cheeks and your arms tied to your body.  It is one favour that she would have to repay.

Ann felt cold air on her body as the door opened and she was lead out onto the street.  There was something familiar about the noise that her heels made on the pavement, but for the moment she could not place it as she was lead along the high street to their destination. 

“Clack, clack, clack,” her heels rhythmically sounded as they struck on the hard concrete.

Still puzzling over the noise she was still confused as the street noises quietened down and an heard the sound of her feet echoed as they entered a large building.  Surprisingly though, she could still make out the street noises, so it was not totally enclosed.

“Hi, I called earlier about,”  Dave started, but was interrupted.

“Aye, tis over there.  If you need any help, jus showt.  Int mean time, I’ll be needin a dposit.”

“O.K.  Stay here, I’ll just go and sort out the money side.  I’ll be back in a mo.”

Daves comforting arm vanished from her side.  She listened as his footsteps receded and she heard a door open.  She could just about make out the muffled sound of voices, but could not make out any words.  She shivered as a cold December breeze found her, tickling her already erect nipples and causing goose bumps to sprout across her body.  She stood for an eternity, alone and seemingly abandoned, like a child at a fair ground who had lost it’s parents.  She felt vulnerable, exposed and at the mercy of any passer by who cared to run his hands over her body, wrapping his hand over her mouth and lifting her up, as his already wrapped and delivered prize struggled in vain against her bonds.

“Hi.  All done.  You are going to love this,” Dave ranted as Ann was startled out of her day dream.

Dave lead her by the arm again, perhaps twenty, or thirty feet further into the building.  Grabbing her shoulders, he turned her around and guided her backwards, fumbled with something at first her left hip and then the right.

“O.K. Are you ready?”

“Oh yes,”  Ann replied ruefully, which although it was the truth, was also polluted by a growing suspicion.

Like a conjurer producing a rabbit from a hat, Dave removed the blindfold with a loud “Tada.”

Ann blinked, but it did not take her long to adjust to the dim interior of the barn.  No, not a barn, a stable yard.  Ann’s suspicion had formed into a certainty as she turned her head and bent her body as best she could to see behind her.  She was in no way shocked to discover that she was standing, or rather attached to, the poles of a small, two wheeled cart, or that the butt plug had a long, horse hair tail protruding from it.  Turning her attention back to the front she could now see what was wrong with the gloves she wore.  They were hooves, complete with metal shoes and, bending down, she was she found that her feet were shod in the same fashion.  Now she knew where she had heard that sound.  It was not the “Clack, Clack” sound of heels, but the “Clip, Clop” sound of horses hooves.

Ann was about to protest.  She had had a hard night last night and was not sure she was up a ten mile hike, in the dead of winter, pulling him and a cart.  But the please with himself, school boy look and, more than that, the need in his eyes convinced her to hold her objections, at least for the minute. 

She was about to quantify her role, opening her mouth to state that she might like to try a mile, or two, when Dave pulled a final item from behind his back.  She should have expected it, she supposed.  She stood, watching the thing, mouth open, in shock.  No, this was too much.

“Dave I Gnng.  Ave, ung um ot ure arat is.  Ung, oow,” Ann tried as Dave fitted the steel bridle between her lips.

She had seen enough pony play pictures by now, or so she thought, to realise that this was not the usual rubber, or wooden bar that most “Ponygirls” wear.  This looked like an articulated metal bridal, complete with metal loops at either side, that you would really find on a horse, or small pony.  Although, as she flexed her mouth experimentally, while Dave tightened the many straps of the head harness, which came complete with blinkers. It actually felt quite comfortable.

Next, Ann felt a tug and twist as Dave removed her nipple rings, replacing them, so she felt, with larger, thicker rings, which he attached to the reigns hanging down from her bridle.  Undoing the strap that ran through her sex, Dave repeated the process, adjusting the length of the reigns so that they hung below her pussy, as Dave fed them between her legs and back to the cart, where he picked up another set of reigns, which he attached to either side of the bit. 

“This should ensure that you enjoy the journey,” Dave commented as Ann heard a buzzing sound followed by the feeling of something, no two something’s that were small and round and vibrating, being pushed into her pussy before Dave roughly pulled the strap back between her pussy lips, sealing the love eggs deep within her.

This was really too much.  Every step that she took would be excruciating, tantalising, orgasmic torture.  Ann felt the poles move as Dave sat in the cart.  Dave flipped the reigns, pulling painfully on her nipples and pussy.

“Giddy up,” Dave encouraged as he flicked the reigns again, but Ann did not move.

Dave pondered this for a second. 

“Don’t want your morning exercise huh Dobbin?”

Ann felt the reigns tugged again, this time with more painful force.  But now it was accompanied by another sound as Dave hollered “Giddy up Dobbin.”

“Crack.”  Sharp pain erupted in a thin line across her buttock. 

Ann jumped forward.  Just to make sure she was properly motive Dave wielded the whip again.

“Crack.”  Another blossom of pain erupted across her ass, as she shot forward.  Ann did not need telling again.  If Dave really wanted to do this, who was she to argue.

“That’s it.  Now try and pick your feet up.  Trot for me girl.”

Ann picked her feet up in a jaunty step as she tried to please her master, reminded of his presence by the painful tugs in her nipples and pussy as Dave flicked the reigns, or used them to turn her head, guiding her progress with a firm hand.

Unfortunately, the love eggs were all too effective and she nearly stumbled as the first orgasm rocked her body.

The journey seemed to last an eternity.  Occasionally Dave would stop and give her a drink, which tasted more like a sports drink, from a pull top sports bottle, squirting the liquid to the back of her throat.

Despite these rest stops, Ann soon lost all sense of time as she got into the rhythm of the trot, shuddering and attempting to keep going through orgasm after orgasm, since Dave whipped her severely for any mistakes as she high stepped her way across the dirt road that connected the two villages.

Ann was not sure where she was.  She was on her knees.  Her head was underwater.  Pulling herself back she saw that she was in front of a water trough.  Looking around she saw that they had arrived.  She did not remember arriving.  The last hour had been one continuous orgasm.  She wasn’t sure that it had been an hour.  It could have been longer.  She could hear voices.  Leaning forward she drank some more water from the trough, although she did this gingerly.  Although the batteries had started to run down, the love eggs were still remarkably effective when she moved.

Sitting back, she could hear the conversation and recognised Daves voice, along with another, a womans voice.

“She is lovely Dave. Wherever did you find her?”

“She found me. She came to the flat, looking for you.”

Ann felt a hand on her chin, which turned her head to the left.

“Ooh, she is divine,” the impossibly tall, rubber clad girl purred  as she bent down and licked the sweat off of Ann’s bosom.

“Well.  Now you have found me,” the impossibly tall woman stated, as Ann at last looked into the face of the woman she had gone to such lengths to find, Nicky Birgett.



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