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An Alternative Sex in the City 6 - Home Coming

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; bond; susp; toys; electro; cons; XX

Chapter 6 - Home Coming

Now only Charlotte and Jack, and Carrie and Big were left in the booth and it was clear that both of the couples wanted to leave and further explore their relationships, particularly Jack and Charlotte.  She was still masked, gagged and cuffed but she nodded vigorously when he whispered in her ear, did she want to go, to his place? Jack advised Carrie and Big, and Carrie rose and hugged Charlotte. She held her rubber covered head in her hands and said.

“Sure?” Charlotte grinned behind the gag and nodded.

“You look about as happy as I have seen you dear, so you think you are a true subbie, do you, and this is your master? Not too late to back out.” Charlotte shook her body and leant into Jack, so Carrie gave her a comforting peck on the front of her gag, wet with her saliva. Jack said his goodbyes and said to Big, and to Carrie.

“As I said before, I will look after her….but as have explained she really is a true sub….and she will want me to dom her. And I will, with all my love.”

They picked up their hooded capes and as she was still cuffed he fastened hers first, drawing the hood well over her masked head.

“Keep your head down in the car, then no prying eyes will see the mask…or the gag.” She nodded and after he had put his own cape on they were soon in his car. He strapped her in and she could feel the butt plug move up further inside her for a second. She dipped her head as they took off, she was liking this intrigue, she was cuffed, gagged and masked and being taken, but certainly not against her will to her master’s den! Under the cape she was sweating profusely, her panties were sodden, but not just with her sweat. What was he going to do to her, what would she submit to? The idea excited her.

Shortly they were at his SoHo warehouse apartment and went up the elevator, it was now past 3 am and no one was around. The suite was pleasant quite sparse and it looked as if he had done very little to change its former warehouse use. The floor was varnished hardwood and the walls brick. The ceiling was exposed beams and she saw there were still winches and chains hanging from several beams. Hmm she thought, now they could still be put to use! He saw her looking up at the chains and chuckled as he took their capes to a closet by the door.  She now stood in the middle of the room, still in her nurse’s costume, white skirt and stockings and blue blouse, but fully masked, gagged and cuffed (and not to mention the butt plug). She felt a bit nervous now but he took her in his arms and held her close. He moved to the side of the room and pressed a small red button, and a chain descended from the beam above her. He deftly clipped this to her cuffs and then she felt the chain being raised again.

She squeaked into her gag, but he patted her rear and said.

“Sshh there, there, its okay, all will be well.” He placed a low stool in front of her and she stepped on it, spreading her legs as best she could. He noticed her difficulty and pulled the zip of her tight skirt up to hips and now she felt very exposed and vulnerable, bent over horizontal with her rear, covered in white latex, stuck out. Now, at last he pulled the strap of her gag over her head and prised the large rubber ball from her mouth. She let out a gasp of relief and coughed, just how long had it been in there?

“Thank you, oh oh.” But before she could say anything else she felt something warm and hard at her lips. Ah yes, okay she thought, and opened her mouth to accept him. It tasted a little of salt and a lot of latex, but she sucked and blew away. She was now in her element and she licked and sucked, prompted by Jack hands on her head. How she must have looked, masked, cuffed, bent over with her latex panties and stockings on view, sucking on the cock of a man dressed in blue and black rubber. But before she could bring him to climax she was disappointed to feel him withdraw, and then the ball gag was replaced.


“Good girl, good girl.” He soothed. “Now you will get your reward.” He expertly slipped a condom on, moved to her rear and pulled down her latex panties. Gripping her hips he thrust into her without preamble. Despite her being very wet, the speed of it took her breath away, but soon she was writhing and wriggling, grunting and squealing, and loving every minute of it. His hands gripped breasts, buttocks and he even twisted the butt plug.

She was on the edge of coming when he then withdrew again and she felt him very slowly ease out the butt plug. Oh no, she thought, not so soon, I can’t. She wagged her head in defiance, she had got used to the plug but it really wasn’t that big. But his cock, no, she’d just had it in her mouth, and it was plenty big! She felt the head at her opening, and she squeaked into her gag, but he pressed on, gripping her hips. She started to part, she tried to clench her buttocks but he took a cheek in each hand and pulled them sideways, opening her further. Then she was breeched, and he slid inside her. She gurgled and grunted, but soon he was in to the hilt.

There was no real pain, just a massive invasive presence. He started to withdraw and then pushed in again. He’d used her own juices for lubricant, and soon she began to find it was a lot less discomfiting than she would have thought. With his left hand on her shoulder, he expertly rubbed her clit with the other and soon, almost against her will, against her judgment, she came, shaking violently. But he didn’t stop, for this went on for perhaps ten minutes, and mysteriously to her, she came and came. And then she found herself thrusting back at him, eating up his cock with her bum.

She had a strange sense of submissive humiliation, yet, now she was enjoying it, being taken like an animal, grunting like one. She was happy she was masked, and gagged, for she could be someone else, anyone, and happily grunt and groan through her gag.  She was his to take as he pleased, she was his plaything, and she was happy to be so. Finally he came with a mighty grunt and he withdrew, pulling up her panties, but not before slipping the butt plug back inside her. And she now noted that it went right in without any resistance!  She heard him leave and the sound of a tap, and him washing himself. He returned and lowered the chain. She was a bit wobbly on her feet. She stepped off the small stool, then he released her cuffs, for the first time in hours. He kissed her on the gag and said quietly.

“Take off your blouse and skirt; but leave the gloves, bra, panties, shoes and stockings on.” She did not know why but she was happy to obediently accede to his wishes. He put the cuffs back on her, but in front of her, and looking her deeply in the eye, he attached the chain and winched her arms above her head until she was on her tip toes. Now she felt very exposed, her breasts pushed out against the rubber bra cups and those tormenting bristles, and just her white panties to protect her pussy and ass. What now? She thought.

He held her gently in his arms and whispered to her.

“Dear Charlotte, you have endured so much this evening, all must seem so shocking to you, and yet…I know that you are made for this, destined for this. Down the road there will be many more tests, labours for you to endure, accept, and embrace, and you will do so, I know, willingly.” She was not so sure right now, but could not deny the tell tale moistness between her legs.

“One more, my dear, and then we shall rest for the remainder of the night. This I know you can accept, because you have already shown you can.” He left her for a second and returned with a cat o nine tails in his hand. He saw the alarm in her eyes and heard the low moan form behind her gag.

“Now it’s all right, the nine tails her are made of one inch stripes of latex, they make a loud sound and there will be some redness but I will not hurt you unduly.” Unduly! She thought.

 He swung the cat firstly at her breasts, instinctively she tried to move and twist, but he was too smart for that and soon she just stood… and endured. They stung all right and her nipples hurt, partly due to the nodules underneath. When her chest was pink and her breasts on slow simmer, he moved to her rear, repeated the process and then finally, spinning the cat as if it was an umbrella, aimed it between her legs and at her tender pussy.  She closed her legs; he did not attempt to spread them, just said quietly.

“Spread them Charlotte, or we will start again.” Obediently she spread them and with unerring aim the cat’s tails stung her pussy. Now she was beginning to weaken and she felt tears begin to fall inside her mask and saliva drip off her chin. It was then that he stopped, lowered the chain, and took her in his arms and hugged her, kissing her masked cheek and forehead.

“There, see? It wasn’t so bad now, and you endured, with your pride intact. I am very proud of you Charlotte.” He ran his hand over her head, and kissed her rubber ball gag.

“And now to bed!” He led her to the bedroom. It was a plain simply decorated room with a large bed and surprisingly, white cotton sheets and pillows. He released her cuffs and she rubbed her wrists, grateful for the latex gloves. She made no attempt to remove the gag, mask or butt plug; he was very pleased to see this.

“Now Charlotte, we have only two hours, I’m afraid, so we must make the best of it. I have an early start tomorrow.”  Charlotte, her breasts, bum and pussy hot and throbbing, gave a small pout, but two hours was better than nothing for sure! He turned from her to the bedside desk and brought out a pair of tight black latex pants that he quickly pulled on over his blue and black suit. Hanging down between his legs was an oval pouch. She flicked off her shoes, but was still dressed in panties, stockings, bra and gloves….and the mask and gag. He approached her.

“Well Charlotte dear, it’s time for your unveiling now.” He pulled the strap over her head and removed the dripping gag: again she rubbed her chin and took a few swallows.

“Are you sure you want….to see the real me?” She said faintly, still finding her voice.

“I have found the real you, and so have you, Charlotte, but I do want to see you, I love you very much, but I want to look at you.” He unzipped the white latex mask and gently pulled it away from her face, careful to pull her pony tail through the hole at the crown. Her face was bright pink, dripping with sweat, and she felt like a mess. He said nothing, just looking at her with what seemed true affection on his face. Then he took her face in his hands and kissed her hard and long. She returned his kiss, and there and then, it seemed the bond was made. He broke and looked down at the pouch between his legs and she giggled.

“I was wondering if you would care to be gagged with something more lifelike.” For a second she hesitated, but there was one thing she knew for sure, and that was she knew how to give a good blowjob. She nodded, not saying anything, and pulled her ponytail back, and he sat back on the bed and opened the end of the pouch. She pushed her head into the dark pouch, it was very warm and quite dark, the smell of rubber was strong but there were plenty of tiny breathing holes, so she didn’t panic. Quickly she found his cock and balls, and took his cock in her mouth, feeling it immediately harden. Then she heard the ominous click of a lock.

“Hey, hey.” She mumbled around his cock. She felt his hand on her head.

“Hush, hush, sweet Charlotte.” He chuckled. “You know it is bad manners to talk with your mouth full. I’ll release you in a couple of hours.”

Silently in her dark world, Charlotte smiled. Was she the prisoner, or he? Yes, she was his subservient little rubber plaything, his obedient dolly, his subbie, but there would be times when their partnership would evolve and be on her terms. She would milk him dry and suck him raw tonight. If she got bored, she could turn and cover him, offering her latex covered pussy for him to service. It would be a fun two hours.

While Charlotte was coming to the realization that she was a born sub, and looking forward to many years of submission and latex immersion at the hands of her master, Jack, Carrie and Big had already left the club, no longer masked but caped.

They had left Samantha, she could look after herself, and in fact they hadn’t seen her after she left for the ladies. But the Countess had come over to them and advised them, with a twinkle in her eye, that Samantha would not be returning. She was in good hands; or rather the man she was with was in her good hands. Big didn’t doubt it. They were now in the back of Big’s limo, being driven back to his apartment by the ever-reliable George.

Big had considered the evening a huge success and Carrie had agreed. All the girls seemed to have made a real go of it. She was at first stunned to see Charlotte under the complete control of Jack – gagged, masked, plugged, and she had evidently been spanked….hard. But then she thought of the plug up her own rear! And Charlotte looked genuinely happy….through her mask!

And then there was Miranda disappearing in the arms of a (very attractive) woman, both looking wonderful in latex. Carrie was not shocked but a bit surprised, but very pleased, as all the girls seemed to really like the club, and she knew that pleased Big. They would definitely be back….on a regular basis!

Both Carrie and Big were very hot and wet in their suits and the full-length capes didn’t help. Carrie couldn’t wait to get her hands on Big…and didn’t. She rolled off her seat and knelt in front of him, there was plenty of room in the limo. She lifted his cape and peered under.

“Carrie, hey, hey, can’t you wait?”

“Nope.” Came the muffled reply and Big felt the zip of his suit being pulled down and Carries familiar fingers on his cock and balls. Then accompanied be a giggle he felt her warm mouth descend on his now hard member. Oh God, he looked down to the bobbing head under his cape and tried to concentrate on not coming straight away, for in the latex suit and cape, together with Carrie working her wonders, it just didn’t get any better. Just before they reached his place, as if she knew exactly where she was she brought him to coming, and swallowing all of his seed, calmly zipped him up and rose from her knees, a satisfied grin on her face.

“Now you owe me one.”

He gave her a hard look, not breaking out in laughter.

“Don’t worry lady….you’ll get it.”

“Good, because I am ready, I’ll tell you.” As they entered his building she held his hand under the cape and in the elevator he took her in his arms and kissed her, still tasting the saltiness of his own come. They entered his apartment and quickly took off their capes and made a straight line for his bedroom.

“Hey, big feller, we look like a couple of twins dressed like this.”

“If that’s the case then what we are about to do is definitely against the law.” And he grabbed her around the waist and lifted her to the bed. She gave him a sneaky look.

“So….are you going to tie me up and have your way with me, like Jack and Charlotte?” She winked.

“Now is that what you want?” She smirked again, flirting, egging him on.

“Well it’s not up to me is it? Of course you’d have to overpower me.” He thought about this for a few seconds, went to his bedside drawer, opened it and withdrew several short lengths of smooth rope.

“Very well young lady, you asked for it.”

“Hey, you were all prepared, now that’s not fair….ow, wait a minute….hey, slow down….ow!” But he was already on top of her, pulling one hand to the bedpost and slipping her wrist through the loose loop and quickly tying it to the post.

“Hey, that was quick, are you sure you haven’t.”

“Only in my dreams, sweetie.” And now he was on her other side. Despite her wriggling and twisting and trying to get her feet under him to push him off, he was far too strong and she was now stretched out on her back, her arms either side of her head and firmly tied to the bedposts. He sat back, looking very pleased with himself, then calmly took one of her rubber covered breasts and fondled it, delicately pinching the nipple.

“Ooh, ooh, you seem pretty…..aaahh sure of yourself, mister.”

“I don’t see anyone complaining….” Then he dipped his head and pulled down her zipper exposing her shaven pussy, and was very pleased to see it was very wet.

“Ah, the mouth may complain but the body does not lie.” He said, as he licked at her labia.

“Fu….jeez, did I say I was complai…..aaahh. This isn’t fair…I can’t do…”

“You said I owed you one, well I’ll give you more than one, how’s that?” And as he ran his tongue over her clit, she came.

“Well there’s one,” he chuckled,…”let’s see if we can do better.” He then grabbed her right ankle and brought it up to her wrist - he liked her being flexible – and tied it at the bedpost.

“Hey, hey, I’m not a wishbone here…careful, just what are you up to?”

“Just making you a little more accessible.” He now took the other ankle and tied it next to her other wrist. She was now outstretched and fully exposed, her pussy and her ass, still plugged, ready and available.

“I think we’ll replace the butt plug with this.” He now held up a transparent plastic and metal plug, slightly larger than the previous one and with wires connected to a small electronic device.

“Hey, now wait a minute, I’m not having you electrocute my ass, thank you very much.”

“Just a friendly little current, to stimulate you, keep you on the edge, sweetie.” He didn’t really ask her permission, as he withdrew the butt plug from her ass, lubed the larger one and placed it at her sphincter.

“Now, relax and just push out a bit, okay?”

“Easy for you to say, fu…..this better be good, or you’re a dead man….oooh…ooh.” And in no time the plug was inside her ass, with just the base plate and two wires showing. Looking down on her, he turned a couple of dials and she immediately felt a kind of whirring movement, then a light shock, but he was right, it was not unpleasant, not at all! She started to breathe slowly, then began to pant.

“Jeez, this isn’t fair, phew, you’re playing me like a puppet….ooohh, oh. For God’s sake, stick your cock in me will you?” He laughed and moved between her legs.

“Happy to oblige.” And slid into her, oh so easily.


And so we shall leave our four intrepid damsels, some in distress, yes, but not exactly fighting it. Charlotte, now very much a confirmed rubber subbie to her master and lover, Jack.

Samantha, back in the arms of her true love, Tommy. Who would be the dom and sub there, well time would tell.

And then there is Miranda and Megan. Perhaps a bit of a surprise, but they seem well suited to each other.

And finally Carrie, doubled up and stretched back and being royally fucked by Big, no surprises there but the element of rubber and domination has brought a new excitement to their union.

Yes, all in all, sex in this city, for these women at least, would never be the same.




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