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An Alternative Sex in the City - Carrie's Introduction

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; bond; cons; X

(Note: I can’t say I was a particular fan of the TV series. I saw maybe ten episodes and wondered what the fuss was about. I don’t think it was shocking or cutting edge (and I really hate that term!) or particularly witty. But it did get me thinking about the four heroines going down a different road. Now this is an episode I would like to have seen!)

Chapter 1 - Carrie's Introduction

It was, of all people, Big that got the ball rolling. Carrie had noticed that her had been acting a bit strange over the previous weeks, but had put it down to his work. She said he needed to relax more, to let loose, and a couple of times he just nodded and said that would be a good idea, but nothing more was said.

Then one evening he told her to be ready at eight as they were going out together; she asked where but he told her it was a secret. Somewhat intrigued that evening Carrie waited for him to arrive and ruminated that although their relationship had been progressing she felt there was something a little secretive about him, something he was holding back.

He arrived on time, looking a bit sheepish, even nervous, and with a package under his arm. They kissed as she entered and she said.

“Okay I’m ready, where are we off to?”

“Well, actually…’re not ready, you’re not….properly dressed yet.” And he handed her the package.

“This is for you to wear, tonight. The place I want to take you has a….dress code. Look, I’m a little nervous here, so why don’t you open it up and see what you think.”

She gave him a look, and smiling, shook the package.

“Go on, it won’t bite.” He said a little snappily.

She opened the package, gingerly. Inside was a shiny red and white garment and underneath that a black one. She looked at him and then took the top one out, extending it full length in her hands. She was still silent and Big was clearly uncomfortable. It was a catsuit made from, she could easily tell by the smell as well as the feel, latex. It was full length with attached arms and legs and a zip extending from belly button under the crotch to the back of the high neck. It was basically white, with swirls of red at breasts, crotch and thighs. She fingered it, putting it to her nose and smelling it, not showing any distaste. Big then, stutteringly, said.

“I sense that you don’t think I’m being fully honest with you. As you can see I’m a little nervous about this, but I guess we all have skeletons in the closet, don’t we? Mine, I guess, is dressed in latex.” He chuckled, and yet he was unable to make eye contact with her.

“Anyway you want me to be frank and open, so here….is one of my little, well not so little secrets.

“Well, this is a…..surprise. I know about latex of course, you see some girls in the clubs wear it, maybe not so bold as this though. And you want me to wear this tonight?”

“Yes, I would love you to wear it. I had it specially made for you, I know your measurements of course. You can leave the black one in there for the time being. Look, the…confession I have to make is I like latex, the look of it, the feel and even the smell, strange though that may seem.” He sat down, seemingly exhausted by this confession.

“Some people think it’s weird I’m sure, a fetish, but hell, why should satin or leather be okay and not this. I don’t know, it’s a society thing I suppose.” He was still waiting on her reaction and she sensed this.

“Well, don’t ask me, I don’t know.” She ran her hands over the shiny limp garment.

“I can’t say I’d wear it at work or going to the stores…” she laughed, “….although it would be interesting too see the reactions. But at the right place, in clubs yes, why not? Look I’m not stupid, I live in New York and I know there are clubs, SM clubs, fetish clubs here where everyone dresses up and has a good decadent time in this stuff.” She held the suit up against her body and approached him with a sly smile.

“So….is that where you want to take me? All dressed up in latex to an SM place, hmmm.”

“Well…as a matter of fact, yes, I would like to do that. But I don’t want to force…I mean if you don’t want to, you feel uncomfortable then no, of course not.”

“So…if I chose not to go, you wouldn’t tie me up and gag me, and take me off in the trunk of your car to have your way with me in your club?” She was flirting with him and making him feel very uncomfortable. Trying to make light of it he said.

“Sure, sure that’s exactly what I’d do. Hey Carrie, it’s up to you. Your choice, I’m being really open here, and it is not easy.” She put a hand on his cheek.

“Hey, hey, lighten up, I’m just having a little fun here, jeez you make it sound like you are confessing to a mass murder. Take it easy, it’s only clothing, right?” She giggled.

“Sure, why not? Sounds interesting, I’m expected to be an expert on sex in our fair city, so it’s time I took a walk on the wild side….hey this is the sort of stuff Lou Reed would go for I think. I can’t imagine why I haven’t written about this before.”

“Now Carrie, I don’t want you writing some exposee or hatchet job. The club I belong to is very secret, sophisticated and don’t want to be plastered over The Times.”

“Okay okay, I’ll write a nice sweet tolerant piece, or maybe nothing at all, I may be bored to death with the place.” Again he knew she was kidding with him, but he was feeling a lot more comfortable, as least she had not been horrified and dismissed him as a freak, but then time would tell, he thought.

“So do I get into it now? Might as well.” And she started to do a slow strip, with a sweet smile on her face, a small burlesque just for him, right down to her bra and panties.

“No, they’ll have to come off too, you will sweat in the suit and it will chafe against the cotton.”

“Okay,” she said and stripped to the buff, “sure you don’t want a quickie?” She said cradling her boobs and pouting.

“No honey, let’s wait until later. You’ll need talc to pull it on, I’ve talced the inside but you’ll need more.”

In the bathroom she talced herself liberally and noticed she was a bit nervous, or was it excited? This was a new venture indeed and she was interested in seeing how she would react, never mind him. She returned to the living room, and he held out the suit for her to step into. She put her hands on his shoulders as he bent down and she slipped one foot into the legging.

“Woo, this is cold….and tight.”

“Like a second skin, that’s what we…..fetishists, like about it, cool and shiny and tight, just like a performing seal. Don’t worry about the cold, you’ll warm it up quickly and be sweating soon.”

She wriggled her legs and eased the suit up to her crotch, looking at him, she thought this was almost sexier than taking clothes off! She ran her hands down her thighs, easing out any wrinkles; it was smooth and cool to the touch…..and she liked it. She pushed her arms into the tight sleeves (there were no cloves or feet attached) as Big went behind her and pulled on the shoulders. Carrie took a shivery breath as he slowly zipped up the back and the suit began to grip her tightly. The high neck went to just above her adam’s apple and then she heard a click from behind.

“Hey, what’s going on back there?”

“Nothing to worry about, just a small lock that’s all.”

“Oh yeah, what kind of lock? Can I get out of this thing if I want to?”

“Actually no,” he said with a smile, “I have the key so…I guess you’re my prisoner.” She thought about this for a second.

“Well I guess I can trust you, I’ll have to, won’t I?” She looked into his eyes as he ran his hands down her body.

“Carrie, trust me, okay, I’m the nervous one here.” She grinned at his discomfort.

“Hey, loosen up, big guy, just allow me to rib you once in a while, okay. Anyway….how do I look?” She ran her hands over her smooth shiny skin, feeling her nipples harden already under her touch.

“Beyond my dreams, incredible.” He said quietly, not taking his eyes off her.

“Well, I have to say, it’s a funny feeling….cool, although I’m warming up, clingy and almost like as if I’m protected, in a suit of armour, and yet, covered but exposed. It doesn’t hide anything and yet it hides everything, strange paradox. I don’t know, it’s weird, certainly not unpleasant and actually quite nice, warmer now, and protected, and I have to say..” she looked in a mirror, “it certainly enhances my….figure.” She turned to him. “I actually feel quite sexy, it’s flattering to the body.”

“You have a great body Carrie, you don’t need any help there but the way it pulls everything together, well just makes it all the better.”

“Thanks God the zip goes round here, I though I wouldn’t be able to pee.” She giggled as she ran the zipper slowly up and down.

“Yes, well you may be in it for a while so that was a definite requirement.” He moved close to her and held her to him, breathing in her natural aroma mixed with latex. For a few seconds they stayed like that then she said.

“So, are we ready to go? Hey, wait a minute, what about you? Am I the only one all…rubbered up here?”

“Oh no, you’ll see.” He replied as she slipped her feet into 4 inch heels.

“Good, cos you better look good after all I’ve done for you here.” She chided him. “What about my personal stuff, I’d look a bit strange with a purse around my wrist.”

“We’ll leave it in the car, George will take care of that.” She nodded, George was the picture of discretion and on reflection she didn’t really care if she looked like some bizarre scuba diver.

“You might want to put on the black garment in the box before we leave.”

“Oh yeah? Embarrassed being seen with me in public?” She ragged him again.

“Well it would be interesting seeing you explain this to the neighbours.” He smiled and bent down, picking up the shiny black garment and holding it up. It was a rubber cape, full length from ankle to neck.

“Hmm, well that should cover up all manner of secrets.” She chuckled and turned her back to him putting her hands on her hips coquettishly.

“Indeed it will.” He replied, and from under the cape out of her sight produced a pair of handcuffs.  He draped the cape over her shoulders and with the practiced ease of a seasoned policeman drew her hands back swiftly and deftly cuffed them together. It had taken less than three seconds.

“Hey, hey, want the hell is going… bast…” Carrie turned to him with venom in her eyes.

“That was pretty slick, just what do you think you’re up to, eh?” She glared at him, and yet with just the faintest of smiles creasing her face. Big was all innocence now, a lot more confident than before.

“Well you did ask if I was going to tie you up, gag you and whisk you away.”

“Ha ha, very funny…..and that is what you propose, is it? Well…..I don’t suppose that in this state I can do much about it.” She still had the small smile on her face and Big was relieved to see this.

“No,” he said matter-of-factly, “I don’t think there is, really.” She thought on this for a second, then turned her back to him and said.

“Okay then, let’s get going.” He draped the cape over her shoulders.

“Oooh, that’s cold again, but I like the feel of the latex rubbing on the suit.” He came round and pressed the stud fastenings from her ankles up to her high collar under her raised chin. He looked into her eyes and gave her a lingering kiss. Her arms were trapped behind her sides and she noted that she actually quite liked the vulnerable feel as he embraced her.

“Mmm, that was nice, you could do that all night, and more, and I wouldn’t be able to do anything, would I.” She grinned.

All in all she was feeling very good indeed, she thought, as she left the apartment with her lover, a mystery woman imprisoned in her long cape being “kidnapped” by her handsome prince.

George was at the kerb and opened the rear door of the limo for them.

“Evening miss.”

“Hi George, and how are you?”

“Just fine miss, and you look great this evening.”

“Thanks George, I think we are in for an interesting night.”

“I don’t doubt it, miss.” And he smiled at Big as he closed the door and drove them off.

Carrie adjusted herself in the large back seat, she bent her arms slightly and sat back. She was quite comfortable and the cuffs did not pinch. Now Big said.

“Carrie, as we are going to a secret club I hope you won’t mind, just for now if I blindfold you. Mmm? It’s not that I don’t trust you, of course I do, but the patrons are very careful inviting new guests to the club and it is one of the rules that on the first visit they are blindfolded so that if it doesn’t work out, well, everyone is protected.”

She thought on this for a second and nodded, it didn’t seem to be a big deal and she turned her head as he wrapped a rubber blindfold, consisting of round rubber pads on an elastic strap, around her head. He kissed her lips tenderly and whispered.

“Thank you.”

She leant against Big and reflected on the evening so far. He had certainly been a bit of a shock, but she trusted him, she loved him and she thought he loved her. She was warm and comfortable in the clinging suit and she liked the feel of the cape as it rustled over the tight undergarment. She was not fearful; on the contrary she was quite excited to see where they were going and how the evening would unfold.

As the limo sped through Manhattan she felt Big slide a hand through the slit in her cape and then gently rest on her rubber-covered breast and then up to her nipple, which was now as hard as a bullet. That pleased Big, he knew Carrie was aroused whether by the intrigue or perhaps even the clothes he did not know, but it bode well for the evening!

He could hear her breath hasten as he moved his hand to the flap covering her crotch zip and he rubbed the flap, feeling her shiver under his touch. Carrie was indeed aroused and she could feel the moisture in her suit build up. Knowing she was so vulnerable actually excited her, she would be putty in his hands and he could do as he wished with her. She raised her head and he kissed her again, she was now feeling a bit dizzy, she didn’t know quite what was coming over her. Their lips broke and Carrie could hear Big starting to take his clothes off. She knew he was wearing something underneath his street clothes and she could detect a more pervasive odour of latex but her blindfold prevented any further discovery.

“As I said, you better look good in that!”

“Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed.” He chuckled. “We’re here now so I can take the blindfold off and you can see me….in all my glory.”

He gently pulled it over her head and she inspected him in the dim light of the limo. She was delighted to see he was dressed as she was, in a white catsuit with swirls of red, and with red leather knee high boots.

“Oh yes, you don’t disappoint at all.” She giggled. “If I wasn’t cuffed I’d be on you right now.”

“Well we’ll have to take care of that soon. We’ll take the cape off now, it’s hot in the club….and I want to show your beauty off.” He disrobed her as she stepped out of the car and tossed he cape on the back seat. George stayed discreetly in his seat as Big leant into the door and took out two flaccid objects of white latex.

“Some of the members like to remain anonymous, so we wear masks. If you want to be so I can put this mask on you. You look wonderful without it, but a little…mysterious with it. It’s your choice, there may be people there who know you or vice versa. I wear one, because of my position I’m always open to blackmail. Crazy but true, some of my circles just wouldn’t accept this. Sorry honey, but you won’t have the benefit of looking at my beautiful features.

“Well,” Carrie thought, “it might be fun to be masked, kind of anonymous, I could be someone else…a red and white avenger! Sure, let’s try the mask I hope I won’t be too hot with it on.”

Gently he pulled her hair back and tucked it under her collar, then opened up the white latex mask and she lowered her head into it. She smelled the pungent rubber as he pulled the two ends of the zipper together and began to slowly zip it down the back of her head and over the collar of her suit and the small lock that kept her prisoner in it. It was very tight and clung to her features but she wasn’t uncomfortable at all, she liked its smooth cling as it warmed up.

Big now repeated the process on himself and soon they were identically suited and masked. He thought she looked wonderful, masked and anonymous and oh so sexy in her shiny armour.

“Hey, what about the cuffs?” She waggled her arms.

“Oh, I think you can keep them on for the moment, you can be my little rubber slave!” He smiled evilly through his mask. She pouted but she rather liked the idea of being paraded in front of the crowd, for after all she was masked and she could be anyone she wanted! He had a small belly pack at his hip and she assumed, hoped, he had the key in there. Then he wrapped bracelets round both their wrists with small tags presumably identifying them as members, took her by the arm and led her to the club’s front door.



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