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The Almost Gender Change Experiment

by Edruber

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I was 66 years old, worried about the inactive Hep virus I contracted during a transfusion while in the Air Force which became activated, when I was kidnapped and forced into a medical experiment that changed me into another completely different and younger object of sexual pleasure.

At age 66, the last thing in my mind was sex. The sudden Hep B attack 6 years ago, had eaten away over a quarter of my liver, and the fact that my days on this earth where few, just surviving each day was uppermost in my mind. I kept exercising by bicycling 3 to 5 miles every day, which was becoming almost impossible due to my deteriorating health. It was a beautiful perfect day in Key Largo, Florida, temperature was 72 degrees, and the sun was shining. I was not feeling well so I decided to go for the shorter route of 3 miles on the Bicycle. This route was on a one way narrow road near the water in the back streets. I was in a kind of deserted area when I heard a vehicle coming behind me and slowed down making me apprehensive not to lose my balance, I tried to look to the side however, someone grabbed me by the collar and pulled me inside a van making me land on a large mattress. It was so quick that by the time I realized where I was, a plastic mask was placed over my mouth and nose and a man’s voice said; "Just keep calm and breathe deeply". I did and passed out.

I woke up feeling extremely strange. I was sitting in a balloon type chair, completely tied to it, my head was in some type of tight encasing with slits for eyes, nose and mouth. My mind wandered to sexual excitement because there was a smell of rubber mixed with Johnson’s baby powder and for some reason no matter how sick I felt, that smell always excited me.

I had to breath through my nose because there was something large in my mouth. The room around me looked like a hospital treatment room with a strange surgery table with a rubber air filled top not tight enough to bulge and with the center creases it might have been filled with water. In the corner there was a strange contraption with several padded areas with belts hanging from it and very large enema rubber bags hanging directly above it. Against the wall there was the usual stainless steel sink with the medicine cabinets, an array of rubber gloves, round things looking almost like dildos with thin rubber tubing and rubber air pumps hanging from the ends of them. I tried to look down to the floor however, a hard neck brace prevented me from doing so.

From somewhere behind me, I heard like a door opening and closing and someone walking towards me. A man in his mid-fifties came into my view, toting a cart with all sorts of electronic gadgets and wire connectors on it. He pulled up a chair and sat about 8 feet in front of me and after looking me from top to bottom said; "Hi, I’m glad you’re finally awake because I want to get on with my research".

"My name is Dr. Armstrong and I have been doing research on a possible cure for hepatitis B and C for the past six years. Six years ago I got a list of fifty candidates for my research infected with Hep, and you where the 12th on that list. My theory was that with a treatment of largely female hormones with a small percentage of male hormones and some other ingredients of my formula, Hep could be cured. With trial and error on your predecessors, I found out that this has the bonus effect of making persons younger but, only men. You are going to be the subject of female studies without sex organ change. In other words I am going to make your body very desirable to men, and make you around 35 to 40 years younger and completely cured of diseases. Psychologically and internally you are going to have the most enjoyable sex life possible more so then any man or woman. You will enjoy both worlds to the max".

"Now then, I chose you for this final stretch because of the following reasons; The medication you have been taking for the last six years to keep the Hep in check, in conjunction with my hormones and other treatments are essential for success . Also I have hacked into your P.C. and found out about your gay tendencies even though you never acted on them as a matter of principals. Please understand that your life as Arnold Messler is over. We have already transferred your identity to a dead person that was cremated last night. You’re my property from now on. You will be on extensive treatment for the next two months, your body is going to change drastically and eventually you are going to be a 30 year old, in pure sexual ecstasy most of the time. You will be trained extensively mentally and physically".

"Now, during the period of checking you I came across your fetish for rubber and have to admit that I became a rubberiest myself and found that rubber is a very good helpful material for sexual success in this program. I am going to mold your body in the form of a very desirable round bottom, In rubber it will be irresistible".

"You have been out for 24 hours and I have already started your treatments. You no longer have any hair throughout your body, the hormones are going to make your completion very feminine and soft and your body very sensitive to touch, especially your nipples and rectum. While you were under, I implanted suggestive pictures and feelings in your mind making you enjoy and desire to suck a male dick. Of course it goes without saying that all sex you will undertake will be protected with condoms, oral or rectal".

"The chair you are sitting in is state of the art of rubber and electronics so that once I connect my control, I will be able to introduce anything and any feeling in your body. Once every 10 hours the suit you are in will fill with oxygen giving you a ¼ of an inch looseness inside which will last 2 hours. I can feed you, clean you and fuck you all without taking you out of it. I think that within 2 weeks you should be changed enough to be taken out of the suit and start your human experiences at the special clubs. Now I am going to put you back to sleep because tomorrow will be a very tiresome training day for you". And with that he plugged in his control wires in the chair and I was out.

I woke up somewhat disoriented and it took me a little time to find my surroundings and status. I was in a dimly lit large room, stone flooring and walls, with a rubber covered bed and several rubber pillows on it and it had a head board totally covered in padded rubber in a 45 degree angle. The room was large with beds, equipment all over like; whips, paddles, dildos, harnesses hanging all over the walls, there was a saw horse covered in plush padded rubber with straps hanging from it, a large wood X frame with hand and ankle cuffs and some more shelves and equipment I was not able to identify.

I felt a slight chill and realized that I was totally naked wearing only a tight rubber hood with eyes, nose and mouth openings, high heel boots and my arms where held about a foot above my head with cuffs around my wrists connected to a metal bar about 3 feet long, connected to a chain going up to the ceiling. I looked down to myself and was flabbergasted to my new body shape. I now have a small waist line with larger abs, small but perfect pear shape breasts with swollen like slightly larger than usual nipples. My skin was perfectly smooth and hairless, with a light shine and glow that made me a little excited especially when I twisted my head back as far as I could and saw my beautiful, round, firm ass.

The voice of the Doctor sounded from somewhere and said, "This will be your first real male to male encounter. You are going to have the greatest most exciting physical experience of your life. Just remember that there is no reason to be ashamed, no one will even know who you are. Now you are an object of pleasure for man, relax and enjoy it".

My feelings about all of this where confused and split to say the list. On one hand I was kidnapped and forced to be in this predicament however, I was already feeling incredibly younger and good, so much better than a few days ago when my life was on the way to an end.

A door opened and closed somewhere behind me and I could hear steps towards me. It was a moment of total stress good or bad I was not sure. Even being naked in this cooler room I started perspiring slightly and felt weak at the knees. I dared not turn my head to look. The shock came when two muscle bound arms surrounded my body, and two large hands grabbed my breasts and gently squeezed them for a few moments then started to play with the nipples, while at the same time tightly pushing his body against mine with a large hard appendage forcing it’s way vertically between my ass cheeks .

He was kissing and nibbling on my neck and shoulder and I think he was kissing my rubber covered head. Every area that his body and hands where touching mine, felt tingling and blazed with pleasurable sensations. Very hard to describe how wonderful and exhilarating I was feeling. He went on squeezing me to a point of lifting me off my feet tightly against him. I was actually breathing heavily and at times losing my breath slightly. After a few minutes he put me down and let me go completely, walking away.

I heard the rustling of packaging and the noise of a cabinet door opening, then his large hand grabbing my right ass cheek then the left which was another incredible feeling for me since no one had ever done that to me and the sensitivite state that my body was in due to the hormone treatments. He spread my ass cheeks apart and penetrated me with one finger to lubricate my entrance. For a few seconds after that nothing touched me but, I could sense that he was probably putting on the condom. THEN THE MOMENT OF TRUTH, THIS WAS IT, THE ONE IN A LIFE TIME EXPERIENCE WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN.

I felt the head of his dick push between my cheeks and a large what felt like a tennis ball starting to push against my anus. I thought this was as far as it would go but to my surprise it went in to a second point of resistance and as it crossed that barrier I felt a pain difficult to explain but, he apparently noticed my distress and stopped going in becoming immobile. To my surprise, after the pain subsided, I started pushing back taking in that enormous appendage deep inside of me until I felt my ass cheeks squeeze against his muscular legs.

He now was again holding me tight against him with my feet off the floor while playing with my nipples with his fingers. I FELT AS IF I WAS IMPALLED ON A LARGE POLE INSIDE MY WHOLE BODY GIVING OUT SPARKS OF CONSTANT INCREDIBLE PLEASURE .

Definitely, this was the most outrageous wonderful outstanding experience I had in my life. I was compressing my inner muscles to try giving the most pleasure to that rod of ecstasy. I was having constant mini inner orgasms making me tremble with inner pleasure, and glad that my feet and legs where not supporting me because they were shaky and weak. He kept flopping me forward and naturally gravity was bringing me back to full impalement. Nothing was touching my dick, but, it was semi hard and dripping pre-cum.

The pleasure was too complete for me to concentrate on any one area. I was in a place I never wanted to leave; my head was in a buzz of nerve grogginess that I wished would never end.Suddenly, he started to moan loudly and throwing me at twice the speed, naturally duplicating my pleasure. He slowed to a complete stop and after a few seconds took it out, kissed the back of my neck and left me hanging on the chain above me, which I was glad for it otherwise I would have fallen like a sack of potatoes.There was a very strange and empty feeling inside me to the point that I was sad and kind of lonely hopping for more.

I felt something being moved from behind my head and an apparatus was removed from my eyes and to my shock, I was back at the lab sitting in the rubber chair. The Doctor was looking at me with a smile of satisfaction and said, "Well, I’m sure you enjoyed yourself and this is just the beginning". I was stunned.

It was all mind imaging but I could feel the throbbing in my rear to which the Doctor explained by touching his control and I felt something entering my rectum again and exiting. He advanced that the physical contacts where real with dildo and artificial means through his controls. He told me that the real experience will keep getting better with every act. He then told me that I no longer have the hep virus and my body was well on its way to the point of what I saw in the mind experience. My thinking of this ordeal changed completely. I had been furious with the fact that I had been taken against my will and forced into submission. Now however, I was feeling a sense of adventure and improvement over the previous old life.

The Doctor started unhooking the connections and telling me that I was going to be taken off the chair for a while to be showered and be trained in the aspect of oral sex, after which I would be placed in the room for the night, where I would be expected to make a full detail report of my most intimate feelings during the first sexual experience. He rolled the chair out of the lab and into a corridor that led to a very large shower area with a special area that obviously was built for enemas since it had a padded bench about waist high several rubber tubes hanging with appropriate custom made anal intruders with rubber pear shape air pumps, and the largest two rubber enema bags I have ever seen hanging from chains coming from the ceiling.

He stopped the chair and first took the collar off my neck, then unzipped the rubber arm sleeves and the front ending in the legs all the way to my ankles. As I started to move forward to get up, I noticed and felt that the air in the back and seat was perfectly proportioned to mold the body that set in it forming to every crevice including the one between the cheeks of my ass. This was in fact a state of the art wonder that could perform any action the controller wanted to due to the subject. I was in love with the chair, I felt like hugging it.

The Doctor left and a tall strong individual wearing rubber boots, a long neck to ankle rubber apron and black rubber gloves grabbed me by the arm and took me to the enema area first, bent me over the rubber covered bench and grabbed a dildo type anal insert with tubing attached to it, got some a plastic tube and lubed it well, then inserted in to my rectum to the hilt followed by pumping a balloon inside to insure it would not come out. He connected the other end to the enormous rubber enema bag which appeared to be half full.

When the water pressure started to become painful, I reached back to stop it but he grabbed them and cuffed my wrists to the bench and told me he controls the amount of water and just for my attempt, I would have to endure another quarter gallon. After the enemas I was given a soapy shower dried then he went out and brought back an arm full of garments plus a large container of Jonson’s baby powder.

First item was a rubber corset which he powdered well then placed it around my waist and tighten in the back so much, I was having breathing difficulties. He then powdered a pair of rubber shorts with a slit at the rectum area and told me to put it on next a rubber hood with eyes, nose and mouth holes and last a rubber brazier made of hard rubber cups with pear pumps, that after they were in place, he pumped the air out of them enlarging my breasts until my nipples where touching some rubber knobs that had a mechanism with small weights on the outside that worked in a circular continuous motion touching and exciting the nipple tips.

Every movement I made, it drove me mad that all I could think and wished was to be fucked. I was taken back to the lab where in the place of the chair, there was a gurney with the same style rubber mattress and suit with electronic plug in at the bottom. I was made to lie on it face down my face and breasts in a padded holes similar to those of a massage table, followed by the zipping of the rubber suit making me completely immobile and part of the new procedure. The contraption was placed in front of my eyes and suddenly I was laying in a padded bench at 45 degree angle looking at a comfortable stuffed seat facing me. I had a belt around my back at waist level and my wrists cuffed to the sides at hip level.

My head is hanging out without any support. Every small movement I made the nipple knobs drove me crazy with lust. I am naked again and anxiously wanting for some kind of sex whatever it may be. I am back in the dungeon room as before. A large rubber covered man walked in with his large organ protruding from it covered with a condom. He sat in front of me pushing himself to where my face was on his lap and my mouth was pressing on his large dick completely engorged and ready for action. He lifted my head and pushed his dick in my mouth first all the way to the back of my throat and then pulling back to where just the head was just inside. I heard a voice instructing me to move my tongue in a circular motion around the head without touching my teeth on it. With the nipple motion this was turning me on and I was really enjoying and getting into it. I was on my own moving my head up and down on it allowing to go down my throat until the gagging point at which time I would pull back and start again.

In the last possibly two months I was taken every other day, given an enema, got fucked while giving a blow job at the same time. In that time my body became perfect like the way it was in my mind on the first fuck. I rejuvenated as promised by the Doctor to about age 32 but, I turned into a beautiful she-male.

The day finally came when instead of being placed in the rubber chair, I was prepared, dressed in a skin colored rubber suit with the usual slit in the rectal area however instead of the rubber hood, they fitted me with a blonde wig pony tail style and make up. My male genitals were well concealed within the rubber front. I was going with my face hanging out but, it was a face no one could recognize. They placed me in the back of a van with no windows and after a 20 minute ride I was taken out of the van inside a garage where we proceeded to an elevator to the penthouse. I was made to sit on the edge of a large rubber king size bed and wait.

After about 15 minutes a large dark headed man with an athletic physique, came in, undressed completely from his blue suit and tie, sat next to me in the bed, told me to lay belly down over his lap and started to spank me with his large hand, painfully hard. I did what I thought would turn him on by in a low tune started to cry and begged him to stop. It worked because I felt his enormous hard on banging on my belly. After a fiery ass pounding, he stopped and told me to get on my knees in front of him. As I was complying, he was placing a condom on and due to his size was a very tight fit. Before I could think, it was in my mouth and I was working the magic that I learned for the past 3 months.

After 8 to 10 minutes he stopped me picked me up and laid me on the bed, got some rubber pillows, placed them under me to prop my round ass up, spread my legs apart and laid on top of me with his large dick sliding up and down my crack and then... the big moment it was against my entrance and started to go in. With all the training I had it hurt a little but once it was in, it was even better than the training. He would pump up and down for a while, then lay with his full weight on me moving his hips from side to side, then get in a push up position and pump fast and hard. His incredible stamina kept him going for about 35 to 40 minutes, then the usual fast pace finally with the resting by laying on top of me for a while, and taking it out of me slowly with a pop.

He was lying next to me resting and I reached over and gently played and caressed his genitals. He kind of snoozed for about 20 minutes and in that interim his dick got hard and if possible larger than before. He woke up, told me to exchange the condom, and started to fuck me all over again, this time it took him over an hour. As much as I was enjoying, I was getting tired but, I would have served him all night if needed. When he finished he again laid next to me and told me that as soon as he would fall asleep, I was to press the button in the wall then wait in the next anteroom for them to pick me up. That was the first of the continued sessions every other day. I was given Sundays off. They put me in a suite in a luxury hotel with 9 other cases like me.

I discovered that they were and are selling me for the highest bidder on the internet. I found out that sometimes I bring as much as 20.000.00 dollars for one night. The cure for HepB was never approved because of the sexual transformation. I started thinking that maybe, the good Doctor had never intended this to be any miracle cure, he was making a small fortune with ten of us being auctioned every night. I also found out that he owned the hotel. Constant sex has turned me into a nymphomaniac and on my days off I miss the sex. I am happy and the only question I have is when do I celebrate my birthday?


Please let me know how you like it, because I have another story coming.


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