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Alice's Rubbery Afternoon

by Rubberking

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© Copyright 2007 - Rubberking - Used by permission

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Alice smiled as the wind whipped through her hair as she drove home from her strange shopping spree, she still wondered what had possessed her to seek out the store's way down in the valley that carried the clothes and accessory's she had purchased. She still had more things ordered and winging they're way to through the mail. Still though, It had only been a month since she had first found her husbands stash of rubber clothes, and instead of getting mad at him for deceiving her, she had gone on the internet and found a huge amount of information about this strange "fetish" of his.

She remembered the feel of the smooth black stuff and the strong smell of latex after she opened the cardboard box he had hidden in the basement, and the way the clothes slithered around as she pulled them out and set them on the worktable like something alive. The strange sensation of getting horny just from holding the illicit seeming material, and how her nipples had hardened as she held his rubber catsuit up against herself.

She had put his things back and fought down an urge to masturbate and elicited instead to find out more about his strange desire. She had done a search on rubber clothes and was staggered by the avalanche of hit's as the screen was flooded with everything from rubber stamps to extremely pornographic websites.

Just as she was going to give up and go off on him she spotted a site called "the International Association of Rubberists" or the IAR. The home page listed a wealth of information and stated that "rubberists" were just like everyone else, except that they liked to have sex or other fun while dressed in rubber and latex. Still Bobby had never told her about this part of his life and she found she was getting angry again, when she found a part of the site that had discussions about rubberists and their interactions with regular people. And the problems that arose when a rubberist tried to tell they're mates or other people about they're lifestyle choice.

After reading about ten of the discussions, she saw why he probably hadn't told her about this facet of his personality. A large majority of the stories told by male members left no doubt as to what had happened when a rubberist told or was found out by an uninformed partner, they had left.

Well, she wasn't going to do that. Not by a long shot. Instead, she started trying to find female rubberists and ask them about this turn of events she had blundered into.

And it took a while to find one, she had to make up a fake identity and go hunting for them, and like most wildlife they were elusive. She called herself "Rubberwife01" and left several massages for lady rubberists to contact her and had quit and gone and made dinner for the both of them and tried not to mention it over the evening meal.

After dinner he slunk down into the basement when he thought she wasn't looking and she smiled at that, what he didn't know yet was that she planed to meet him half-way.

She sat back down at the computer and went back to the IAR and found a few replies to her query's, a woman called "Rubbermaiden" said to meet her in a chat room in about two minutes from now, she made a pit stop and returned just as "Rubbermaiden" entered.

"Hello" she responded to her greeting and then typed in her situation and asked "Rubbermaiden" what she thought she should do? After a few long moments the other woman replied, "Have you tried wearing rubber yet? I don't excuse him for lying. But, I'm sure you've read the horror stories here about what happens sometimes and if you don't want to leave him, you might try it for yourself and see what you think before you confront him about it. Why not start off small and get you a bra and panty set and try them out, I myself found rubber a few years ago and love the way it feels on my body. Use talcum power to make getting into it easier and see what you think?"

Alice thought that for a moment then typed, "What else is there to do in rubber besides dress up? What do you do in rubber?"

The thirty line reply Rubbermaiden typed made her blush, not that she was a prude. But, she was astounded by some of the things this woman was saying that she did in this stuff. Amazing Alice thanked the woman and promised she would try out the bra and panty idea and after a little regular girl-talk she logged off and started looking at Bobby's bookmarks. An almost hidden folder was set off to the side where she wouldn't have found it if she wasn't looking for it, she clicked on it and was astounded by the sheer volume of sites and store's that she found. She found a company that her new friend had recommended and placed an order for some underwear, she saw all kinds of really fashionable clothes and bought some of these as well.

She found several places with store's in the valley an hour from home and placed a few orders there too, the reply stated that she could wait two weeks or she could come by and pick up her order tomorrow afternoon. Since she was off, she replied she would drive down and pick them up herself, she logged off and sat back and wondered what she had just done for a while, then she took herself off to bed and lay there idly playing with herself until Bobby came back upstairs and lay down next to her and went to sleep. Boy, was he in for a surprise tomorrow.

The trip downtown was uneventful, she arrived at the first store just after ten and had to wait across the street until a handsome red-haired woman entered the store and opened it up for the day. Crossing the street again she entered the store, and was struck by how everything in this shop was directly related to sex in some way. Some of the things in here frightened her until the red-haired lady came over and asked if she could help. "I placed an order yesterday and I've come to pick it up. And can you tell me more about this rubber and what it's about?"

The shopgirl laughed out loud for a bit, then took Alice through the looking glass. There was no other way to put it, by the time the young woman was done her head hurt from all that she had learned. Then the lady said that now she would have to try it out for herself if she wanted to know anymore, and led her back to the changing room and shushed her inside. Only to return moments later, with an armful of rubber and latex garments and several pair of high-heeled boots and shoes. She found herself getting wet again as she disrobed and pulled the proffered bra and panties up and onto her naked body, the bra and panties had little knobs that rubbed up against her nipples and clitoris, a slit provided access to her wet pussy. A black, full body latex catsuit caught her eye next and a tingle of illicit pleasure washed over her as she drew it on. The attached hood was strange yet liberating as she brought it up over her head, hiding her features as she smoothed out everything before deciding what next.

Rummaging through the rest of the pile, she found a long rubber corset. Well, in for a Penny in for a pound and she called the shopgirl over to help her put it on and lace it up. By the time they were done she could barely breath and yet, she could feel the rubber compressing every inch of her body and she swore softly and ground her thighs together and had a small orgasm right there. Her face was a deep shade of red as she looked up at the woman and was surprised to find that the woman was disrobing and showing her that she too was wearing a tight red rubber catsuit underneath her regular clothes.

"Yes my dear, we have this in common. Rubber is a deeply sexual material and seems made to make one's deepest sexual longings come out when you wear it, here is the rest of your order, take the rest as a gift. You're Bobby's wife aren't you? Well, I'll just put it all on his bill then. I hope you will like it as much as he does, he's such a sweetheart, please take him his order while you are at it and I hope you take good care of him." She said handing her a quartet of large shopping bags. Then, she helped Alice try on some of the shoes and she decided to take a pair of thigh-high high-heeled front-lace boots and the woman wrapped her in a long rubber coat and Alice thanked her and left. All the while wondering about how the saleslady knew her husband and for how long?

At the next store she found a huge array of sexual devices and more rubber clothes, she made a few more purchases and decided to head home, still wearing the rubber suit and hood and coat and randy as hell, she raced home.

She could see that Bobby's car wasn't in the driveway when she pulled in and so she gathered her bags and went in to see what the salesgirl had added to her order.

She fairly ran upstairs to their bedroom, pausing only to admire the sleek rubber-covered woman she saw there in the hall mirror and tossing the rubber over-coat onto the dressing chair, She plopped down on the bed and began her hunt.

The first box held a large black mass of rubber wrapped in a plastic sack, she set this aside for later.

The second one had a catsuit, this one was his, she saw as it had a sheath and pouch for his equipment, it also had socks, gloves and an attached hood with a gasmask, she chuckled as she set it aside also.

A third box revealed a bunch of rubber bondage equipment, she rifled through the collection of restraints and arm and legbinders like the ones she had seen on the web, she liked these and placed them on the bed next to her.

After finding several pairs of various styles of boots and shoes, she found her other purchases. The rubber bras and underwear, one pair with sheaths for her front and rear and another with dildo to fill both of her holes really made her wonder if she was doing the right thing. Still, she would find out later if she wanted to try going there. She held up the other corset she had bought, she had liked it because it was made up of several different colors and would go well with all that she had here.

Finally, she held up the second catsuit. This one was one-piece like the one she wore except that, like his new one it had a gasmask as the mask for the face. New sensations washed over her as she rubbed it against herself and she sighed, wanting to get on with it.

She reached into the bag with things she had bought from the second store and withdrew a large black vibrating dildo. She inserted some batteries and turned it on, it rumbled nicely in her hand and she tormented her stiff nipples with it awhile and then, she reached down and slid the zipper down at her crotch. A slight gush of her juices coated her hand as it came down, she brought the throbbing fake dick down to her nether lips, spread the panties and cried out as she thrust it all the way in one push. Never in her whole sheltered life had she been this horny! She drew the zipper up sealing to vibrator inside.

The effect was electrifying, instantly, she was in rut! Her hands groped her breasts and roamed her rubber covered body as she came thrashing about on the bed. In a fugue state she found the restraints and began binding her own legs and arms with them, immobilizing her legs and binding her wrists to her thighs. She rolled about as she was shook from head to toe by the waves of pleasure rolling over her as the rampaging monster squished around in her creaming depths.

After what seemed an awful long time, she undid the restraints on her wrists and unzipped the crotch of her suit and turned the dildo off. She left it inside as she recovered and pulled the zipper up again and using short steps she went over and sat at her computer.

Logging on, she sent an e-mail to Rubbermaiden to join her in the chat room, that she had news for her. And how! The dildo, far from letting her come down from her cum. It seemed to be building her up to another orgasm even as she sat there and typed.

Rubbermaiden logged on and asked what was up and Alice came again as she told her what she was doing, her fingers shaking as she entered the words.

Rubbermaiden was ecstatic! She told Alice that she too was dressed in a full-body catsuit and had been pleasuring herself when Alice's e-mail came in. Then she went on to describe what she was doing with her own vibrator at the moment and Alice came again as she basked in the voyeuristic sex that she and this other woman were experiencing together. They started to get wild with their fantasy's and Alice started up the vibrator in her again and they wrote back and forth. The other woman suggesting what she should do to her husband when he got home and Alice asking about all sorts of perverted things as she came again and again.

After a time, she said goodbye to her rubbery friend and signed off, clinching her pussy muscles around the fake dick as she rode out one more orgasm and then removed it and stepped into the shower and washed and cleaned her rubber clothes and her now sweaty self. She dried the clothes and let them air for awhile, then found an empty drawer and set all her new stuff inside, to wait till the time was right. She wanted to experience all the rubber self-love she could before she sprang it on Bobby. This was going to be a whole lot of fun, she could tell!

Bobby came home late that night and sulked about something for a long while over dinner, they talked about other things then she knew he wanted to talk about and after he helped clear the dishes away, he slipped down to the basement again. Leaving her all alone, the pig!

As she sat back down at her computer, she found herself fantasizing about dominating a rubber covered Bobby, about having him at her feet, licking her boottops and sucking on her high-heels and spanking him with a rubber covered whip. Just the idea thrilled her and she found herself rubbing her pussy as she logged on and found Rubbermaiden waiting for her in the chatroom. They talked girl-talk for a while, then the other woman asked if Alice had sprung her rubber covered self on Bobby yet. No she said, then went on to tell her what had happened over and after dinner and what she had fantasized as she sat there mad at him and asked her what she thought she should do about it.

Rubbermaiden said she shouldn't put up with such a situation and said she should get dressed up real hot and make him pay for his arrogance, she said to go down to his little playroom and make her dreams come true. That was what men were for and she should tease and torment him. But, not to let him cum tonight and that she should play with him and then let him go to work tomorrow his mind filled with pictures of her rubber-covered body tormenting him. Until he got home that evening and then she should bring him to a mind-shattering orgasm while worshipping her boots and feet. Alice thought this idea was delicious and logged off to get dressed, her friend wished her good luck and Alice blew her a kiss as she turned the computer off.

Quickly, she found the new red catsuit with the respirator and put on the rubber bra with the knobby protrusions in the cups and slipped into the panties with the twin dildos. She found some K-Y jelly and coated the anal shaft and slipped them both in place and finished pulling them up, gasping as she did so, the rear dildo hurt some going in, but not as much as she would have thought. It took her a few minutes to slipped into the catsuit and pulled the gasmask into place over her head, her body seemed other-worldly as she heard her breath burble through the respirator. She took some more time as she cinched the corset around her waist and laced up the thigh-high boots she had worn earlier and headed for the basement.

The corset made breathing difficult as she tottered on her heels and opened the door, a sound like rubber squeaking let her know that he was distracted still as she came down into the room. On the bed he kept in the corner was a black rubber bag. It wiggled as he twisted in his bondage inside she could see. She wiggled her own hips in response and felt truly randy while she watched him arch his back in the bag and shoot a load of cum as she pushed on the dildo deeper into her crotch and came herself.

Presently, she walked over and quickly ran the bags zipper down and listened to him squeal in surprise as she pulled the bag down off of his own shiny rubber body.

He had started to apologize for not telling her about his fetish when he spied her dressed in rubber like he was, his prick rose to attention again as she motioned him to get out of the sack and kneel at her feet. He didn't know who she was, standing there in front of him dressed in rubber.

Quicker then she had ever seen him move, he did so.

Not a word was said, she presented him with her booted foot and he bent to his task, licking and sucking up and down her boots, moaning as he did so. His dick was as hard as a rock as it flagged about, he groveled at the feet of his mystery mistress. She held out her hand and he seemed to know what she wanted since he rose and fetched her a many-tailed rubber whip and held it out for her to take.

She lashed out, striking him dead square on the head of his swollen penis and he pulled up into a fetal position on the floor quivering and shaking with the pain. She pulled him over and undid her zipper and squatted over his rubber covered face and she made him lick her to several cums around the dildo panties before she relented and stood up. She walked over to his workbench and wrote a note, it said that he had to wear rubber to work tomorrow and that he was not to come again until Rubberwife said so, and that he should hurry home tomorrow, because she had things around the house for him to do and that maybe. Just maybe she would let him cum then.

Then, she shook her finger at him and turned and left him there on the floor and went up and changed out of her rubber and put it away until tomorrow. The rubber panties were soaked with her juice and she came again as she took them off, the dildos popping out of her cunt and asshole.

Slipping into bed she smiled as he came in hunched over and looked wonderingly at her sleeping form and then came to bed himself. He would have a big day tomorrow and he would need his strength, softly he leaned over and kissed her hair and soon he was snoring softly. She thought about all that had happened today and decided that Rubbermaiden was right, this WAS a lot of fun.

The next morning, he slipped out of bed quietly and she was awakened by the sound of him going down to the basement. Then a bit later, the sound of him leaving for work left her smiling as she lay in the bed and pleasured herself while she thought about all that had happened so far and what she might do later. After a shuddering cum brought about by her manual manipulations, she rose and decided to go all day dressed in her new rubber gear.

She dressed that day in her new respirator masked suit and the slit panties and the knobby bra with a pair of the new knee-high high-heeled matching red boots. She admired her rubber covered form in the full-length mirror for a while, feeling herself getting hot again, she cupped her breasts and teased her nipples to stiff points before she went and sat down at the computer again and contacted her new friend. Rubbermaiden came into the chatroom and they talked animatedly for a long while about what she had done to him and how randy it had made her, they talked about this strange obsession and what it might mean to her and her husbands relationship. Then, out of the blue. She asked where Rubbermaiden lived and if they could get together and talk about what the rubber had done to her. Her friend said that she lived in town, in the valley and said if Rubberwife wanted to, they could meet for lunch at a restaurant about five miles from her house and discuss it. But, she said. You must wear your rubber and come alone.

Alice was terrified and said so, still she just had to have a woman to talk to about this and so she said she would come masked and would meet her there at noon.

The very idea of going about dressed like this was turning her on fiercely as she signed off and saw she would have to leave soon if she was going to make it on time.

She grabbed her new overcoat and slung it on, as she fairly raced to the car and drove off to meet her rubber buddy, her hands busy in her crotch the whole time as she drove to the restaurant and she wondered what would happen next.

She pulled into the parking lot, not knowing what to expect, it was a slightly rainy day. and so, she drew only a few stares as she approached a similarly rubber covered figure sitting a booth in the back.

"Rubbermaiden?" She asked through her gasmask as she sat down, trembling in her rubber suit. The figure across from her was tall in her crotch-high boots and black rubber suit with some red trim outlining her wide-eyed mask, she had a shock of red hair coming out from a tube in her hood. Behind the mask, Alice could see a pretty face and her friend definitely had a good body under her rubber.

"Hello Rubberwife." She smiled and said in reply and looked Alice up and down and said "my, but don't you look hot! I see you're taken to this rubber thing pretty quickly too, does the husband know about your kinky side yet?"

Alice shook her head by way of a reply and mumbled, "No and I don't think he knew who I was last night when I made him lick my new boots and service me with his mouth and it bothers me some that he fell so quickly at my feet. like he has another mistress out there somewhere I don't know about. Is it possible that he's getting some on the sly and I don't know it? What should I do, Rubbermaiden?" Alice stammered out from under her gasmask.

"Well, it's possible. I'll say that. But, up until yesterday he has been shut up inside his little rubber world and probably still thinks your totally against this facet of his life, the poor thing probably thinks he would live out the rest of his days hiding this from you for the good of your marriage. And so what if he's got a mistress on the side, dressed in rubber he would never exchange bodily fluids with her and would only be able to serve her in other ways anyway. What matters is that he loves only you and now you can take charge and give him all that rubbersex he has ever wanted from now on. Come on, do you know what a male rubberist would give for that? To share what he does in private with the woman he loves, that's sheer bliss Rubberwife, for someone like him. Now, what do you think about all this and would you like to know more about what you and I can do together today?"

Rubbermaiden sipped her drink and waited as Alice thought it over and said, "I've never been with a woman before. Hell, up until yesterday I had never known about rubber and all the wonderful things it can do. So, what shall we do together? Have sex? I don't know if I'm ready for that yet. But, I could use your help bringing my perverted husband back to heel, could we do that? And if we find a common ground there, maybe something could happen. What do you say?" the other woman sat and ate her salad and when she was finished she spoke again.

"All right, I'll help you with your husband. However, you will take the role of second mistress and will have to be subservient to me, O.K.? and there will be sex going on. Can you handle that? We'll continue to wear our masks so that none of us will know who the others are and we'll keep it that way for now. Now if your ready and you agree let's go get him girl!." The rubber clad beauty dropped some money on the table for the check and rose to leave, stopping to offer her arm to the trembling Alice as they left arm in arm to the guarded stares of the other patrons.

They went to their cars and Rubbermaiden followed her to her home and they went inside to prepare themselves for her husbands arrival.

Bobby came home at three o'clock, earlier than he had ever come home before from work and she greeted him in the kitchen as he came in, she motioned him to take off his outer clothes and she saw that he wore a plain catsuit under them. she shook her head that, that wouldn't do and pushed him downstairs to the basement so that he could put on the suit he had been wearing last night. Once attired in his one-piece with the mask, gloves and all and as an afterthought she strapped him into a pair of woman's ankle-boots and led him upstairs to play.

Rubbermaiden had laid out all the stuff they had rifled from his box and from her things she had bought. Furthermore, she had gone out to her own car and had brought in a large carry-all full of other equipment, they were ready for him for sure.

As Alice brought him into the room, she had pushed him down into a kneeling position, strapped a ball gag in his mouth and walked over to stand beside the other woman standing over him.

"Well slave, we have brought you here to fulfill your wildest fantasies and to do that, you will service me and do whatever me and my assistant tell you to do, do you understand? Failure to do so will bring pain and you will be forced to watch as I and Rubberwife service ourselves and you will get nothing. Do you understand? Good." She said when he nodded his rubber covered head.

"In case your wondering, you will call me Rubbermaiden and Rubberwife here will bind you now."

Alice brought over the armbinder and the leg restraints that they had picked out and put them on his unresisting form. Then they laid him out on the bed and started running they're hands over his body, his cock rose in it's sheath as they tormented him, kissing and licking his rubber covered figure as they went along.

"Rubberwife. Do you desire to take his puny penis inside your beautiful rubber covered cunt and have him please you? Nod your head dear and mount him when your ready, meanwhile he shall pleasure me with his mouth."

Rubbermaiden pulled the zipper of her suit down exposing a pair of sheath briefs and squatted down on his rubber covered face rubbing herself off against his mask, and filling his nostrils with her pungent smell as she rode his face to a shuddering orgasm. as Alice pulled herself astride his rigid cock, her petals split as she impaled herself on his rubber-covered member and brought herself off several times before his increased swelling told of his impending rush of seed. She swiveled around and grabbed his wagging dick and twisted his rubber covered balls and watched as his sheath expanded as he shot a large load of hot cum into his sleeve.

"Did I say you could cum slave! Damn you! You better not be fucked out or else me and my assistant will make sure that you don't cum again for a LONG time to come!" Rubbermaiden exclaimed and slapped the head of his penis, causing him to leap under them and thrash about in pain. His member seemed just as hard as before though and Alice worked hard to make sure he stayed that way.

Alice watched as Rubbermaiden brought herself off on her husbands face and then rose up in order to bring him up to a seated position. Then the two women kissed and went over to her friends carry-all and pulled out a bunch of PVC pipe and started assembling a device known as a vacuum bed, once assembled and the rubber sack pulled onto the frame. They set about unbinding and sticking Bobby inside it. Then, they hooked up the vacuum cleaner and soon he was totally immobile inside the standing bed.

Alice loved seeing her strong husband totally helpless caught inside the sheets of the bed and began running her hands over his body, his hard-on remained. A reminder of how much he loved being in rubber and subject to the tender mercies of his mistresses, caught like a fly in a spiders web. They looked at each other as Rubbermaiden joined her in stimulating her rubber-slut husband and Alice found herself running her hands over the rubber covered form of her friend and mistress. In front of her husbands eyes they met in an embrace, they're hands roaming freely across they're rubberized bodies.

Rubbermaiden led her back to the bed and pulled out the large bundle of rubber that Alice had brought home yesterday and rolled it out onto the bed cover.

"This is a sleep-sack my dear. This one is for two people, once inside you will see what it is about. But, first a little something for you." The woman pulled out a very large flesh-colored vibe and turned it on. Then, she reached down and unzipped the zipper at Alice's crotch. She teased her with it for a while, driving her crazy as it slipped slowly ever deeper into her cunt. Finally, it was all the way in and she pulled the zipper back up into place.

Alice was practically coming apart at the seems, cum's swam through her body one after another. She fell to her knees, thrusting the monster deeper in through her suit and screaming into the respirator as her mind emptied of everything else save sex and cumming. She was a little insane as Rubbermaiden laid her in the sack and climbed inside with her and pulled up on the zips, sealing them inside. They groped each other, pinching and mauling each other's tits and thrusting their hands between each other's legs, driving the dildo's each had deeper inside.

Meanwhile, Bobby watched all this through the haze of the semi-transparent rubber of his prison and his poor mind reeled from the vision of sapparitic love before him. His cock was rock hard and he tried vainly to get enough friction from rubbing up against the sheet that bound him to get off. But, no such luck. Trapped as he was, he couldn't cum without stimulation from outside.

Alice's mind was unhinged with sheer lust as she fondled and felt up her lover and more orgasms washed over and through her. "Rubber made this possible!" she thought "and I never knew. No wonder he hid this from me, I would have wanted it all to myself. Fuck him! let him watch as this woman, this mistress fucks me to death and then if I want to let him, I may let him spill his seed onto my feet. Oh god! Oh god! OH GOD! More, more, more. I want more!" she cried out into the mask over and over, all to no avail. She was just as trapped as Bobby was. Except where he couldn't cum, she couldn't stop. The face of her rubber lover swam before her filling her with delight as she said "now, Rubberwife. I believe I should go and let you and hubby here play by yourselves for the rest of the evening. But, don't worry. You won't be alone in here for long."

Rubbermaiden unzipped her side of the bag and climbed out. She cut off the vacuum cleaner and pulled an extremely randy Bobby out of his sack and tossed him down on top of Alice. She unzipped Alice's crotch and withdrew the vibe and tossed it into a box and zipped Bobby up inside the sack with her. It wasn't more than a few seconds till he was ramming his prick deep into her weeping snatch. Rubbermaiden broke down her vacuum bed and put it away.

Then she leaned down and kissed each of them as they fucked madly and said, "Oh, by the way Alice. Bobby knows me because he's been my slave for six years now. He came to me because no one else he knew was into rubber and I was glad when you came on the IAR and asked about him. I think you two lovebirds can take it from here. Give me a buzz when you're done and tell me how you liked it. 'bye now, I'll let myself out the front door, have fun kids!"

With that revelation she unzipped her mask and pulled it down, showing her face for the first time. It was the shopgirl! Alice wanted to ask her, her name. But, still another orgasm washed over her as she held her rubber husband in her arms and suddenly it didn't really seem to matter anymore and he covered his newly reveled rubber wife in kisses of love as the door clicked shut and the other woman left them behind. They no longer cared, they were lost in each others rubbery embrace and she saw stars as she came again. He cried out his love for her as he shot off. They fell asleep like that, still fucking away, just like newlyweds again.

Afterward, she had been mad for awhile at being set up like that. But, he didn't know that she had found his stuff and that she had grown to love it too. So she really couldn't be mad at him for it. Rubber really had changed their lives for the better and upon refection she couldn't be mad at Diana the shopgirl for giving her poor husband what he couldn't get at home. Alice actually kind of admired the way that Diana had moved her and Bobby together so that they could be happy again. In the rubber that he loved.

As she drove home. She thought about all that had happened then and since then and she put her hand against her crotch and pushed at the dildo embedded there inside her newest catsuit. And thought about what she and Diana were going to get together and do to Bobby that evening, it was sure to be fun. And fun was what wearing rubber was all about.




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