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The Adventures of Vacuman & Sucgirl

by Southerntied

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© Copyright 2009 - Southerntied - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f+; kidnap; bond; leather; vacbed; tease; torment; toys; cons/nc; X


In the shipping room of Kink Engineering on the fifth floor of Dick Enterprise Towers, a voluptuous masked woman ran her black vinyl glove covered hands over soft heaving mounds covered by skin hugging shiny red latex. An evil grin crossed her ruby red lips at the sounds of soft muffled coos and moans making their way through the rubber air tube.

Her icy blue eyes greedily drank in the rest of the female’s sensually struggling form. The vacbed’s shiny red latex stuck to her form like glue holding her arms and legs immobile making her its captive.

Long vinyl covered fingers methodically teased, pinched and toyed with the struggling form’s protruding nipples turning the moans coming from the air tube into deep sensuous pants. Then the fingers slid down the red latex form tickling her sides as they massaged her waist.

The panting sounds increased as one of the black vinyl fingers slipped between the firmly held spread legs and slowly traced the latex covered cameltoe shape between them.

“PPPPPPPPPUUUUUURRRRRRRRRFFFEEECCCTTT!” The masked woman loudly sighed in satisfaction, slowly running her finger back and forth over the indentation in the middle of the cameltoe shape. “These beds really do add to the shape of a young sexy body.”

She continued to tease the area until the engorging clitoris formed a defined pretty red latex nub calling out for her undivided attention.

“There we are… So plump and juicy… Screaming out to be savored….” The woman immediately pounce, sucking the small orb between her full round lips and gently teasing it with her teeth. She could feel it grow even more before pulling back to pinch it between her thumb and forefinger.

“Is that better than being scratched behind your ears?” She loudly laughed.

The female form answered her with an uncontrollable quiver as her body tensed in an explosive orgasm.

The masked woman’s evil laugh joined the echoing sounds of more tormenting vibrators pushing other female bodies into muffed moans of ecstasy.


Just forty five floors above in the private penthouse office of billionaire philanthropist and playboy bachelor Wayne Dick a red security light steadily flashed an alert.

However it went unnoticed by the pretty brunette sitting in front of the computer intently studying the footage from the video surveillance system beneath Bondage City University stadium. Grayson Bruce, the twenty-one year old ward of Wayne Dick, felt a growing frustration as she searched for an elusive clue to the disappearance of five BCU senior cheerleaders. All five were Grayson’s friends as well as classmates and they were last seen together entering a portable dressing chamber below the bleachers after the homecoming game.

Grayson had no proof of foul play, but her instincts screamed out that there was something more sinister afoot. She had, over the past six years of donning the caped costume of Sucgirl, honed that instinct.

Although she always seemed to wind up as the bound and gagged bait to lure her mentor Vacuman into various traps by his villainous adversaries, she had still learned to trust her feelings.

“DAMN!” She yelled at herself, finally noticing the flashing light above the security monitor. “How long have you been going off?”

She clicked a few keys on the keyboard and yesterday’s stadium security images changed to ones from the security cameras around Dick Towers.

“There you are!” She said aloud, looking at an image of an open window.

She clicked a few more keys.

“Fifth floor shipping area of Kink Engineering… I think they just developed that new air valve system for their vacbeds… Looks like a simple break-in, nothing tough, the security guards can handle it.” She sighed, then as a grin crossed her lips she added. “A little light workout with a few third rate burglars could help me get my thoughts together so I can figure out what happened to the girls…”

Five minutes later Sucgirl rappelled from the penthouse balcony and slipped through the opened fifth floor window. The gleaming forest green rubber thigh boots hugged her long legs as she squatted on the window ledge. Also the four and one-half inch long spiked heels helped to add a definite sensual appeal to their muscular tone, as well as giving her a possibly very deadly set of weapons.

Her arms encased in shoulder length gloves of the same forest green rubber material tightly gripped the windows edge as she leaned into the room.

Her French cut sleeveless body suit matched the green of her boots and gloves but also molded to her upper body with enough stretch to give her C-cup breasts a very prominently rounded shape. An eight inch wide corset style utility belt whittled her waist while also being wide enough to add shape and support to her breasts. Its lightweight rubber material covered a Kevlar base for protection but allowed her more than ample movement. The bright cherry red color offset the dark green of the body suit, but also gave her extra protection with an extra layer of Kevlar beneath the large yellow S in bold print filling the middle of the corset. Its primary designed was to draw an assailant’s aim for a weapon attack.

She flipped the waist long rubber cape attached at the collar of the body suit back over her shoulders. It matched the yellow of the S and held many of her crime fighting gadgets in hidden pockets along its inner lining.

A thin black rubber mask tightly stretched around her face from her cheeks to forehead topped off her costume helping to hide her true identity from all.

Sucgirl‘s blue eyes searched the shipping area for the perpetrators as she eased from the window ledge.

As soon as her right rubber boot covered foot touched the floor soft buzzing sounds followed by loud female moans echoed through the shipping room. When her left rubber covered foot touched the floor the faint buzzing sound increased in intensity.

She followed the sounds and with each step she took both noises seemed to increase.

As she stepped between the stacks and stacks of boxed vacbeds ready for shipment the buzzing sound became much louder. And she could hear more than five very different female voices. Most were muffled but one or two were unblocked and very distinct, though all were moans of pure delight.

Her curiosity subsided as soon as she turn past the last stack of boxes and saw six framed vacbeds standing on end facing each other. They looked to form a short pathway and it took all of 30 seconds for Sucgirl to identify each female form quivering in sexual euphoria inside their vacbed prison.

To Sucgirl’s left Maycie was held in the blue latex with Laycie across from her in yellow. Next to Laycie sealed in purple latex was Caysie and across from her was Stacie tightly hugged within the orange latex. On the end next to Stacie, completing that row in the red latex vacbed was the head cheerleader, Tracie.

From several previous playful encounters, Sucgirl knew Tracie was still in the thralls of a marvelous orgasm. Her body quivered as the tight latex fought to keep her immobile and her gasps of joy muffled. They fought themselves free escaping through the air tube from the gag sealed in her mouth.

The business end of a massaging wand pressed against her latex covered camel toe continuing to toil to fulfill its unending duty.

Sucgirl could see each cheerleader had their own duly appointed massaging wand carrying out that same purpose. With their handles firmly attached to the footboards of the frames in such a way that no matter how the held girl struggled the wand’s head would never leave their pleasure areas unattended.

Tracie’s moans seemed to be the loudest and Sucgirl’s gaze kept returning to her.

“Well, this solves that mystery…” Sucgirl finally whispered aloud, staring up at Tracie’s sensual form. “But who is behind this, now becomes the key question?”

Sucgirl’s attention quickly turned from the sexy vision she enjoyed of the latex covered form of her friend to the movement coming from the last vacbed across from Tracie.

The green latex shimmered in the light as a black vinyl gloved hand and arm reached around from the back of the bed. A finger rose and beaconed Sucgirl to come toward it. The massaging wand attached to the footboard of the frame suddenly jolted to life with the now familiar sound. But it did little good for the vacbed was empty.

“Awe, it’s only you, Sucmytittiesandlickmypussygirl,” a devilishly sinister female voice taunted from behind the vacbed. “Where is that big strapping piece of crime fighting fuck meat… I left him clues even a sex toy like him could follow…”

“KITTY WOO MUNG!” Sucgirl screamed at the dark haired black vinyl clad hourglass figured vixen stepping from behind the last vacbed. “So you’re behind the kidnapping of the Bondage City University cheerleaders. You won’t get away with it. Give yourself up now and I’ll go easy on you…”

“Oh, really! Actually, I think you should be begging me to go easy on you…” The sensual woman purred as she licked her lips and visually violated the delicious looking young woman standing in front of her. “I wanted to dine on thick hard Vacuman meat. But an order of Sucgirl pussy, tit and ass for an appetizer is also very appealing… And we have this empty vacbed just waiting to season you in, before serving… What do you think?”

“I think it’s not very likely to happen… As much as I’d enjoy some quality time in one of Kink Engineering’s vacbeds…” Sucgirl smiled, reaching into her a pouch on her utility corset. “A dose of….”

“What makes you think she was speaking to you?” A sultry female voice said from behind Sucgirl stopping her from pulling a canister of Vacuout from her cape. “You heroines are all the same… Everything revolves around you…”

Sucgirl spun in time to see the black leather top hat, matching tuxedo coat and white leather full torso corset thrust the sparkling ends of an electric cattle prod toward her.

“Penny Gwen!” Sucgirl gasped, then screamed as the electric charge ripped through her body. “AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGG!!!”

Sucgirl’s body exploded into a flurry of uncontrollable spasms and she fell to the floor at Penny Gwen’s black leather thigh booted feet.

With her body paralyzed but still writhing in excruciating pain all Sucgirl could do was stare up past the sexy black leather boots and into Penny Gwen’s grinning face.


Meanwhile on the outskirts of Bondage City in stately Dick Manor, Wayne Dick, unknown to the citizens of Bondage City as Vacuman, watched his longtime housekeeper/cook and former professional Bulgarian Dommetrix Frieda Alfred sexually stimulate, tease and toy with a lovely tightly sealed female shape in the Kink Engineering vacbed she had just assembled.

“Look at how the latex fights to keep her nipples prisoner even after I attach these vacuum tubes to them from the outside….” Frieda said, bubbly. “Even her clitoris is not protected from being prominently displayed by the latex. And do you see Master Dick how easy that makes it to torment….”

The older white haired woman touched the small protruding latex covered nub with the tiny silver bullet vibrator she held between her fingers.

“mmmmmmmmooooooooohhhhhh!!!” The very muffled wails from Cooper Bruce, Grayson’s aunt, flowed into the room. “mmmaaaahhhhh!”

At Wayne Dick’s insistence Cooper had joined her niece at Dick Manor to guarantee everything was above board. After her first month there she helped eased Frieda’s job load by overseeing the Manor’s expenses and helping in the kitchen. Not to mention her becoming the sole recipient of Frieda’s undivided attention each time the older woman’s need for enjoyment of her former profession resurfaces.

Cooper was in college at the time of her brother and sister-in-law’s untimely accident and passing. She didn’t know that they worked for and were on a secret mission for Mr. Dick and Dick Enterprises. But after several meetings with him, she did not dispute their will which left guardianship of their daughter to him.

Although Cooper was older and a touch more full figured than her niece, she a D-cup to Grayson’s C-cup, they did share the same enjoyment of being bound and gagged. And after stumbling across Mr. Dick and Grayson’s alter egos, she agreed to do everything she could to help in her niece’s training.

Even though most of the time the training ended with her being somehow bound and gagged by Frieda, as was the case tonight. A brand new specially designed vacbed given to the Mr. Dick by Kink Engineering for allowing them to move to Dick Towers.

Frieda glanced back at Wayne Dick looking for his approval to move this play session to her bedroom for the night, when suddenly a loud beeping sound filled the playroom.

Wayne Dick pulled the hidden leaver on the bookcase and a row of false book binders opened to reveal a hidden shelf with a flashing red phone sitting on it.

“Yes, Commissioner!” Wayne Dick said lifting the receiver to his ear.

“We found a hidden opening in the floor of that portable dressing room at the stadium that led to the underground water system. And down there I think we’ve discovered three clues to the five cheerleader’s disappearance,” Police Commissioner Warden said. “One is a stuffed toy cat with a mask, the second is a bird wearing a top hat and the third is a torn safety label from a Kink Engineering vacbed. Do you have any idea as to what these mean?”

“Unfortunately, I do, Commissioner…” Wayne Dick answered. “Kitty Woo Mung has teamed together with Penny Gwen and they are going to attempt to trap me at the Kink Engineering shipping area in Dick Towers.”

“Amazing! Vacuman… Will you need our assistance?” Commissioner Warden asked.

“There’ll be no need to put any of your fine officers in danger today, Commissioner… I will handle those villainous divas!” Wayne said assuredly, before replacing the phone in the cradle.

“Mistress Grayson is supposed to be at the penthouse studying,” Frieda said holding one of the Manor’s cell phones to her ear. After several minutes she turned to face Wayne Dick. “She’s not answering… I do hope she hasn‘t done anything rash…”

“Oh, knowing my protégé` as I do, I’m sure she has slipped into her Sucgirl costume, already confronted the evil duo and has the situation well in hand by now. So don’t worry, Frieda I’ll take the Vacuvan and make a quick security check of the area to be sure.”

He gave Frieda an unconvincing smile of assurance as he headed for the Vacuroom through the secret door in the playroom wall behind the large standing ‘X‘ frame.

Frieda Alfred stretched along side the securely held form of Cooper Bruce on the vacbed and slowly traced the woman’s shape with her finger.

“Don’t worry about a thing my dear, he’ll make sure your niece is safe as you are…” She whispered. “And I’ll make sure you’re very safe and well taken care of tonight….”


Back at the shipping area of Kink Engineering, the effects of the cattle prod were finally wearing off and Sucgirl unsuccessfully tried to move her limbs.

The green latex vacbed the duo had slipped her into, after removing her costume except for her mask, seemed to vacuum seal itself together. She had hoped once they turned the vacuum off there would be a bit of seepage to allow her a chance for escape, but the newly engineered valve prevented that.

Kitty Woo Mung had put a air tight gasket around the sensuous crime fighter’s neck, which left her head free from the latex. And after waving a huge duel sided strap-on dildo in front of her, Penny Gwen slipped the tormenting device onto Sucgirl’s paralyzed body and used a second air tight gasket to also keep the larger protruding dildo latex free.

“What are you planning on doing with me?” Sucgirl demanded of the two costumed women circling the bed as if stalking prey. “Let us go and I promise I will speak to the judge on your behalf.”

“Do you remember this?” Kitty purred, holding up a 2-inch long 3-inch thick penis shaped rubber gag plug attached to a leather head harness. “You should. I made if from a mold of Joe Karr’s penis. You know; the one you sucked on and had to clean over and over with that goodie two shoes mouth of yours for three days… The one that nearly broke you. The one that came within a cat’s whisker from turning you into Joe Karr’s personal bound sex slut. Come on, you remember how you were nearly begging for him to let you suck on it, when that spoil sport Vacuman interfered with one of his toys from that utility belt of his.”

She brushed Sucgirl’s lips with the rubber phallus acting as if she were going to force it past the young woman’s lips, which she pressed tightly together.

“Perhaps you may know this one as well,” she grinned turning the leather head harness gag over and waving the long thick penis extension in front of her. “It is the same as the one pointed up at the ceiling from your puuuuusssssyyy, silly girl. You don’t! I am perplexed, surely by now you’ve at least seen his pretty cock, let alone had the pleasure of its presence sending your body into euphoric bliss…”

The dumbfounded look on Sucgirl’s face caused roars of laugher to explode from both circling women.

“Well, girl let me introduce you to my favorite piece of your mentor’s body, his long thick hard cock.” She glared down at the young woman as she waved the huge rubber dildo at her menacingly. “Three years ago, I had him strapped down to my bed and was about to ride that thing to a glorious victory, when you darted me with one of your knock out darts. Fortunately, I had already made a mold of it as a souvenir for my trophy case, seeing how I was going to have to kill him afterward. But no, you ruined that so now you will as payment fuck me with it at the same time you fuck Penny Gwen with its twin.”

“Don’t you darmmmmmmppphhh….” Sucgirl began to protest as Kitty forced the smaller penis into her mouth and strapped the head harness tightly around the young crime fighter’s head. “mmmmmmmooooo, muuummmm!”

Kitty pulled on the penis gag extension as she slowly dribble a gooey lubricant on it. Then after handing the lubricating gel to Penny, unzipped one of many zippers on her costume which freed her crotch.

Penny likewise lubed the huge long shaft pointed up from Sucgirl’s crotch and unveiled her own wanton sex from beneath its white leather covering.

“All aboard the Sucgirl Express!” Kitty purred as she and Penny slipped onto the vacbed holding Sucgirl prisoner. “Time to pay the Kitty, Sucslut….”

Both women laughed and cooed loudly as they wiggled their very moist and lust filled sex over the enormous dildos.


“OHHHHHHHH GODDDDDD, YESSSSSSSS!” Both Kitty Woo Mung and Penny Gwen screamed for the fourth time. “KEEP IT GOING SUCSLUT OR YOUR ASS IS NEXT!”

The duo had forced Sucgirl to keep her head bobbing back and forth and her hips pushing up as much as the latex would allow for nearly three hours.

The dildo filling her own sex had brought Sucgirl to orgasm twice as well.

The young crime fighter could feel the energy in her body draining fast. Soon she’d be unable to fight against the evil villainesses’ wishes even if freed from the vacbed.

The whirring sound of air being push aside, followed by the sound of two small explosions grabbed Sucgirl’s attention. The weight of the two women grinding their hips on the long thick rubber extensions attached to her suddenly vanished. And she heard the voice she had been desperately expecting to hear fill the shipping area.

“Your both under arrest! Don’t try to fight my Vacubonds, they only tighten the more you fight them.” The deep forceful voice came from the dark purple and black colored spandex costumed muscular shape of Vacuman.

Sucgirl stretched her head as far as she could and watched the expanding rubber bands wrap around each woman tightly holding their arms to their sides and their legs together. From ankles to shoulders the hundreds of snakelike rubber coils were weaving themselves into cocoons around each villainess.

Sucgirl let out a muffled sigh of relief and turned her joyous teary eyes to see her mentor stride confidently between the five cheerleader’s vacbed prisons which still formed a pathway through the shipping area.


Vacuman stopped dead in his tracks.

His eyes slowly lowered and he saw the dip in the floorboard under his left foot.

“BWHA, BWHA, BWHA, BWHA,” Kitty Woo Mung laughed, wiggling herself against a large trunk just beyond Sucgirl’s vacbed secured body into a standing position. “You only think you’ve caught us Vacucock… But you’ve stepped on one of my toys and activated a trap that will send a very overwhelming orgasmic shock wave into each of the young ladies. They may not die, but none of them will ever be the same…”

The top of the trunk popped open.

“The trunk is empty and bottomless. My stooges were waiting to catch our six hostages as we dropped them through the opening…” Penny Gwen added. “But now they’ll just catch us and carry us back to our hideout so we can take our sweet time to enjoy your toy before they free us from it….”

Penny Gwen leaned over the trunk‘s edge and fell in, disappearing.

“So you have to choose… Do you come after us; or do you rescue the five cheerleaders and your precious Sucgirl…” Kitty purred as she leaned over the edge to follow her partner in crime. “You’ll only have two minutes once your foot leaves the activation switch, Vacufool…. Choose wisely! TA TAAaaa!”

The vinyl catsuited vixen disappeared into the trunk.

Vacuman quickly looked around the shipping area.

He pulled one of his gadgets from his utility belt and aimed it at a pallet jack under a stack of vacbeds. The devious females had left it lifted high enough off the floor, when they rolled it to make a pathway for their trap, for him to pull it over to replace his foot and weight on flooring above the activation switch.

Five minutes later he had found and disabled the dangerous device and stood with arms tightly folded across his chest looking down at Sucgirl’s still vacbed held form.

He adjusted the massaging wand so it vibrated against the dildo extension sending a very arousing tingle through the strap-on to stimulate Sucgirl to maddening levels.

“You know you should have called about the security breach,” he softly said. “So I’m going to sit here for a while and watch you and your friends enjoy those marvelous vacbeds, while Mr. Announcer man tells the wonderful fans of our show at home how to order their own specially made vacbed from Kink Engineering. That’s right folks call the number he shows you on the screen right now and order your own vacbed. They all come with the freedom valve that allows you to turn off the vacuum and keep the suction seal so you can enjoy it in peace and quiet. As well as giving you the freedom with the specially built mobile adaptor frame to move it from room to room. So order you one today!”


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