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The Accident that Changed my Life

by Saint of Fools

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© Copyright 2002 - Saint of Fools - Used by permission

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I should have known that eventually something would go wrong.

You see it all started one night when I was horny and got the bright idea to go surf the internet with the intent to find something new and interesting ... me and my bright ideas. That night I stumbled across an erotic story site named "The Liquidsmooth Latex Library". Suddenly before my eyes were dozens, perhaps even hundreds of stories involving bondage and submission of females, males, and even a few individuals that fell into neither category or both, but all had a common theme. Latex.

Like all men, I instantly drooled at the sight of a beautiful woman in a tight rubber dress, but the ideas and scenarios that were described in these stories went beyond anything that I had previously imagined and I found that nearly all of them turned me on. So exploring this newly found aspect of sexuality, I spent the next two weeks returning to that site and other sites that catered to a similar theme. It was at the end of this two week period that I made a decision. I had to know for certain if the experiences spoken of in the stories were the typical exaggerations a person finds in online erotica such as men with 9 inch cocks that never tire, or if there was actually some truth to be had in them. With my goal in mind, I went out and found a shop that sold fetish apparel.

Well it wasn't as easy as it sounds. Perhaps I just live in a unimaginative part of the world or maybe I just didn’t know where to look but eventually I found a shop that sold the type of merchandise I desired.

The first time entering was amazing! The sights and smells were so new and erotic that for my first visit all I could bring myself to do was browse. Of course I made return trips and with time I grew more comfortable being there and even began trying things on. This carried on for three months until that fateful day.

As I entered the store everything seemed to be just as it always was. The woman at the counter wasn't a super model but it seemed like she took care of her body and she was fairly good looking but I didn't want to make any connections in this place. I simply wanted to be one of the anonymous shoppers who came and went every day and who's faces became a blur with time. With this in mind I nodded to the woman who smiled at me in return, after that I walked back to browse the selection of goods in the store.

Walking towards the items, I let the sights and smells wash over me as I tried to decide what I would try on today. For three months I had come to this shop occasionally and though I never bought anything I almost always tried something on and left, thinking that they wouldn't notice one person who doesn't buy anything. During this time, I had tried on many different items and even had a few favorites. So I casually picked out the items that I wanted and made my way to the back where the changing booths stood.

As I reached the first booth I pulled on the door only to find it locked. Damn I hate it when that happens because it is almost like pulling on a locked bathroom stall and for some reason it always freaks me out when someone pulls on the door to the bathroom stall I'm in. Doesn't matter if it's locked or not, it still freaks me out so I can only imagine what other people think. Now feeling slightly embarrassed I quickly moved on to the next stall and found that it too was locked. This went on until I reached the final stall which thankfully opened. With a furrowed brow I looked at the other doors and shook my head in confusion because I was sure there was no one in them yet only this one was unlocked. "Ah well" I told myself as I shrugged it off and entered the changing room. Once inside, I locked the door and quickly laid out the things I wanted to try on today after stripping naked.

First to be put on was a pair of latex pants. Though I would prefer to have the smooth unblemished look that a catsuit can give a person I've decided that since I'm not actually going to buy anything I shouldn’t complain and its much easier to put on two smaller pieces in some ways. Thankfully all the changing rooms had talcum in them to ensure the ease of putting these items on. Slowly pulling up the leggings I couldn't help but smile at the cool smooth feeling that they invoked. The feeling of latex is so soft and sensuous but I knew I couldn't linger too long or my hard dick wouldn't fit into the pants, so I quickly pulled them the rest of the way up and smoothed out any ripples or creases that may have formed after tucking in my quickly hardening member.

Next came the boots. While I've always found that women's shoes are much sexier than men's, men's boots impart a different kind of feeling upon someone. Instead of raw sexuality they project the feeling of strength and power, which in and of its self is sexy whether the person is dominant or submissive.

Finally I pulled on the long sleeved latex shirt. "Damn", I thought as I ran my hand over my latex covered chest, "This stuff does feel good going on and it's strange how a person retains so much feeling even through it."

Turning towards the mirror so I could admire my new look I noticed something was amiss. Normally these dressing rooms all had full length mirrors in them so that a person could examine what their outfit looked like from head to toe but for some odd reason the mirror in this room had been moved up on the wall so that you couldn’t capture the entire look. While puzzling over this change I noticed that along the far wall there was a small stool. Smiling brightly at my own ingenuity I quickly set up the stool against the wall opposite the mirror and stood on it and found that I could indeed once again admire the entire outfit I had on, from top to bottom.

As I stood on the stool and admired the image of myself I couldn't help but rub my palm against the visible ouline of my hard cock through the latex pants. Though I'm not a body builder I have recently begun to go to a gym regularly for both health and aesthetic reasons. So while I wasn't ripped, the latex of my outfit compressed the parts of my body that weren't firm yet while accentuating those that were. All in all, between the slick sensuous sensation of the latex and the feeling of power and boost of confidence that I got from looking at myself in the mirror, I couldn't help but unzip my pants enough to let my throbbing member spring free.

Looking down at the other items that I had brought in I quickly stepped off of the stool, grabbed a pair of leather cuffs and strapped them to my wrists before hooking them together in front of me and stepping back up onto the stool.

Looking into the mirror once more, I firmly grasped my cock and let out a soft sigh between my clenched teeth. Closing my eyes, I began to slowly stroke it back and forth while imagining that I was the slave of a Mistress who had ordered me to masturbate for her entertainment, with the stipulation that I not allowed to cum. As I stood stroking my cock, my Fantasy Mistress taunted me with her sultry voice telling me how good my cock looked and how she would force me to lick up my cum if I disobeyed her and climaxed before her permission was given. Even this verbal seduction was not enough for my Fantasy Mistress as she started to stroke my chest and shoulders from behind while nibbling and planting kisses up and down my neck. The pleasure of my fantasy was so intense that I had to clench my jaw in order to stop from moaning. Too late I realized that I should have gotten a gag to try on as well in order to minimize any noise that I would make but it was too late now so I once again returned to my fantasy.

Slowly, almost agonizingly, my Fantasy Mistress moved up my neck and began to sensuously lick and gently blow across my ear, causing me to gasp slightly as bolts of pleasure and arousal shot through my body and down my spine. All of this in an effort to tease me and drive me to disobey her command and climax before she had given her permission. Softly she whispered in my ear as she stroked my latex covered chest and pressed her body and her breasts into my back. She told me how wet her pussy was becoming, and how much she liked watching me stroke my own cock for her pleasure. She went on to say what a good slave I was and what punishments or rewards were in my future as she began to pinch and pull on my nipples through the latex shirt.

I could only moan when she purred into my ear, asking me if I wanted to cum. Again she breathed her question and this time I begged repeatedly for her permission to climax only to be denied and have the cycle of my blissful torment renewed.

How long I stood there lost in my fantasy stroking my hard cock, I don't know. What I do know is that just as both my fantasy and my climax were reaching the point of no return, my world turned upside down as the stool I was standing on flew out from under me!

Trying to catch myself so that I didn’t fall and create a commotion that would surely attract unwanted attention, I snapped my arms upward in an attempt to grab the top of the changing room wall. Unfortunately it was either too high or I wasn't fast enough because I missed and began to fall only to stop with a sudden jerk.

Opening my eyes slowly I quickly realized what had happened. I had obviously gotten too caught up in my fantasy and begun rocking back and forth while still standing on the stool. I guessed that my rocking had caused me to loose my balance and kick the stool out from under me though it was odd how it ended up on the other side of the changing room. Looking up I saw that while I had missed catching the top of the wall I had managed to snag the chain between my wrist cuffs over a clothes hanger screwed into the wall. Grunting, I tried to pull myself up but the angle at which the cuffs had my arms pinned made sure that such a task was impossible without help and there was no way I could stand up since my boots couldn’t even brush the floor.

So there I stayed, hanging from the wall of a changing room in a fetish boutique, dressed in latex fetish attire, and my still hard cock hanging out of my pants, wet and dripping precum.

Part 2

Suddenly before I could contemplate my situation or even try to find an alternate way out of it, I heard the door to the changing room begin to rattle. Fearful of what was happening I looked at the lock to the room and noticed that it was turning!

Thinking fast, I tried to suppress the fear and desperation in my voice as I spoke loudly and with as much confidence as I could manage, “Excuse me, this room is still occupied and I don’t need any help.” It was then that the door opened and in stepped a woman, who then shut and locked the door behind her.

Thinking back to that first sight of the person I now know as my girlfriend, lover, and Mistress, I find it hard to properly describe the feelings and emotions that were coursing through me at the time. A part of my difficulty stems from the fear and anticipation that I felt at being found in my current predicament. Here I was dressed in latex, aroused, exposed and unable to do anything about it. My first thought when I saw the lock turning was that I was going to jail for indecent exposure but that thought, and every other in my head, quickly disappeared as I looked upon the person who now stood before me with a smug smile on her face, twirling a set of keys.

To say that she was stunning would be an great understatement, but I’m sure that has something to do with my state of mind at the time. The first thing I noticed surprisingly was her smile, which was accentuated by a dark red shade of lipstick. Highlighted by a dark color as it was, her smile seemed to give teasing hints of future adventures while giving a small glimpse at the mischevious mind it belonged too. From this my eyes moved up and I noticed that she had on latex mask that covered the upper portion of her face and concealed her identity quite well. The mask was different from any I had ever seen before because it looked like a typical latex cat mask but the ears and the top had been removed. This allowed her gorgeous mane of hair, which was dark though tinged with red or a similar color, to flow freely and naturally across her shoulders and back. While following the wavy lengths of her hair, my eyes finally took in what she was wearing upon the rest of her body. A black catsuit that had a keyhole on her chest to display her ample cleavage to those brave enough to steal a look. To set off this amazing look, my mysterious visitor wore elbow length latex opera gloves; what looked to be 4 inch black stiletto boots that came up to her mid calf; and a belt that held several toys such as a crop, a dildo, and various other things.

As I tried to come to grips with the events that were transpiring before me, my visitor began to chuckle at my predicament and at my expression. Setting the keys she had used to enter as well as a small bag down, she finally spoke.

“Well I have to agree that the room is indeed occupied though I have to disagree about you not needing help. You seem to be quite stuck hanging there and what’s more I think you need to be taught a lesson. Such a naughty boy to be coming in here and playing with yourself. Now what are we going to do with a naughty boy like yourself?", she taunted in playful tone.

Stunned, I tried to think up an excuse and speak. Unfortunately all I could manage was a broken, "I-It's not w-w-what it l-looks like I swear."

Slowly she put a latex covered finger on my lips and softly whispered, "Shhhh my pet. I know what you were doing in here because I could hear your moans and whispered pleas for your Mistress to let you come."

'Damn!', I exclaimed in my mind, 'I knew I should have picked up one of those gags.'

Slowly the woman before me moved her finger from my lips and began to gently caress my face before moving her hand down to my crotch as she spoke. "Yes it was quite the fantasy you seemed to be having but it's a shame to have a fantasy alone when you can have it with someone else. You have a choice now. I can either move that stool back over here and leave without you ever knowing who I am, or what we could have done together or you can agree to place yourself in my hands and in my control by simply saying 'Yes Mistress'".

Oh god I couldn't believe this was happening to me. Things like this don't happen in real life. They are only supposed to happen in online erotica like a person finds on Literotica or Liquidsmooth. Yet here I am bound to a wall while being propositioned by a beautiful woman in a latex catsuit who was gently stroking my still hard cock and waiting for my answer. 'Ahh hell with it', I thought, 'It's not everyday that something like this happens.' With my decision made I said those two words that I had spoken in my fantasy's a hundred times but never thought I would say to a real person.

"Yes Mistress"

Smiling at my answer she firmly squeezed my cock, "I am pleased with your answer but with it comes a few rules. First you are not to speak until I give you permission or until I ask you a question. Second, I am your Mistress and you will address me as such. Third as your Mistress, you will follow any order I give you without question. For now these are the only rules that I will expect you to follow and any disobedience will be punished. Now do you understand these rules?"

Swallowing hard as I still tried to come to grips with what was happening I nodded only to remember that she had asked me a question and probably expected a verbal answer so I quickly stammered, "Yes Mistress".

Noticing my slip up she raised an eyebrow and chided me, "I will forgive that slip up since you caught yourself slave, but be careful of the future when I may not be as forgiving." That said, her face once again took on its playful smile as I noticed a twinkle in her eyes behind the mask she wore.

Slipping her hand off of my twitching cock, she slipped both of her gloved hands underneath my latex shirt and began to caress and stroke my chest and stomach. The feeling of her hands covered in latex stroking my chest was exquisite and I could only close my eyes and relish the feeling as she slowly massaged my chest and tugged on my nipples.

"Oh god that feels good." I groaned as I writhed in pleasure and forgot where I was and the role I had taken on. Suddenly I yelled in shock as my new Mistress viscously pinched my nipples as hard as she could manage, then quickly withdrew her hands with an angry look on her face

"I warned you slave that you were not to speak until I had given permission or asked you a question yet you disobey me. Unlike you're last mistake this one will not be so easily forgiven." she said angrily as she glared up at me.

Fearful of what she would do, I watched with trepidation as she took a object from her belt and held it up to my face. With a stern voice that expressed her anger she simply said, "Open slave". I of course had no wish to further anger this temptress so I complied with little hesitation only to soon find my mouth stuffed with a gag. No not just a gag but a penis gag!

Smugly she smiled up at me as I tried to express my dislike of this object in my mouth, only to find out that nothing but muffled mewling and grunting sounds came out of it. Finally seeing the futility of protesting any further I hung there silently which pleased her even more as she reached up and patted my cheek, "Now now slave, don't pout. After all it accomplishes nothing other than making you look cuter. Now hold still while I play with my new toy, which is of course you!"

Before I could fully contemplate those words she bent down and took the length of my hard cock into her mouth in one smooth motion. Groaning into the gag, I sucked in air through my nose as the intense heat and velvety soft feeling of her mouth combined with the maddening movements of her tongue to quickly create delicious bolts of pleasure that shot up my spine and went directly to my brain. Helpless before her assault, I could only hang there and moan as she continued to bob her head back and forth on my cock before releasing it and standing up and looking at me with a cheshire grin.

"You know slave that really is a tasty piece of equipment you have there. Not super large but just the right size and shape for sucking and I'm sure it would be great for fucking as well. Perhaps we'll find out about the latter option later but for now I'm not through playing with you yet."

With that she turned and grabbed the stool I had kicked over and set it in front of me. As she knelt on it, I quickly realized that her head was even with my crotch and she was in the perfect height to suck on my cock. Grasping my cock by the base with her right hand, she began to slowly stroke it up and down while her left hand gently massaged my balls. Continuing to masturbate me, she slowly extended her tongue while looking up into my eyes and softly licked her velvety tongue over the tip of my cock. Treating it as if my cock were a popcicle and it was a hot summer day outside.

Oh god how I wanted to scream and beg for her to suck on my cock as she had before but all I could manage was to mewl in frustration behind my gag. Hearing my cries of desperation, she grinned evilly and broke her eye contact and began to lick the head of my cock in earnest as if it were covered in sugar. Slowly she'd place my cock deep in her mouth so that the entire bottom of the shaft was resting against her tongue, then slowly, almost agonizingly, pull back until just the tip rested on the end of her tongue. Next she would move her head and slowly lick down one side of my cock head until she had met the rim and then change direction, slowly running her tongue over the top of the head until she reached the other side. Once there she would lick up the other side at the same agonizingly slow speed until the tip of my throbbing cock once again rested on the tip of her tongue. At this point she would push it deeply into her mouth once more, suck on it once or twice, then start the whole tortuous process over again.

At first I kept track of how many times she repeated this maddening cycle but the mounting frustration combined with the paradoxal relaxation it invoked caused me to quickly lose track of anything except the pleasure that was emanating from my crotch. Even after she had stopped her ministrations on my almost painfully erect cock, I hardly noticed until she brought me out of my trance by speaking.

"Mmmmmm ... you are delicious slave and there is so much juice flowing out of your cock that one would almost think you had already cum", my Mistress purred in a low sultry voice. Then once again reaching out towards me, she gently ran the middle finger on one of her hands around the head of my cock collecting the juices dripping from my it, causing me to groan. Though not as pleasurable as her loving tongue, the smooth texture of her latex gloved hand was exquisite on the sensitive head of my cock. Raising her finger to her mouth she locked her eyes onto mine as she greedily sucked the juice off of it. Then taking the finger out of her mouth and once again running it around the head of my cock she whispered softly, as if to herself, "But this is so much sweeter and quite slippery so it should ease your discomfort."

Quickly, before I could ponder what she meant by her last statement, she once again kneeled back on the stool and enveloped my cock once again in the humid climate of her delicious mouth while spreading my legs apart. Thankfully this time she seemed to be through toying with me and began to suck on my throbbing cock in earnest while swirling her tongue around the shaft and head. Lost in the pleasure her mouth was feeding my mind, I leaned my head back and closed my eyes to concentrate on my fast approaching orgasm.

It was then I felt something where it shouldn’t have been.

My eyes jerked open as I felt her latex covered finger, the same finger she had lubricated with my precum, slowly slip into my ass! I jerked in shock and screamed into my gag in protest at this unwanted invasion. Evidently she had foreseen that I would react in such a way because I felt her free hand firmly grasp my balls and squeeze them just enough to get my attention. Looking down I saw her staring up at me and even with her mask on I could tell while she continued to suck my cock, that she was silently letting me know that I had no choice in this and there would be consequences if I didn’t behave. So rather than have my balls squeezed into jelly I calmed down and decided I would endure this though not enjoy it. Seeing that I had calmed down and was going to play along, she slowly began to move her finger in and out of my ass while continuing to suck on my cock.

This continued on until the unthinkable happened. As she was sucking my cock and fucking my ass with her finger I suddenly noticed that I was moving my hips in rhythm to her finger fucking. I was enjoying getting my ass fingered by this woman! 'This is not supposed to feel good!' I thought to myself but I could not deny that not only did it feel great but it was turning me on to have this woman do it to me.

Suddenly my inner musings were disrupted when I felt Mistress quit sucking on my cock and remove it from her mouth. Looking up at me she said mockingly, "You like to getting your ass played with don’t you slave?"

Trying to deny it even though I knew what she said to be true, I shook my head fiercely which only elicited a smile from her.

"There's no reason to lie because I can still see your hips moving and fucking yourself on my finger. Yes that’s right slave, I quit moving my finger as soon as we started talking but you continue to fuck yourself on my hand like a slut in heat. That’s what you are. You are a slut. Only sluts like to have their asses played with and only sluts enjoy getting finger fucked. You like it don’t you slut?"

My head drooped in defeat as her words sunk in and I consciously realized and accepted that I did enjoy her fucking my ass with her hand.

"Oh yes I can see it in your eyes that you like it. Maybe I'll fuck your ass with my strap on. Would you like that? Yes I'm sure you'd like to ride my hard she-cock like the slut we both know you are but that will have to wait but I have something else that you should love."

All I did was look down at her and moan behind my gag, trying to beg her to finish me off and let me cum like the slut she told me I was and the slut that I felt like. I did like her finger in my ass and I liked what she did next even more. Again engulfing my cock with her sultry mouth, she pushed her finger even deeper into my ass and curved it inward so that she could massage my prostate.

Soon she wasn’t moving at all while I did all the work as I humped forward into her mouth so she could suck on my cock and then thrust backward to fuck myself on her finger. Back and forth I went as the sensations overwhelmed me. All the while I reveled in my newfound submission and tried to act like a slut for my Mistress. In my mind I kept on hearing Mistress call me a slut and telling me how she was going to fuck me with her strap on dildo.

Finally Mistress took her mouth off of my cock and whispered up to me, "Cum for me slut. Cum for your Mistress like the wanton slut-slave that you are"

That was all it took.

Pushed finally over the edge, my body stiffened as waves of pleasure crashed through every nerve in my body. Again and again I felt cum blast out of my cock and into Mistress' mouth. All through this she never missed a beat and continued to suck on my cock while fucking my ass with her finger, trying to milk every last drop out of me. How long my orgasm really lasted I don’t know. I'm sure it was only a handful of seconds but the incredible pleasure from my explosion seemed to last hours and left me hanging limply on the wall while I tried to catch my breath through my nostrils.

Part 3

As my head cleared and I finally was able to form coherent thoughts, I felt Mistress suddenly undo my gag and kiss me passionately. I of course opened my mouth to kiss her back, only to feel my mouth flooded with a thick salty liquid as Mistress' tongue invaded my mouth and begin to explore it. Shocked, I realized that she was feeding me my own cum! I tried to fight the kiss and force the foul substance back into her mouth but I quickly realized that such an action would prove to be futile and only invoke the wrath of this unknown temptress. Seeing no other option, I swallowed the cum in my mouth as Mistress continued to sensually kiss me. As our kiss continued its fevered passion slowly gave way to a more sensual feeling that I began to loose myself in.

Slowly Mistress broke our kiss and licked her lips with a soft moan of contentment. With hooded eyes she looked at me and purred, "Mmmmm slave you tasted SO good I had give you a taste too." Then leaning into me and rubbing her breasts against me she whispered into my ear, "If you kiss like that all the time I might just have to keep you as my own little collared slut-slave. Would you like that?" Reaching down to my crotch she fondled my cock that had begun to harden again from her incredible sexual presence. Continuing to fondle my half hard cock she whispered in my ear, " Mmmmm yes I can feel that you like that idea."

Quickly stepping back she grasped the gag that was hanging free of my mouth and once again shoved it home just as I was about to tell her how much I would enjoy being her slut-slave. Grinning from ear to ear, she re-buckled the gag to my head and giggled at my chagrined look. "Oh now don’t be like that" she said with a playful tone. "You've had your fun now its time for mine."

Stepping back down off of the stool, Mistress pushed it underneath me with her foot and instructed me to stand on it. "I think we've had about as much fun as possible while you're hanging there. Step on the stool so you can free yourself of that hanger."

After stepping onto the stool, I stretched up I swung my cuffs free of the hanger with sighed with relief. While I hadn't been hanging there that long, I don’t believe these cuffs were meant to hang from and as a result my wrists were a bit sore. Though all said, it was a small price to pay for the experience I had just been through and those I still had before me.

"Well don’t just stand there slut. Step down before you get yourself stuck again," Mistress said with a chuckle as she watched me rub my wrists. After stepping down she disconnected my wrists and reconnected them behind my back before saying, "Now I've a surprise for you which you should like considering how you reacted to what just happened. Now bend over as far as you can."

Quickly I bent over at her command before I even registered what it could mean. Immediately I felt the cool touch of her finger as she spread lubrication around and inside my asshole. The feeling of her finger once again massaging my ass and prostate combined with what she had said earlier about fucking my ass with her strap-on dildo caused shivers of pleasure, anticipation, and fear to shoot through me.

What was happening to me? Before this I had never had thoughts of anal play and even found the idea of fucking a woman in the ass somewhat distasteful. Yet now I was bent over in front of a woman, who I did not even know, while she lubricated and played with my ass in preparation for what could mean anything. Though I didn’t really care if she fucked me in the ass or not. I enjoyed the blow job. I even enjoyed her finger fucking my ass but I think most of all I enjoyed this whole scenario of being submissive to a beautiful woman and for some reason I trusted in her that I would enjoy anything in the future just as much as I had the previous activities.

Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted as Mistress leaned into me and reached around to grab what I found to be my once again, hard cock. "My my", she said in a sultry tone, "It seems my little slut really does enjoy having his ass played with. I really should fuck it, but I'll save that for another time. For now I've got a friend to keep you company."

With that said she released my cock and took her finger out of my ass and placed what I could only guess was the head of a dildo at the entrance to my hole. Gently she caressed my lower back and whispered encouraging words to help me relax as she slowly, yet relentlessly pushed the dildo into me. Surprisingly there was little to no pain though I suppose that could have been due to her loosening me up with her finger and the lubrication. Regardless, while there was no pain there was a strange sense of fullness as she finally had the dildo seated deeply inside me and a sensation like I'd never felt before but found to be quite pleasurable as she began to slowly piston the dildo in and out of my wanton hole. Moaning with pleasure to let her know I liked what she was doing, I began to push back only to have her stop with a chuckle and finally seat the dildo deeply in my ass.

"Soon my slut we'll explore this new experience for you but now is not the time." Having said that, my Mistress patted my ass and bade me to stand up so she could pull my latex pants up again. Coming around in front she fastened them, effectively locking the dildo deep in my ass.

Having done this Mistress grasped my throbbing cock, which she had left sticking out of the fly, and began to gently stroke it while looking up at me. "Now slave it is time to punish you for speaking without permission. I was going to let you fuck me but now I've got a better idea."

It was then that Mistress released my cock and reached in front of my gag to attached something to the outside of it. At first I tried to see what it was but only managed to make myself dizzy as I crossed my eyes. Turning, I looked into the mirror to find that she had attached a 7 inch jet black latex dildo to the front of my gag.

As I continued to stare in the mirror at the bizzare image I presented, I felt Mistress begin to turn me around and face the bench that ran along one of the walls. Once I was properly positioned, Mistress sat down on the bench and spread her legs while reaching between them. At first I had thought she was planning on masturbating through the suit and forcing me to watch. I quickly realized just how wrong I was when she pulled her hand away and revealed her completely shaven pussy. The suit she wore obviously had some sort of hidden fastener to allow easy access.

While I stood spellbound before Mistress and stared at her bare pussy, she sat smiling up at me with that same playful smirk that she had when first entering the room. All the while slowly stroking her now uncovered crotch with her latex covered hand. As I continued to stand before her, lustfully mesmerized, I watched her slowly sink her middle finger as deep as possible into her sopping wet hole. This caused her to let out a small gasp of pleasure as I realized just how turned on she must be. After leaving it inside her for a few short moments, she slowly withdrew it and brought it up to her mouth. Slowly, as though she anticipated the taste to be pure ambrosia, she slid the digit into her mouth and began to suck her finger clean. With her eyes closed and a look of pleasure she let out a throaty moan as she tasted the unique flavor of her own pussy.

Slowly withdrawing her finger as she looked at me, she finally spoke. "Kneel slut. Your punishment is to worship my pussy and give me pleasure while not being able to actually touch me. Oh you'll be able to see and smell me but you will have no sensation at all as you fuck me with that dildo attached to the outside of your gag. Perhaps if you do a good job I'll take care of your needs again but that remains to be seen. Now kneel down and show me how much you appreciate your Mistress."

What else could I do? My cock was rock hard again from not only the erotic performance she had just put on but also the continuing stimulation of the dildo deeply embedded in my ass. More than anything else at that moment I wanted to take her in my arms as I drove my shaft into her. I wanted to hear her cry out in exctasy as she orgasmed while I pistoned in and out of her beautiful body, but I knew that this was as close as I could come right now. I could only hope that I would be able to satisfy her with the attachment on my face so she would allow me to fuck her at a later date. With this hope in mind, I quickly knelt on the floor before my Mistress, with my hands still bound behind me, and lined up the cock attached to my face with her swollen and aroused pussy.

As I neared her pussy I breathed in deeply which caused the smell of her arousal to fill my senses. God there was something unique and incredibly arousing about her scent. Though I couldn’t call the scent pleasant it wasn’t repulsive either. Instead the scent that wafted to my nose invoked erotic thoughts and images and seemed to make my cock swell up even more.

Carefully lining myself up and slowly pushing forward, I watched as her swollen lips slowly parted as I pushed the thick shaft steadily into her. Though I briefly considered teasing her, all thoughts of such an action were quickly banished from my mind as I heard her groan out in pleasure above me and whisper, "Oh yes that's it slave. Push that cock into me and fuck me with your face." Those words did more than encourage me, they made my ego soar as I realized how turned aroused this woman was and the amount of pleasure I was giving her. With a new sense of pride I pushed the rest of the dildo into my Mistress' pussy and forced another moan of pleasure out of her body.

Slowly I rocked back and forth on my knees, sawing the dildo in out of her dripping hole. Occasionally I would change the angle at which my head drove the dildo into her while listening to her moans of pleasure to determine which she enjoyed most. I had always thought descriptions like what I saw before me were merely colorful descriptions but I don’t know if it was my imagination or the sweat from inside her suit but I swear by all that is holy, that she was literally dripping on the floor. Steadily I continued to breath in the heady smell of her arousal as my face stayed buried between her legs.

Steadily her moans of pleasure began to increase in frequency and intensity as I slowly fucked her. Looking up, I watched as she massaged her breasts through the shiny latex material of her catsuit. Her eyes closed and her mouth partly open, she firmly massaged her breasts while occasionally pinching her nipples through the suit and gently tugging on them. It was her moans of pleasure and lust that issued forth from deep within her pleasure stricken body that commanded me to continue on.

Our symphony of lust continued on for several minutes until she reached down and grabbed my head and began to take control, fucking my face with long steady strokes. Though I was at first a bit shocked by this action I quickly realized, with no small amount of humor, that this must be something like what a woman experiences when man nears orgasm and grabs her head to force his cock further into her mouth. Again and again she slammed her cunt into my face as she moaned out loud.

This continued on for a short while until I finally knew she had reached her climax. With a final grunt, she thrust her crotch onto my face and wrapped her legs tightly around my head. My face buried as it was in her crotch, I could feel the muscles in her legs spasming as her body was wracked by the pleasure of her orgasm. At the same time I could hear her moans of pleasure even though they were muffled by her legs. After a time, her body finally relaxed and my head was released. Slowly I withdrew my gag from her gaping pussy which elicited a low moan from the panting beauty above me.

Panting softly to catch her breath as I knelt at her feet, Mistress looked down at me and stroked my cheek saying softly, "That was wonderful pet. It was absolutely glorious and you deserve the reward I mentioned earlier, so come up here and sit on my lap."

I of course was eager to obtain my "reward" after the incredibly erotic show that I had just witnessed up close and personal. As I struggled to my feet, I watched Mistress reach towards her crotch and lubricate her gloved hands with her own juices. Then reaching towards me, she grasped my throbbing cock and slowly she pulled me towards her. Gently she guided me to sit across her lap as her free arm held me close while encircling me, as if I were a child sitting in it's mothers lap. Her other hand continued to grasp my needy cock as she began to slowly stroke it up and down.

Onward she drove me towards my climax as she whispered things in my ear that I couldn’t comprehend. Not only was my mind filled with the pleasure that her hand was giving me, and the feeling of the dildo being pushed further into my ass by sitting down, but I felt something that I'd never encountered before. I felt comfortable and safe in her arms despite the fear I had felt only a short time ago. I realized I wanted her to continue to dominate me even if it meant being fucked by her with a strap on dildo or being fed my own cum again. I realized that having now tasted this side of sexuality that I wanted more. I wanted to be her slut, her slave and her pet.

Eventually I was knocked out of my internal thoughts by not only my approaching orgasm but the sight of Mistress licking the dildo on my face clean. Sensually she slowly ran her tongue over the surface of the latex cock, all the while keeping her eyes locked with mine as her hand continued its dance of ecstasy on my throbbing member.

"Mmmmmm" she purred as she momentarily stopped licking the dildo attached to my face. "It seemed only fair that after forcing you to taste your own cum that I do the same and how could I resist. What a naughty slut you are, waving this luscious latex cock that's covered in my girl-cum right in front of my face. It smelled so delicious that I just had to have a taste, and then another, and then another. Mmmmm I think I taste almost as good as you do pet but we'll talk about that later. Now it's time for the final part of your reward."

Having finished talking, Mistress suddenly tilted my head toward her and in one smooth motion engulfed the fake cock attached to my face with her mouth. At this same moment she stepped up the motion on my cock with her hand with the obvious intention to make me cum.

Groaning into my gag as she deftly manipulated me to higher and higher planes of pleasure, I stared into her eyes while she continued to suck on the external dildo. I'm not sure what part of this experience I enjoyed most but without a doubt the part I will never forget is staring into those brown pools of sexuality as I writhed helplessly in pleasure while sitting in her lap. It was while this took place that I think I finally gave myself over to her and her incredible brown eyes. Whether she saw my surrender while staring at me or by some bizarre coincidence, it was at this moment I came.

Moaning into the gag, I came into her hand as she stroked me and continued to stare into my eyes. I don’t know if it was the position I was in, the dildo in my ass, or everything combined with this incredible situation but my orgasm felt as if it came from deeper inside of my body than ever before. Rather than strong spasms with waves of pleasure crashing through me as I had experienced earlier, this climax felt as if I was being carried on a single incredible wave of pleasure. Slowly it's wonderful warmth spread through me, leaving no part of my body untouched as I felt it from my toes to even my scalp. Again and again, my cock spasmed me as I writhed helplessly in my bondage. All the while Mistress held me and continued to stroke my cock, milking every last drop from my body, as I continued to spew my cum into her hand. Of course in a short amount of time it was over and I slumped into the arms of my Mistress; tired , panting, and totally spent.

Looking back on this moment I can say with absolute certainty that this was the second best orgasm of my life. The most powerful and most satisfying orgasm of my life was of course the first time Mistress and I made love but I'm getting ahead of myself.

My eyes closed, I basked in the incredible pleasure that still was still coursing through my body while I breathed heavily through my nose as I tried to regain my breath while she continued to hold me. It was then I felt the gag being undone and slowly pulled from my mouth. Next I felt her lips, her incredibly soft lips as she tenderly kissed me. This time there was no cum, no tricks, only the soothing caress of her lips and tongue as she lovingly kissed me.

As our kiss broke I slowly opened my eyes to see Mistress taking off her mask. Finally I would get to see the face of this radiant goddess who had taken me to heights of pleasure I hadn't even known existed before now. Tilting her head back, Mistress pulled the latex mask off of her face and over the top of top of her head so she could shake her bountiful hair free. This finally done, she looked at me for the first time and I realized who she was.

This was, Kalie, the younger sister of one of my closest friends!

Suddenly the fear I had felt earlier resurfaced and coursed through me. My secret was going to be out. Kalie was going to tell everyone about my kinky pastime and I was going to be humiliated!

Trying to back away, I not only found that I still had my arms locked behind me and was cradled in her arms, but that she was studying my reaction. I don't know what it was about her eyes but looking into them, I suddenly calmed down and tried to speak only to be softly shushed my her.

"Shhhh don't talk right now Ben. I could see the fear in your eyes a moment ago, but you have nothing to fear from me. No matter what happens between us after today I will not reveal any of this to humiliate you. On the contrary I've had a crush on you for years now but you never seemed interested in me even though you are only a few years older than I am. Now that this has happened I want you to consider a proposition I have for you."

Saying this she reached into the bag on the floor and pulled out a black leather collar. Holding the collar up in front of me she continued, "Ben, I've found that I enjoy this lifestyle immensely and that I enjoy being a dominant. Simply put, I want you Ben. I want you to be my slave, my lover, and my boyfriend. I don't want a mindless sex toy, I want a relationship with an intelligent person. I want someone who doesn’t need this lifestyle all the time. If I wanted one of those I'm sure I could find one but I don't. So if you believe that you want the same thing and you want to try it with me then we'll continue but if you don’t think you do then don’t waste either of our time by agreeing to put this collar on."

What was I to do? Here was a beautiful woman offering me my every dream yet she was the younger sister of my friend. Though she was right, our ages weren't that far apart and my parents had twice the age difference. Not to mention that she had all the personality traits I looked for, strong sense of humor, confidant, not afraid to give shit back if she took any, and of course a killer body. What more could a guy ask for?

Swallowing hard, I raised my neck so she could attach the collar around my neck and claim me for her own.

Once the collar was snugly fastened she once again kissed me and smiled at me afterward.

"Come along pet, we've made quite a mess of ourselves and a large amount of noise in our games. It's time to clean up and leave."

With that, she helped me stand and unlocked my cuffs from behind my back. Tossing me a towel after wiping herself down, she pulled a pair of jeans from her bag and put them on over the bottom half of the catsuit she wore, though leaving the top uncovered. As I bent to begin the removal process of my own attire she instructed me to leave it on because I was wearing it home. It seemed that my new clothes were to be a present from her no matter what my decision was so she had already paid for everything.

Finally after no small amount of work, we were able to straighten ourselves up enough to be presentable to the outside world. Once this was done and as we were leaving, Kalie snapped a leash onto my new collar with a wink and led me out of the changing room.

As I walked out behind Kalie, my new Mistress, I saw the clerk flash a knowing smile at Kalie, which she returned with a wink. Suddenly it dawned upon me. The accident that changed my life wasn't an accident at all. I had been set up! There was no way that I would have been able to kick the stool over to the other side of the changing room stall. Someone from the adjacent stall had kicked or knocked it out from under me!

Was I angry? No, I didn’t really have time to think about it as Kalie gave my leash a quick but gentle jerk and led me out the door and into my new life as her boyfriend, lover, and slave.



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